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07.07.10 14:22 Age: 8 yrs

Ring A Ding Ding Lazarites!!

Lazarus Volt Vs The Brute...

Lazarus VoltRing a Ding Ding Lazarites!

I must apologise as modern technology has failed me and there shall be no High Wire moving picture films for a short while.

Let us now discuss 'Make or Break'!

For some reason Kiwi Pro Wrestling Management has scheduled myself to fight once more The BRUTE! This poor deluded man has beaten me both black and blue several times all over the country but has yet to gain a victory over me. 
What does this tell you?.. it says to me that I have stared down and tamed the 'Beast of Bedlam' time and time again.  It also tells me that for some reason only the maddest of all the KPW roster are willing to go head to head against Lazarus Volt, why do the rest shy away? Do they fear losing to someone whom most of them label a side show freak, a clown.  Step up to the challenge if you dare!

Of course there is a way to fight another adversary on the night of 'Make or Break' and that is to win the 8 man Battle Royal! What a coup it would be if I scaled the heights and challenged my good friend Mr Damage for the KPW Heavyweight Championship. Of course there are 7 other men I must contend with first and 2 are yet to be announced... The odds are not tipped in my favour but never count out the little man from the big top.

I shall continue my preparations for 'Make or Break' and stand up to all challenges that come my way on the night, I am excited at the possible opportunities that may arise, I bid you a fond farewell until the night of July 16.

Send in the clowns...
Lazarus Volt

PS. Dear Nurse Payne could you find it in your heart to somehow find a way to brush old Brutey's teeth? It's bad enough have to join him in his physical therapy (usually at the end of his fists), but halitosis is no laughing matter, as a health care professional you should know this!