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Jonnie Juice

Jonnie JuiceFrom:



6 '1" / 183 cms


170 lbs / 85 kgs


The Butterfly Effect (frog splash)

Trademark moves:

Simply Squeezed (Roll The Dice)
Bum Jam (Backpack ace crusher)
Starscream Superkick
Rejuicer (leaping top rope wraparound DDT)


Member of Team Pretty (with Queen Hollie)

Notable feuds:

The Ram


Jonnie Juice's rock star looks and charisma sometimes threaten to overshadow his in-ring experience and expertise.

His monumental ego complements a "never say die" attitude (barely masking his "by any means necessary" credo). Having such an offensive attitude belies the fact that Juice really can back it up in the ring. A former holder of a NZ wrestling championship, Jonnie Juice is a master of inventing devastating new moves to take out his opponents.

Perhaps Juice's most dangerous weapon is his devious mind - he loves to get inside the heads of his opponents and out-manoeuvre them inside and outside the ring.
Fancying himself a master tactician on par with Alexander the Great, Juice seeks to only enter a match when he has a distinct advantage. Invariably, this advantage comes in the lovely form of fellow Team Pretty member Queen Hollie, who has proved more than willing to get involved in matches to aid Juice.

An alliance with The Ram to take out H-Flame and secure the KPW Championship turned sour when Ram's assistance went awry and cost Jonnie Juice the title at Double Cross in September 2006. The subsequent rivalry raged on and saw some top quality matches, with both the Bollywood Bad Boy and Juice trading the advantage.

Juice's memorable feud with H-Flame produced some of the best matches seen in the early days of the KPW promotion. Throughout season one of KPW’s “Off The Ropes”, Juice remained a constant threat to any KPW Championship-holder or rival contender. However, there was just one rival from his past that remained a thorn in his side, one foe he wanted to put away for good — his former tag team partner Inferno!

So great was Juice’s hate for Inferno that he interfered with Inferno’s post-match ambush of Max Damage at KPW’s “Whanganui Hometown Challenge” in March 2010, not to assist Damage, but to blindside Inferno. Forestalling the fiery one’s plans to cut Damage’s hair, Juice shore Inferno like a ram, only managing to make the unstable Inferno all the more furious… maybe exactly what Jonnie Juice wanted all along!

The two collided at KPW’s “Make Or Break” in July 2010 in a Career versus Career match. It was a vicious encounter, with each wrestler pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to put their opponent away once and for all. In the end, it was Inferno who managed to prevail, sending Jonnie Juice into retirement.

However, given the impact that Jonnie Juice has had on New Zealand professional wrestling over his seven year career, it would be foolish to count him out forever. Because in pro wrestling, is anyone in retirement ever really gone for good?