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Double Cross

KPW Double Cross Full Results 

Rogue Trooper def. Creed

The martial arts expert had his hands full with the cunning veteran in the ring and the presence of senior official Charlie Roberts at ringside. Creed hit an impressive series of strikes but could not register a pin on his much bigger opponent. As the match wore on Rogue Trooper was able to catch a charging Creed with a brutal sidewalk slam for the 3 count. A frustrated Creed then could no longer tolerate the taunting of Roberts and shoved him away before storming to the back.

D Money def. Inferno

The former male model took it right to the mighty Inferno in an impressive back and forth match. The finish came not without a touch of controversy as Inferno thought he had the pin but Money had his foot hooked over the bottom rope and the referee ordered the match to continue. D Money made the most of the restart and quickly snuck a roll up in to beat the longtime New Zealand veteran.


In the battle of the Behemoths both men tore into each other with impressive fury. As expected it took a lot to take either man off their feet but when they did the results were earth shattering. Max was able to bloody Jeremiah with a brutal double axe handle. With his blood spilling all over the ring Jeremiah looked to fight back but was caught out by The Axe and got taken out with a massive sideslam. As he went for the pin The Ram slid in and broke up the cover giving Max the win.

After the match The Ram and Jeremiah had a heated exchange mid ring which very nearly came to blows and lead to Jeremiah walking out on The Ram.

The Deal Dal Knox def. The One Vinny Dunn

In the special IPW match both men put on an impressive display as Dal Knox tore straight into Vinny after sprinting to the ring and spearing The One nearly in half. Both men exchanged their trademark moves but neither could gain an advantage. Knox looked to put The One away with his patented Knox Out but Dunn reversed and hit the Only One for a 2 count.  Dunn looked to hit him with second one but Knox reversed out and sent his opponent high into the air with an impressive Knox Out for the 3 count.

The Inquisition def. Team Diablo

Team Diablo looked to try and beat the Inquisition in their debut. However the odds were not in their favor as the scarily imposing Inquisition shrugged off the series of right hands from the luchadors and sent both men flying to the outside before finishing the slaughter with an impressive demolition style, flying elbow/backbreaker combination.

Jonnie Juice def. Gold

In his debut match with KPW Gold threw everything he had at Jonnie Juice including a vicious enziguri and an equally impressive Swanton bomb. Team Pretty were in fine form and giving Jonnie the advantage were ever they could. Finally having enough the referee ejected Hollie.

Jonnie used his cunning however and put the remaining member of Team Pretty in Jessie to good use as she shoved Gold from the top rope all the way down to the mat which gave Jonnie the chance to swoop with his patented Butterfly Effect (Frog splash) for the 3 count.