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Damage Gauge

Max Damage in the USAMax the Axe Damage is in the USA participating in the "School of Hard Knocks" while there he's also participating in several live shows including: Smackdown and RAW!
Follow Max and his updates here at Kiwi Pro Wrestling.

Thursday 01. of November 2012 SLADE MERCER (the man who was Max Damage) - Life in the UK

KPW fans! It's your favourite son, former KPW Heavyweight Champion Max Damage - though nowadays, I campaign as "Slade Mercer".

It's been a long time since I've been asked to write for the KPW website, but KPW CEO Rip...

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Wednesday 24. of March 2010 Damage Gauge 4

Max is Back

Category: Damage Gauge

Thursday 18. of March 2010 Damage Gauge 3

Smackdown and RAW

Category: Damage Gauge

Sunday 14. of March 2010 Damage Gauge 2

RAW approaches

Category: Damage Gauge

Wednesday 10. of March 2010 Damage Gauge 1 - Max in L.A

Hard Knocks in The City of Angels

Category: Damage Gauge