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Max (the Axe) Damage

Max DamageFrom:

New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand


6' 4" / 196 cms


262 lbs / 119 kgs


Damage Gauge (jackhammer)

Trademark Moves:

- Burying the Hatchet (axe bomber)
- Extreme Makeover (top rope leg drop)
- Thunder In Taradise (running leaping legdrop)
- Running Yakuza kick-lariat combo
- Powerbomb
- Running corner avalanche
- Sidewalk slam

Championships held:

KPW Champion (31 January 2010 – 16 July 2010)


Max "The Axe" Damage is the predominant big man in New Zealand pro wrestling today. His blend of smash-mouth brawling, high impact moves and surprising displays of agility and quickness make him hard to plan for, let alone defeat.
He fights just as well alone (remaining undefeated throughout 2007) as he does with a tag team partner. In recent times, he and Kiwi Pro Wrestling Champion H-Flame formed the "Men in Black" tag team to fight at KPW’s “Australian Invasion”, as well as representing Kiwi Pro Wrestling in two tours to Hobart, Australia.

Max Damage was also a WWE Trialist in June 2008.

A regular "knight in shining armour", Damage is the first to arrive on the scene when help is needed and the last to leave when defending his friends in the ring.
Not confining his talent to the ring, Damage's talent has resulted in other avenues opening up - most notably acting roles in Victoria University of Wellington's Summer Shakespeare 2007 production of “As You Like It”, and the play “Tapanui Tanzi” performed in Queenstown in March 2008.

New Zealand thrilled to Damage’s pursuit of the KPW Championship throughout season one of KPW’s “Off The Ropes” on Prime TV. It was also on that show that fans around the country saw Damage manage to narrowly best long-time friend and regular tag team partner H-Flame to claim the coveted Number One Contender spot for the KPW Championship. Stepping up to the greatest challenge of his career,

Damage achieved a childhood dream and defeated the fiery veteran Inferno for the KPW Championship - the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling had realised his biggest wish and won the biggest prize in New Zealand professional wrestling!

Damage held onto the KPW Championship for over six months, defending it bravely against all comers no matter what the odds until being unseated in a best of three falls match by The Technician at KPW’s “Make Or Break” in July 2010.

Having accomplished all he set out to do in KPW, Max Damage turned his attention to further challenges on far shores and relocated to Brisbane, thereby becoming the first of the KPW alumni to pursue his craft in Australia. KPW knows that Max “the Axe” will make his mark on Australia as he gains further professional wrestling experience, making the big man even more formidable!