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AfterBlaster 2

AfterBlaster 2A raucous, packed crowd was on hand at the New Plymouth YMCA on Saturday 27th for the first live professional wrestling in Taranaki for 15 years when the stars of Kiwi Pro Wrestling came out to shine!  In particular, the event was a homecoming for three of the KPW wrestlers, as they were  Taranaki's own - Hollie (Queen of Divas) of Team Pretty, Max (the Axe) Damage and The Technician Shane Whitehead.  Being back in Taranaki, they were pumped and ready for action!

The show began with KPW CEO Rip Morgan thanking the lively crowd for coming to KPW's first New Plymouth show.  As Blair 'the Flair' announced the card for the eager fans, the self-proclaimed Queen of Divas Hollie appeared and commanded the attention of the crowd.  She pointed out how she was living proof that it was possible to come from Hawera and make something of oneself(!)  Her arrogant attitude in belittling Taranaki didnt endear herself to the fans.  Obviously infuriated by her attitude, Max (the Axe) Damage stormed out to the ring and cut the Queen down to size, berating Hollie for her arrogant attitude,  claiming that the only royalty that she was involved with was Burger King!  Taking advantage of the verbal confrontation, Hollie's team-mate Jonnie Juice came to the ring and launched a sneak attack on Max!  The fans were outraged, but hometown hero 'The Technician' Shane Whitehead ran out to stand alongside Max Damage against Team Pretty.

Jonnie Juice bailed out and Hollie found herself sandwiched between Max Damage and Shane Whitehead!  She quickly made her excuses and left leaving the two hometown heroes standing tall in the ring!

Blair RhodesAfter the tumultuous opening, the stage was set for the first match of the night.  In a change from the advertised card, the second-generation star 'The Brute' J.E. O'Rourke took on the high flyer from the high wire, Lazarus Volt (accompanied by his friend Trinket the clown).  The ringmaster was forced to use his quickness to weather the vicious power of Brute force, O'Rourke layed into the little man from the big top before the opening bell, attacking Volt before he could even remove his crushed velvet ring jacket.  A hip toss reversal allowed Volt some breathing space, but O'Rourke's power was not to be denied and he beat down Volt with vicious chops and boots to the head.  Never one to be outdone, the plucky ringmaster rallied and hit the High Voltage (top rope dropkick), allowing referee Mark Freemantle (making his referee debut) to count the pinfall win.

Continuing their animosity from KPW's last show AfterBlaster in Wellington Chris DeLorean battled J.E. O'Rourke's partner-in-crime Kade Morgan 3G.  There is NO love lost between these two competitors; in no time they were at each other's throats!  Morgan drew on his pedigree as New Zealand's only third-generation wrestler to take the fight to the man from the Eighties with methodical precision.  DeLorean's easy-going confidence bordered on cockiness as he withstood the onslaught and deployed his arsenal of high risk manoeuvres.  Morgan battled back, but a missed corkscrew legdrop put DeLorean back in the driving seat.  He went to rev up the match to 88.8 miles per hour, but missed a charge into the corner.   Quick as a flash, Morgan rolled up DeLorean with his feet on the ropes to steal a tainted win, leaving a furious DeLorean to swear revenge!

The next match saw the professional wrestling debut of 'The Technician' Shane Whitehead.  He was determined to win, as he was making his debut in none other than his own hometown!  He faced the challenge of a KPW mainstay, Doctor Diablo.  Unsurprisingly, the crowd was firmly behind Whitehead as the two locked up.  Whitehead quickly showed the technical prowess that gained him an Oceania Amateur wrestling championship, using his background to beat Diablo to the punch time and again.  The two exchanged arm-wringers, takedowns, back waistlocks and fireman's carrys.  The masked man mounted a counter offensive much to the chagrin of the Taranaki fans.  The Arriba DDT looked to have had the match won for the Doctor, but a rare tactical error had him making the cover too close to the ropes, and Whitehead was able to use his years of ring acumen to stretch out a leg and break the count.  Ducking a desperation clothesline and back-elbow from the

discombobulated Doctor, Whitehead delivered a dropkick flush to the luchador's jaw. Using the skills and strength gained from his years of amateur training, 'The Technician' hoisted Diablo aloft in a vertical suplex and held him aloft, displaying his helpless opponent to all the rabid Taranaki fans present before bringing the masked man crashing down to the canvas.  A rolling senton and elbowdrop followed and Diablo only just kicked out of the subsequent pinfall attempt.  The match swung back to the Doctor's favour thanks to a massive headbutt.  Diablo cinched up Whitehead for a second Arriba DDT, sure to clinch the match, but 'The Technician' shifted his footing and hauled Diablo up and overhead in a picture-perfect Northen Lights Suplex, bridging like the amateur champion he is to score the pinfall victory.  After the match, Diablo acknowledged the technical superiority of Whitehead by shaking his hand.  Whitehead celebrated with his friends, family and the rabid Taranaki fans, conclusively successful in his professional wrestling debut!

Blair RhodesIn the Divas match, the Taranaki fans were less than impressed to see the Queenof Divas Hollie make her reappearance, accompanied by Team Pretty co-member Jonnie Juice.  She was scheduled to take on Suzie Q of the Rock n' Roll Connection, who entered with fellow team-member Miles D'Rock.  The divas last encounter had been a no contest due to Jonnie Juice's interference so the Rock n' Roll Connection were looking for a decisive victory.  Suzie Q displayed her leverage advantage from the opening bell to throw Hollie around like the proverbial doll, but Hollie used her prima donna tendencies to slow the match down to her pace.  Suckering Suzie Q into a test of strength, Hollie delivered a non-royal kick to the stomach and clamped on a wristlock.  Displaying a savagery that belied her royal pretensions, Hollie smashed Suzie Q with clubbing forearms and threw the Rock n' Roll girl to the canvas by her hair.  Hollie kept Suzie Q grounded with an armbar and a knee on her opponent,s jaw, but Suzie Q's tutelage under veteran Miles D'Rock showed through and she managed to battle her way back to her feet.  The two exchanged hammerlocks and headlocks before Suzie escaped from a headscissors and made a furious counter-attack that had Hollie reeling.  Seemingly trapped in an armbar, the wily Hollie unveiled the Royal Wave (a palm strike to the forehead) to break the hold.  Seeing his team-mate about to sieze the advantage, Jonnie Juice distracted referee Daniel Martins as Miles D'Rock was forced to also intervene.  Hollie quickly scampered to her corner and Suzie Q stormed over, surely intent on dethroning the Queen.  But Hollie struck Suzie Q full in the face with her bouquet of roses, allowing her to roll up Suzie Q and score the tainted pin with a handful of tights.  After the match, self-proclaimed rock star Jonnie Juice continued his attack on a the Rock n' Roll Connection. Team Pretty clearly believing that they are the only true rock stars in KPW!

The next match pitted a real veteran with everything going their way against a young KPW star with everything to gain.  Accompanied by manager Charlie Roberts, Inferno took on the Maori Warrior Whetu.  The young man showed his defiance to Inferno with a stirring haka for the Taranaki fans as promised, but Inferno seemed unfazed.  The match began and the up-and-coming star gave an excellent showing of his athleticism, taking the fight to Inferno with quick reversals and keeping the veteran grounded with flying headbutts.  Even when the tide turned against him, the Maori Warrior remained in the fight by showing great durability, much to Charlie Roberts dismay.  In the end, Inferno let his hunger for his upcoming KPW Championship match overwhelm him, and used the resulting fury to end Whetu's attack with an Afterburner Chokeslam for the win. 

After the match, Charlie Roberts grabbed a microphone and demanded that the contract signing for the KPW Championship match take place immediately!

Inferno demanded that KPW CEO Rip Morgan come out to honour the veteran's win in the Number One Contenders Battle Royal at AfterBlaster in Wellington. Rip Morgan came to the ring and warned Inferno to behave which only made the fiery one more angry. Rip introduced the KPW Champion H-Flame, and the International Superstar entered to an ovation from the Taranaki faithful.  Tensions ran high in the ring throughout the signing as neither wrestler has any time for the other. Immediately after the contract for the match to be held at KPW's  Halloween Howl 3 October 31st show in Wellington had been signed by both champion and challenger, Inferno's fury got the better of him , unable to wait until October, he squared off aggressively with H-Flame.  Rip Morgan stepped in, but H-Flame's temper boiled over - he flipped over the signing table in anger and a pull-apart brawl erupted!  Order was eventually restored, and both champion and challenger left the ring ready to simply tear the other apart at Halloween Howl 3!

In tag team action, PowerHouse Jade Diamond teamed up with Taranaki's own Max (the Axe) Damage to take on the Ram and Jonnie Juice (accompanied by Hollie).  Ram and Juice attacked before the opening bell, but a co-ordinated double dropkick set them packing.  With the crowd firmly behind them, Damage squared off with Juice. The rock star tried to use power against the bigger man, but the Moturoa Monster was easily able to weather a pair of running shoulderblocks.  A clothesline and bodyslam from Damage had Juice eager to make the tag to his team-mate, but he reversed an Irish whip into a monkey flip, using leverage to make an opening for himself.  Juice reversed a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a Russian Leg sweep to put himself in the driving seat.  A miscue had Juice running into a massive boot from Damage on a corner charge but Juice used his speed to hit a rolling neckbreaker to maintain control.

The Ram was tagged in, introducing himself to the match with a Somersault Senton on Damage for a two count.  Obviously seeking to ground the big man, Ram clamped on a surfboard.  It was at this time that Ram and Juice showed their typical colours by taking any shortcut available luring Diamond into the ring to distract the ref and beat on Damage with impunity and switching off without tagging.  The plan looked to be working, but a Herculean effort from the hometown man enabled Damage to make the tag to Diamond. The PowerHouse took the fight to the Ram with a beautiful Diamond Bomb (Michinoku Driver II).  However, the veteran Ram dodged a kneedrop and took the advantage once more.  Juice got involved with a mighty big boot to Diamond . Another switch off without a tag allowed the Ram to come in to mop up, but Diamond fired back, clearing the ring.  He hoisted the Ram aloft in his Torture Rack, and the Ram was left with no choice but to submit!  The Taranaki fans celebrated with their victorious hometown boy Max (the Axe) Damage following the win.

Seeking to maintain his momentum going into his title defence at Halloween Howl 3 on October 31st in Wellington, H-Flame entered into his Non-Title match against the 'Standard Hero' Graham Hughes.  Fresh from his strong showing in the Number One Contenders Battle Royal at AfterBlaster in Wellington the 'Standard Hero' strode to the ring with a New Zealand flag draped over his shoulders, accompanied by his valet, Lady Imogen Rose Baxter.  Once in the ring, Hughes showed his disdain for the Taranaki fans by wiping his feet on the flag, much to their anger. The match itself was a consumate technical affair between Champion and sure-to-be-Challenger, reminiscent of the exhanges between the great mat masters Johnny Kidd and Johnny Saint. Hughes took the fight to H-Flame with his years of technical wrestling experience, forcing the International Superstar to pull out every move in his repertoire.

Battling outside the ring, Hughes lured H-Flame towards the bleachers and hit a Moonsault that left the Champ bleeding and both men down!  Back in the ring, the technical exchanges continued.  H-Flame looked to have the match won with the H-Bomb when Inferno charged the ring and attacked the Champ!  Unable to wait for their title match at Halloween Howl 3 Champion and Challenger engaged in a vicious brawl.  Rip Morgan tried to restore order - the referees, security crew and fellow wrestlers had a hard time separating the two bitter enemies.  If the intensity of their exchange is any indication, their Championship match will be beyond intense!

All set to end the show with a bang, KPW unleashed the Taranaki Bull Pen Battle Royal on the eager fans!  The winner of the over-the-top rope elimination contest would get to choose their opponent for Halloween Howl 3 on October 31st in Wellington. The ring filled to bursting point with KPW wrestlers and suddenly the Battle Royal was joined! 

Max (the Axe) Damage scored the first elimination, sending the Maori Warrior over the top rope and to the back, then started work on The Brute. Showing their teamwork, the Rock n' Roll Connection (Miles D'Rock and Jimmy Van der Roll) eliminated the massive J.E. O'Rourke, before the Ram managed to eliminate their newest member, Van der Roll.  Kade Morgan and Chris DeLorean continued the ill-feeling built up in their earlier match by eliminating each other!  The same went for the Ram and PowerHouse Jade Diamond and they both went tumbling from the ring!  Eventually, Jonnie Juice was left with Miles D'Rock.  The Rock n' Roll veteran was looking for some payback for Juice's continual interference, and for a time it looked like he would even eliminate Juice, before Juice's cheating ways prevailed and he managed to eliminate D'Rock.  That just left Max (the Axe) Damage and Jonnie Juice in the ring.  With the New Plymouth fans firmly behind him, Damage managed to rally with an Exploder Suplex that weakened the rock star enough for Damage to toss him over the top rope for the win, to the thunderous cheers of the fans

Battered and bruised but certainly not beaten, Max (the Axe) Damage informed the Taranaki  fans that he was going to use his prize to get a little payback on a man who has caused a lot of grief to the rule-abiding wrestlers of Kiwi Pro Wrestling at Halloween Howl 3 in Wellington!

Damage Vs  Terry the Golden Greek!!!

Villainous General Manager of Kiwi Pro Wrestling and long-time thorn in Rip Morgan's side!

With that momentous announcement, Kiwi Pro Wrestling's first New Plymouth show drew to a climactic end and hometown hero Max (the Axe) Damage celebrated with the Taranaki fans!

With the stage set for the Kiwi Pro Wrestling Championship Match between current Champ H-Flame and Inferno, and with Max (the Axe) Damage set to take on Kiwi Pro Wrestling's General Manager Terry the Golden Greek at Halloween Howl 3 then KPW's next show looks to be even better than the last!

This is Blair the Flair

saying I'll see you at ringside!