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23.06.08 09:16 Age: 10 yrs

Kiwi Pro Wrestling New Zealand Champion


H-FlameHey Kiwi Pro Wrestling Fans,
H-Flame here once again to tell you about my WWE experience.

When Rip Morgan gave me a call to let me know that I had been chosen for the WWE try out I was over the moon! I was overwhelmed that finally my dream of becoming a WWE superstar may be coming true!
Since this was the chance of a lifetime I knew I had to be prepared. Because I live in Wanganui I couldn't do as much wrestling training as I would have liked, but weight training and cardiovascular training I could do 5 x a week. So in the weekends I would drive down to Wellington and work  out in the ring, sweat my ass off and then drive back on Sunday in time for work.
I know that the WWE Superstars are the hardest working athletes in the world and I had to be prepared for what might be coming.
On the 11th June Smackdown was going to start at 7pm in Auckland. And at 4pm the tryouts were to start. Eight of us including Max Damage, Tank, Jade Diamond and myself turned up to the arena and walked straight passed the WWE ring and went backstage to our changing rooms. Personally I was feeling rather nervous. Close to 4pm the first WWE wrestler I recognised was The Undertaker! I had to look about 5 times to make sure it was him!

He came over and introduced himself to all the boys and Diva (Hollie) not like he needed any introduction. I know I was not the only one lost for words! Then Fit Finlay was behind him, he said "Let's see what these boys have got. I'll just put my gear on." My first thought was 'Oh No Finlay's going to kill us, going to stretch us out,' but to tell the truth, half of me was looking really looking forward to it. Fit Finlay ended up watching intensely from outside the ring along with The Undertaker, Butch and Jamie Noble. We were paired off with each other and worked a few matches, they filmed it all so they could take it back to the WWE office.

It was such an experience wrestling in front of these Legends!
We then headed to the motel to get ready for the show. We went backstage at the arena again and standing there, doing his shuffle and getting pumped up to go into the ring, was Shane McMahon- another nice guy who took time to meet us all.
What a night! Such an amazing experience that I will remember forever. It's just a waiting game now, waiting to hear what they think of the International Superstar, H Flame! 
Keep Pumping Iron!!