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Larry O'Day

Larry O'DayAs a teenager in the early 60’s Larry started his wrestling training under the arches of the Wentworth Park railway line in a basic gym, with an old ring under the coaching of Hal Morgan & Jim Deakin as did many of the Australian wrestlers of that time.

He was wrestling in the NSW clubs for Hal Morgan when Jim Barnett started up World Championship Wrestling in Australia. He wrestled at the highest level all through his career not only for WCW but for many Promotions all around the world.

Such as - Eddie Graham, FLORIDA – Baba, JAPAN – Nick Gulas – TENNESSEE – The Funks, TEXAS – Steve Rickard, NEW ZEALAND & THE EAST – Jim Crockett, ATLANTA.

His matches with Toro Tanaka, Bulldog Brower, Nick Bockwinkle and the Spoiler are still talked about in Australia.

Larry also formed a very successful Tag Team partnership with Ron Miller and had many successful tours around the World, winning many TAG Team Championships.

Larry O'DayThis partnership continued into the business world with Larry along with Ron Miller becoming the owners of WCW Australia.

WORST MEMORY -- Risking all for a big promotion when the main event wrestler arrives in from overseas in a wheelchair with a broken leg.

BEST - Being the promoter of the very successful NWA Champion Harley Race & Andre the Giant tours.

Larry continued to be involved in Wrestling Promotions Worldwide till he passed away in 1997.

Larry O Day gave the “Wrestling World” everything he had.

October 2007