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Halloween Howl 5


Wellington High School 29/10/2010

Wellington High School came alive in time for Halloween on Friday with the fifth annual KWP showcase event, "HALLOWEEN HOWL 5". Blair "the Flair" and colour commentator Alex "Danger" Donahue were on hand to welcome the KPW faithful to the show and the Tamarua Cook Islands Dance Troupe were also on hand to welcome KPW's newest talent acquisition, the massive Mister Samoa. It was a night that promised a packed card from top to bottom, with the wily Technician defending the KPW Championship against the fan favourite Jade Diamond in the main event.

THE BRUTE (w/Nurse Payne) vs MARCUS COOL

The opening bout proved to be a classic clash of strength versus speed when the agile Englishman fighting out of Queenstown took on the man fighting out of his straitjacket. Marcus Cool had faced many colourful characters in his career, but nothing quite like the second generation wrestler who loves the taste of ring-ropes! In fact, Cool's early momentum was halted following a fearsome bellow from the Brute that sent Marcus bailing from the ring! Cool made the mistake of ramming the Brute's hard head into the turnbuckles, only to find that it only fired him up. The normally happy-go-lucky Marcus battered the bigger man with flying clotheslines, but to little avail. The Englishman's pluckiness eventually wore the rope-chewing wrestler down, even drawing blood from the Brute with his Cool Runnings superkick. Sensing her favourite charge was in trouble, Nurse Payne thought quickly and tossed "Lovely One" (the Brute's favourite teddy bear) into the ring, to be caught by the hapless Marcus Cool... who found himself holding the baby", much to the Brute's chagrin! Well and truly off the chain, the Brute went on a rampage terrible to behold. Cool gained a brief respite by using hi speed and cunning, but a high-risk manoeuvre from the fun-loving Englishman went awry and he jumped straight into the Brute's unforgiving arms to be blasted with the Brute Force! WINNER: The BRUTE with the Brute Force (double-handed chokebomb) for the win by pinfall.


These two masked brothers-in-arms began the competition with a sportsman-like handshake before attempting to outgun the other with speed, but they found themselves too similarly matched. El Condor went to work on the Doctor's arm before the more experienced masked man managed to reverse a hiptoss into a roll-up then eschewed technical prowess to batter his opponent with forearms, a bodyslam and a running legdrop. Showing his quick-thinking and resilience, El Condor docked and dodged the good Doctor's attacks before having him reeling with a flying cross bodyblock, drop kick and bodyslam of his own. Going for another proved to be his undoing as Diablo managed to elbow his way out. The Doctor rocked the high-flying El Condor with a suplex for a near fall of his own, before pulling out all the stops to put his opponent away by unveiling a deadlier version of the "Arriba" DDT for the winning pinfall. WINNER: Dr DIABLO with the "Vaya con Dios" (implant DDT) for the win by pinfall. After the match, Diablo acknowledged the prowess of his opponent, to the cheers of the crowd.

"The Fixation" JIMMY FOX vs LAZARUS VOLT (w/Trinket the Clown)

Since this bout was a rematch from season one of KPW's "Off The Ropes", each competitor was keen to secure their standing in the KPW rankings with a victory at KPW's showcase event of the year. Early on, the arrogant and vicious Jimmy Fox looked to have things firmly in control with an Oklahoma slam into a sideslam on the little man from the big top. This set Volt up for a punishing figure four leglock. Volt refused to submit and Fox showed his true colours by putting the screws to his opponent via illegally using the ropes for extra leverage. KPW Head Referee Daniel Martins eventually caught on, giving an opportunity for Volt to reverse the hold on Fox, who wasted no time in going to the ropes to force the break from his own submission hold. Volt got the better of a slugfest in the middle of the ring before folding up his immaculately quiffed opponent with a high angle back drop. Fox tried to rally but Volt took him up an over with a monkey flip, making a monkey of his opponent. But showing he's most dangerous when wounded, Fox fought back and trapped Volt in a Boston crab in the middle of the ring! Seeing her friend in dire straits, Trinket unleashed her secret weapon - a long mirror! From first glance, Jimmy Fox was utterly fixated with his reflection, completely forgetting the match. He released the hold on Volt to get a better look at himself, allowing the quick-thinking ex-ringmaster to roll up his distracted opponent for the three-count! WINNER: LAZARUS VOLT with a rollup for the win by pinfall. Fox immediately went back to admiring his reflection, completely in his own little world. Lazarus and Trinket celebrated their victory with the fans and Fox left the arena in the company of someone he'd admired for some time - himself!


Mr Roberts came to the ring brimming with over-confidence, even going so far as to my poor self as a seat as he lectured the crowd on his greatness. He loudly proclaimed that whereas his former client Inferno couldn't stay at the top of the mountain, the "Ayatollah of High Rollas" was going to climb to the top all on his own - and what better stepping stone than KPW's newest star acquisition? To the roar of the crowd and the stirring drums of the Tamarua Cook Islands Dance Troupe, the massive Mister Samoa entered the ring, dwarfing his opponent. "You're sure you want to do this?!" referee Daniel Martins asked the arrogant Charlie Roberts, who refused to back down. To his credit, the "King of Bling" didn't back down from the opening lockup against his much larger opponent, which is why Mister Samoa had to throw Roberts halfway across the ring to show him who's boss!

Roberts fired back with running shoulderblocks, but it was like throwing a paper dart against a tank. A massive clothesline from Mister Samoa turned Charlie Roberts inside out and an even larger legdrop from the big islander almost took Roberts' head off! Clearly having a bit of fun, Mister Samoa hauled the smaller man up for a sideslam and took him for a tour of the ring before planting the arrogant rich boy square in the middle! Digging deep into his playbook for an appropriate short-cut, Roberts unleashed his great equaliser - a rake to the eyes. Roberts followed up with his best flying shoulderblock, but spent so much time yelling at the KPW fans that he completely failed to notice that Mister Samoa hadn't even been staggered. He turned to face the music, being hauled way, way aloft before being brought back down to earth with the "Tofa soifua" Driver before being pinned underfoot to the delight of the crowd! WINNER: MISTER SAMOA with the "Tofa soifua" Driver (military press into a swingout uranage) for the win by pinfall.

KPW Championship Number One Contender's No Disqualification Match:


Conspicuous by his absence in the match was one Charlie Roberts, he and Inferno having recently acrimoniously parted. Still sporting a shaven head courtesy of the man he then retired, Jonnie Juice, the always-angry Inferno announced that he would not only beat long-time foe H-Flame but break him and that he had successfully petitioned KPW management to have this match declared a no disqualification match. Such a move would certainly play into the hands of the vicious Inferno, as there was no villainy to which he would not stoop in order to take just one step closer to reclaiming championship gold. Despite the match being stacked in Inferno's favour from the outset, H-Flame showed no sign of trepidation as he locked up with his long-time opponent. Each having wrestled the other many times before, both knew they would have to pull out something new and spectacular to win. Each having held the KPW Championship before, both knew the sweet taste of victory and were determined to stand at the top of the mountain again.

The two veterans began the match with a technical exchange, each seeking a crack in the other's defences but failing to find any purchase. H-Flame unleashed his power by hauling Inferno aloft in a military press before dropping him to the canvas. Inferno retreated to the outside and used H-Flame's eagerness to lure him into a trap, using the very edge of the ring apron to attack H-Flame's quadriceps. The pair brawled on the outside, Inferno getting the better of the international superstar.

Back in the ring, the fiery veteran put the boots to the downed opponent and clamped on a chinlock. With the fans behind him, H-Flame battled back to his feet, but the cunning Inferno took his hated opponent back down again with a massive clothesline. Again, Inferno locked his opponent into a chinlock, seeking to simply wear the "River City" native down, but H-Flame again used the support of the fans to fight his way back to a standing base, hauling Inferno aloft and keeping him there with a delayed vertical suplex that shook the fiery one from top to bottom! Fighting fire with fire, H-Flame tied up his opponent's legs with Inferno's own move, the dreaded Cinderlock (Texas cloverleaf)! Howling with pain, Inferno fought his way to the ropes, but they provided no escape in a no disqualification match. Fortunately for the fiery one, H-flame sensed that Inferno still had enough strength not to submit, so broke the hold.

Now seeking to beat Inferno at the mat game, H-Flame clamped on a bodyscissors and sought to snuff Inferno's fire with a sleeper. The international superstar kept up the pressure by rolling Inferno over into pinning predicaments, forcing Inferno to expend energy to kick out. Inferno managed to escape and ran the ropes, but when H-Flame attempted a rana, Inferno answered with a stinging powerbomb, seizing the opportunity to clamp H-Flame in the crippling Cinderlock! Despite the pain, H-Flame battled to the ropes but there was nothing referee Rob Wilkenstein could do to force Inferno to break, as the match was no disqualification. H-Flame used the last reserves of energy to throw off Inferno, then scored with a drop kick off a criss cross for a near fall.

The pair exchanged punches in the middle of the ring, H-Flame seemingly getting his second wind. The longest-reigning KPW champ pulled Inferno up for the H-Bomb (running powerslam), but the wily Inferno reversed into the Extinguisher (inverted DDT)! Confident of victory, Inferno was irate when H-Flame managed to get his shoulder up. Obviously driven to desperation, Inferno seemed ready to make good on his threat to break H-Flame by exposing two steel turnbuckles, signalling his intent to drive H-Flame into them. Unfortunately for Inferno, it was a case of "live by the sword, die by the sword" when H-Flame drew on his experience to reverse Inferno's Irish whip and send the fiery one back-first into the unforgiving steel turnbuckles! Almost broken in half by the collision, Inferno was easy prey for the H-Bomb, sealing the victory for H-Flame and giving the international superstar a powerful boost towards the KPW Championship! WINNER: H-FLAME with the H-Bomb (running powerslam) for the win by pinfall and to become number one contender for the KPW Championship.

KADE MORGAN "3G" vs WHETU the Maori Warrior

Though both competitors normally faced each other in tag-team competition, this bout was an opportunity for each to showcase their amazing potential as singles wrestlers and continue a rivalry that has existed since at least season one of KPW's "Off The Ropes". One half of the KPW tag team champions, Kade Morgan "3G" brought his unparalleled pedigree as New Zealand's only third generation wrestler to the ring, sadly soured with his bad attitude and cheating ways. By contrast, Whetu brought the mana and high-flying risk-taking to the ring, to the delight of the KPW fans. From the beginning, Whetu showed he came to impress by snapping his opponent down to the canvas with a pair of armdrags. With his momentum blunted from the start, the shaven-headed "3G" complained to referee Rob Wilkenstein that Whetu was pulling his hair, a blatant falsity that none of the fans appreciated.

Morgan then proceeded to haul on Whetu's hair to keep the Maori Warrior trapped in a standing side headlock. "3G" flattened Whetu with a shoulderblock but caught a dropkick in retaliation. Whipped to the corner, Morgan's up-and-over reversal went awry when he landed badly and injured his knee. Referee Rob Wilkenstein stepped in and it looked like the match would have to be called, when the treacherous "3G" blasted Whetu with a clothesline! Coming back off the ropes, Whetu took to the air with a flying cross bodyblock and a wheelbarrow rollthrough for a near fall. Another Whetu flying cross bodyblock was reversed into a bodyslam, but the Maori Warrior came back with a reversal of his own, turning a sideslam from Morgan into a flying headscissors. Morgan fought back desperately, yanking Whetu to the canvas by his long hair. Morgan then showed his technical acumen by turning the Maori Warrior inside out with an inverted vertical suplex for a close two-count. Morgan whipped Whetu into the turnbuckle, but the Maori Warrior's athleticism enabled him to fight back with a rana from the second rope. On a roll, Whetu went for another cross bodyblock, but Morgan's tactical acumen showed through as he ducked out of the way and Whetu crashed and burned! Again whipping Whetu to the turnbuckle, Whetu's attempt at a moonsault was intercepted by Morgan, who slammed his opponent into the proverbial Tree of Woe and stomped away, earning a near fall. Deciding the best tactic was to keep the high-flyer firmly grounded, Morgan clamped on a sleeper. With the support of the crowd, Whetu managed to fight back, chopping Morgan down to size. Whetu pressed the attack with a shoulderblock and rolling leg lariat square to the side of Morgan's head! Going for broke, Whetu ascended to the top rope, but was intercepted by Morgan. A desperate battle for supremacy went the way of the Maori Warrior, who cast Morgan down and ascended to the top rope to deliver the match-winning flying headbutt to the delight of the KPW fans! WINNER: WHETU with the top-rope flying headbutt for the win by pinfall.


The regal diva of KPW came to the ring veiled in black, weeping inconsolably for the loss of Jonnie Juice who was sent packing from KPW at the last show by Inferno. All on her lonesome as the last survivor of Team Pretty, the Queen normally takes out her frustrations on Nurse Payne, but this time looked in no fit state to put up a fight. Head Referee Daniel Martins was obviously unsure about whether Queen Hollie was fighting fit and even Nurse Payne's compassionate side lead her to having some "sympathy for the devil" before the devious diva slapped Nurse Payne right across the face! The smile was on the other side of her regal features when Nurse Payne responded in kind, with a ferocity that had the black-clad Queen trying to scuttle from the ring. Nurse Payne stayed on the Queen like a suture, ensuring there was no easy way out. Whipping the Queen to the corner, Nurse Payne kept her there with a back elbow before dragging her to the centre of the ring and turning her world upside down with a snap mare. The Nurse then wrenched on an armbar that had the Queen howling in pain, but she refused to submit. Struggling to regain her footing, Queen Hollie whipped Nurse Payne to the corner and mercilessly choked her opponent with her boot, drawing the ire of Head Referee Daniel Martins and the fans. Queen Hollie went so far as to grab Nurse Payne's medical bag, obviously intending to use it as a weapon. When Martins retrieved it from the Queen and went to put it in a safe place, the devilish diva used the opportunity to choke Nurse Payne with impunity behind the referee's back! Basking in her glory - and the boos of the audience - Queen Hollie was completely unprepared for Nurse Payne's adrenaline surge that sent the care-giver flying out of the corner with a thunderous clothesline! Both competitors struggled to their feet and Queen Hollie went for the kill with a sideslam off the ropes, but the Nurse surprised the Queen and delighted the crowd by reversing it into a satellite flying headscissors when left the Queen completely dethroned! WINNER: NURSE PAYNE with the satellite flying headscissors for the win by pinfall.

Recovering herself, Queen Hollie blindsided Nurse Payne and battered the poor care-giver to the canvas. Half-mad with grief and bitterness, Queen Hollie then cruelly tormented the helpless Nurse Payne by tearing the head off "Lovely One", much to the horror of the fans! Nurse Payne left with the victory, but Queen Hollie left with a grisly trophy - the head of the Brute's favourite teddy bear!

Tag Team match: Irishman MIKE RYAN and "Wonderful" WILBA FORCE vs "The Young Lion" DANE KING and "The X-Factor" MARK FREEMANTLE

The combatants and stakes in this match had doubled when Dane King and Wilba Force each selected a tag team partner to watch their back once their own rivalry had escalated beyond their initial encounter. Though giving away a considerable weight and experience advantage to Ryan and Force, the younger and much more popular King and Freemantle came to the ring full of confidence and ready to take the fight to their opponents. Eager for some payback following a cowardly attack from commentator-turned-wrestler Wilba Force, Dane King started the match with the bigger man, initially being thrown around and trapped in a crushing side headlock before the "Young Lion" managed to duck a clothesline and hit a Russian legsweep to take the bigger man off his large feet. Force's strength and savagery enabled him to recover quickly, but Freemantle and King hit Force with a double dropkick. Ryan showed his experience by sneaking into the ring to knock Freemantle flat with an elbow from behind, but Freemantle valiantly held the bigger man at bay until he could make a tag and Ryan could knock down the massive Wilba Force with a cross body block from the second rope, scoring a near fall. Seeking to keep the momentum going, King went for another cross body block off the ropes, but the "immovable object" was well prepared, catching his smaller opponent and dumping the Young Lion to the canvas with a massive front slam. Cutting the ring in half, Force tagged in the veteran Mike Ryan who unleashed his fury on King with vicious stomps and clubbing forearms. Railing King from pillar to corner post, the Irishman bodyslammed King practically on the ropes, seeking to hyperextend his opponent's quadriceps. Force tagged in and continued the punishment with a camel clutch, but the Young Lion hung on tenaciously and refused to submit. Frustrated, the angry Force tagged in the Irishman to continue the merciless battering, choking the Young Lion in the corner in full view of Referee Rob Wilkenstein. King was saved by the intervention of "the X-Factor", leading to an international exchange as the young Canadian battled the veteran Irishman, working over Mike Ryan's arm and even managing to take the veteran to the canvas, before Force broke up the ensuing pinfall attempt.

Mike Ryan reversed a cross corner whip from Freemantle and savagely thrashed the young Canadian for his troubles, taking him sky-high with a big biel and keeping him grounded with a crushing elbow drop to Freemantle's back. Immobilising the smaller man with a standing powerslam, Ryan showed his experience by keeping Freemantle in his corner and tagging in the fresh man. Eager to strike while his opponent was down, Force took his time and stalked his battered opponent as Freemantle desperately tried to make the tag. Force's cockiness cost him, however, as he slipped free of Force and went to the top rope for a high-risk manoeuvre. Recovering quickly, Force intercepted the high-flyer and slammed him all the way to the centre of the ring, firmly regaining the momentum. Showing they work very well as a unit while managing to skirt the rules, Force crushed Freemantle in the corner with a vertical splash then distracted Referee Rob Wilkenstein while Ryan stungunned Freemantle on the ring ropes. Force and Ryan used quick tags to keep a fresh man in the ring and keep "the X-Factor" grounded. The young Canadian fought back and managed to catch Wilba Force with a flying shoulderblock and make the tag, finally allowing the Young Lion into the ring! He took the fight to Wilba Force with clotheslines and a dropkick but it took a flying clothesline to finally put down the big man. A quick tag to Freemantle allowed he and King to hit a stunning combination on the fallen Force - a double-team running shooting star press and fist drop! But while the referee was clearing King from the ring, the Irishman again seized the opportunity to sneak into the ring and knock the young Canadian senseless from behind with an elbow, allowing Wilba Force to recover and hit the big splash off the ropes for the pinfall. WINNERS: the team of WILBA FORCE and MIKE RYAN, when Mike Ryan's interference enabled Wilba Force to hit a big splash on Mark Freemantle for the win by pinfall.

KPW Championship Match: THE TECHNICIAN (c) vs "The Powerhouse" JADE DIAMOND

Having long contested the KPW Tag Team Championship and been denied on a number of occasions thanks to cheating by the Renegades, Jade Diamond was all set to seize this opportunity to seize the title and get payback from all the times victory had been snatched from him. As for the champion, the Technician was riding high on a wave of self-confidence, coming to the ring burdened with his two championship belts (KPW championship and KPW tag team championship) and his two medals earned at the Oceania wrestling championships. The Powerhouse knew he was in for a fight with the number one wrestler in KPW, but showed no sign of trepidation, only determination. From the opening bell, the Powerhouse brought his strength to bear and showed he could wrestle with the champ by clamping on a side headlock when the Technician attempted a drop-down. Diamond reversed a hiptoss, but the Technician whipped his opponent to the opposite turnbuckle but the Powerhouse bounced back with a thunderous clothesline!

Going for the quick kill, Diamond hauled the champ up into the dreaded torture rack, but the Technician showed his ring presence by grabbing the ropes and escaping to the apron, before being unceremoniously slapped to the floor by the challenger. Just when it looked like things couldn't go worse for the Technician, Diamond continued the attack with a stunning tope suicida into the first row! The pair brawled on the outside as Head Referee Daniel Martins attempted to restore control to the match. The Technician went for a cross body block, but Diamond used his strength to catch the champ and fling him to the floor with a fallaway slam. The Technician sought refuge in the ring, but the challenger kept up the pressure by springboarding into the ring and hitting a DDT on the champ on the way down. Diamond rocked the Technician with a high angle backdrop suplex, driving the champ into the mat with a pair of knee drops for a near fall. Whipping the champ to the corner, the Technician managed to block Diamond's springboard dropkick with a double boot of his own. A clothesline floored the challenger for a near fall of his own. Putting the boots to the Powerhouse, the Technician clamped on a sleeper and attempted to wear Diamond into submission. The challenger fought back with the help of the fans but was floored once more by the champ.

Switching tactics, the Technician locked Diamond into a camel clutch, but the valiant champion refused to submit. The double-champ kept up the pressure with a sideslam into a rolling bridge for a two-count. Sensing his fortunes fading, Diamond rallied with a lariat and flying back elbow but the Technician showed his inventiveness by knocking down the challenger with an uranage backbreaker into an inverted Tiger suplex. Both men struggled to their feet, the Technician narrowly regaining his vertical base first but his attack was reversed into another torture rack, which the champ countered with a sunset flip. Diamond kicked out and avoided the Technician's springboard bodyblock, turning the champ inside out with a lariat and thunderous sitout spinebuster! However, Diamond walked into the Techniplex (sitout exploder suplex) for a heart-stopping near fall. Knowing he had to end the threat of the challenger once and for all, the Technician went to the top rope for what looked like a moonsault, but was intercepted by Diamond. The two men battled in a precarious position for the fate of the match and the KPW Championship. The Powerhouse's strength won through and he sent the champ spinning head over heels to the canvas far below with a top rope release German suplex!

Suddenly, Whetu appeared at ringside to support his long-time comrade Jade Diamond. Not to be left at a potential disadvantage, Kade Morgan "3G" rushed to ringside to support his co-tag team champion, the Technician. Both champ and challenger struggled back to their knees, engaging in a desperate slugfest in the middle of the ring. A massive double axe handle from the Powerhouse floored the Technician and had Diamond sensing victory. Clamping on the Torture Rack, Diamond locked in the dreaded submission hold. Seeing his tag team partner in danger, Morgan stormed the ring and Whetu entered the squared circle to forestall any interference. Still smarting from his loss earlier in the evening, Morgan brawled with Whetu and Head Referee Daniel Martins suddenly had his hands full clearing the ring. Unseen by the referee, the Technician submitted in Diamond's agonising torture rack. Dropping the spent Technician, Diamond grabbed the KPW Championship belt and celebrated with the fans but the referee didn't look pleased at Diamond's actions. To the horror of the fans and the Powerhouse, Head Referee Daniel Martins threw the match out due to the interference, meaning Jade Diamond had not won the title after all! WINNER: no contest due to outside interference; the Technician retains the KPW Championship.

Diamond was furious at being cheated out of the championship. He grabbed the microphone and voiced his anger, asking the audience whether they wanted to see the cheating Renegades beaten down right now. Meanwhile in the ring, the Technician and Kade Morgan were celebrating their lucky escape, much to the disgust of the fans. Finally it was too much for Whetu and Jade and they stormed the ring, taking the fight right to the Renegades. For his troubles, Head Referee Daniel Martins tried to break up the fight but was flung bodily aside. Referee Rob Wilkenstein then tried to restore order, but Diamond's anger was so great he unceremoniously dumped the referee to the outside. Their frustration boiling over, the "mighty team" of Jade Diamond and Whetu pounded the cheating Renegades into the canvas. Eager to make their mark in KPW, "The Fixation" Jimmy Fox and "Wonderful" Wilba Force stormed the ring in an attempt to thrash the "mighty team" but were quickly dispatched. However, Fox and Force's interference had allowed the Renegades breathing space and they blindsided Whetu and Jade Diamond. Things looked bad for the "mighty team", when who should appear but the massive Mister Samoa! He entered the ring as the "mighty team" brawled with Fox and Force on the floor; Mister Samoa was promptly double-teamed by the Renegades, but floored them both with a double clothesline, to the cheers of the crowd! As the show ended, the powerful trio of Mister Samoa, Jade Diamond and Whetu celebrated in the ring with the KPW fans!

BLAIR "The Flair"

Quick Results

A capacity crowd of fired-up KPW fans was on hand on Friday night at Wellington High School for the fifth annual "Halloween Howl"!  There were old faces and new amongst the KPW roster and he fans were thrilled to see them all!  The following are the results of the matches

- THE BRUTE (with Nurse Payne) pinned Marcus Cool
- DR DIABLO pinned El Condor
- LAZARUS VOLT (with Trinket the Clown) beat "The Fixation" Jimmy Foxx
- MISTER SAMOA downed Charlie Roberts
- H-FLAME beat Inferno to become the new Number One Contender for the KPW Championship
- WHETU pinned Kade Morgan "3G"
- NURSE PAYNE beat Queen Hollie
- Irishman MIKE RYAN and "WONDERFUL" WILBUR FORCE beat "The X-Factor" Mark Freemantle and "The Young Lion" Dane King
- The KPW Championship match between champion the TECHNICIAN and challenger "Powerhouse" JADE DIAMOND went to a no-contest when KADE MORGAN and WHETU interfered, meaning that the Technician retained the KPW Championship.  Afterwards, Whetu and Jade brawled with the Renegades as well as the interfering Jimmy Fox and Wilbur Force before Mister Samoa entered and cleaned the ring!