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Commissioner Butch

Profile: Butch Miller

Bushwhacker ButchFirst pro wrestling match 1967 as Brutal Bob Miller then as Brute Miller in TVNZ 'On the Mat' days.

First teamed with 'Gorgeous Teddy Williams' real name Brian Wickens aka 'Luke Williams', aka 'Cousin Luke' in 1967.First overseas tour to Australia 1968 working for American promoter Jim Barnet for six months. Next overseas tour to Japan for six weeks in 1968.Went to Western Samoa in the same year to wrestle 'The Great High Chief Peter Mafia', father-in-law of the great 'Rocky Johnson' and grandfather of 'The Rock'. Butch has wrestled all three three generations - 'The Great Chief Peter Mafia', 'Rocky Johnson' and 'The Rock'.

First tour to North America (Canada) 1970 and teamed up with Luke as "Sweet William' & 'Crazy Nick Carter' (The Kiwis). Based in Montreal for a year then Calgary and worked all of Canada for the great promoter Stu Hart.First wrestled in the USA in 1979 in Oregan with Luke Williams as 'The Sheep Herders' for Don Owens. Became the North Pacific Tag Team Champions in the first match on USA soil.Worked throughout North America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico and many more countries as 'The Sheep Herders'.

First to wear army pants in the ring. First to carry foreign flag to the ring in North America. First to have American flag bearer carry the New Zealand flag to the ring. Had fellow New Zealand great wrestler 'Rip Morgan' first as flag bearer then as the third member of 'The Sheep Herders' and became the most feared Tag Team in the world.

First started with World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1988 as Luke & Butch in 'The Bushwhackers' and became the most loved Tag Team in the world.

Butch has wrestled in over sixty countries and on every continent. He has wrestled in every state in the USA, every province in Canada and in every territory in Australia.He has held over fifty five different Tag Team Titles around the world including four different versions of the World Tag Team Titles.

He has wrestled over ten thousand matches throughout 35 years of professional wrestling.He last wrestled in 2001 in Wrestle Mania at the Houston Super Dome before 64,000 fans.Biggest house ever wrestled in front of was Summer Slam (Wembly Stadium, England) 84,000 fans.

Still under contract with WWE Legends of Wrestling.

Butch and Luke were the first inductees into Kiwi Pro Wrestling (KPW) Hall of Fame.

Now Commissioner of Kiwi Pro Wrestling (KPW).

Some of his toughest opponents:

  • King Curtis & Mark Lewin.
  • The Bolsheviks.
  • The Powers of Pain.
  • The Nasty Boys.
  • The Fantastics.
  • The Rockers.
  • The Rock & Roll Express.
  • The Road Warriors.
  • The Natural Disasters.
  • The British Bull Dogs.
  • The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard).
  • The Steiners.
  • The Wild Samoans.