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Halloween Howl II

Halloween Howl II review

Sat 27 October 2007
Wellington High School

A hoary host of ghosts and goblins, wizards and witches, zombies and other oddities were on hand for the finest in New  Zealand professional wrestling at Wellington High School for KPW's second annual "Halloween Howl II" show! The question on  everyone's lips was who was the mystery partner on either team in the main event?  Who would stand with H-Flame against the  Ram and his own mystery partner?  The crowd was primed and ready to find out, and KPW delivered!

El Condor vs Purple Haze

The opening match of the evening was a first for KPW.  El Condor and Purple Haze (who entered the arena wearing a ghost costume!) collided in a "High Flyers" match - in order to win, one wrestler had to come off the top rope with an offensive manoeuvre and score the pinfall to be declared the winner.

Ice Wolf and El Condo

Would El Condor spread his wings, or would Purple Haze 'Kiss The Sky'? Straight from the opening bell, both masked men wasted no time in attempting to reach the all-important top rope. Purple Haze looked to have the footrace won at one point, but El Condor cut him off at the pass with a back suplex that laid both luchadors out.; El Condor looked to have the match won coming off the top rope, but was met with a gut punch from Purple  Haze that swung the momentum in the opposite direction. El Condor rallied, but was taken down with a drop toehold. Purple Haze then slapped on a single leg crab to wear out his opponent's knee and prevent him from climbing to the top rope. Not to be denied El Condor rallied, but was caught in a bodyslam. Purple Haze then ascended to the heavens, hit his 'Kiss the Sky' (top rope slash) on the grounded El Condor for the winning pinfall to the cheers of the raucous crowd.

Max Damage and The Ice WolfIce Wolf Christopher Simons vs Max Damage

The second match saw Ice Wolf Christopher Simons take on firm fan favourite Max Damage.  The Halloween theme seemed to suit  the Icewolf down to the ground, as he's forever howling at the moon anyway!  Damage entered the arena in a long black cloak,  solemn as an executioner (at least at first), to show that he meant business.  Ice Wolf attempted to chop 'the Axe' down with  his speed and animal cunning, but almost had his masked face erased by a running elbow from Damage.  In the end, the big  man's power wore the Wolfman down, and Damage hit the Collateral Damage (jackhammer) for the pinfall victory.

Kade "The Rage" Morgan vs Dr Diablo

Kade Morgan and Dr Diablo

The third match of the night had it's roots at 'KPW: Australian Invasion', where referee Kade Morgan showed blatant bias  towards "the Brute" J.E. O'Rourke in his match with Dr Diablo.  Morgan had issued a challenge to Dr Diablo.  He now unleashed  the beast and made his KPW debut as Kade "The Rage"

Morgan.  The newcomer used his strength to counter Diablo's technical  attack in the early going.  The combatants traded armwringers, countering hold for hold. The doctor managed to take the  ex-referee down to the canvas and slapped on an armbar.  Morgan countered with a headscissors, temporarily grounding the  low-flying luchador. Diablo managed to fight out and clamped on a stepover toehold, apparently confident of victory. However, his eagerness cost him, as Morgan regained control with a big hiptoss off a criss-cross exchange and then followed up with a big clothesline. Morgan clamped on a sleeper and cranked up the pressure, trying to dim the doctor's lights.Diablo  managed to fight back and ran the ropes to begin a counterattack, but got caught short with a massive spinebuster. 

Sensing  victory was near, Morgan ascended to the second rope and unleashed a somersault corkscrew legdrop... but the wily Diablo was  nowhere to be found!  A pair of stiff forearm shots
set Morgan up for the flying lariat.  Diablo cinched in a front facelock,  seemingly all set to deliver the Arriba, when he was again distracted by a familiar face at ringside - J.E. O'Rourke!  The  Doctor threw Morgan aside and went to exchange harsh words with The Brute, but found himself trapped in a full nelson for  his troubles!  Taking full advantage of the situation, Morgan ran the ropes in an attempt to finish off Diablo, but the  doctor ducked out of the way.  Morgan put on the brakes before he and O'Rourke could collide, but the quick-thinking Diablo  shoved the two together and rolled up Kade Morgan for a narrow three count.

Chris DeLorean vs "The Brute" J.E. O'Rourke

Chris Delorean and JE ORourke

The fourth match of the card pitted the man from the Eighties, Chris DeLorean against who could prove to be the man of  tomorrow, "The Brute" J.E. O'Rourke.  This was a classic match-up of speed versus power, with the Brute holding all the cards   in terms of the latter.  DeLorean attacked from seemingly all angles, but was continually forestalled by the Brute's  strength and rage.  In fact, O'Rourke's anger seemed in danger of getting the best of the second generation wrestler.  In a  thunderous fit of pique, he forcibly dumped his opponent to the outside, thereby ousting DeLorean from "his ring!" Rallying,  DeLorean ducked low as the Brute charged at him on the apron and vaulted back in over the top rope, catching his opponent in  a sunset flip for a narrow two count.  The end came when the Brute retaliated by choking DeLorean on the bottom rope,  viciously elbowing referee Jim Corona away when he tried to intervene.  Corona was left with no choice but to disqualify O'Rourke and award the match to DeLorean.

Bushwacker ShackBushwacker Shack

In the Bushwhacker Shack, Commissioner Butch Miller introduced Max Damage, who helped hand out prizes for the best Halloween  costumes. 

Then Commissioner then announced the mystery partner who would tag with KPW champion H-Flame in that night's main  event - none other than Max Damage himself!

Lazarus Volt vs Rogue Trooper

The second half of the show saw another KPW debut - that of the man coming to the wrestling ring by way of the circus ring:   the purple-clad newcomer Lazarus Volt took on the veteran Rogue Trooper.  Volt looked to be eager to dictate the pace of the  match, hiding in the ropes and faking out the veteran on a test of strength. 

Lazarus Volt and Rogue Trooper

Volt took down Rogue Trooper with a dropkick,  and kept the veteran grounded with a stepover toehold.  However, his luck ran out when the Trooper fought back with a side  slam and vertical suplex. 

The Trooper went on the counterattack with a blitzkrieg of a three-point stance charge to the  corner.  Another looked to be in the battle plan, but Volt cunningly sidestepped and rolled up a stunned Rogue Trooper with a  handful of tights for a win in his debut match.  Feeling he'd been robbed, Trooper demanded a restart to the match, but had  to settle for the possibility of a rematch.

"Powerhouse" Jade Diamond vs Inferno

Jade Diamond and Inferno

In the semi-main event, "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond answered the challenge of Inferno laid down at Kiwi Pro Wrestling's last show.  The fiery one and his manager the 'Ayotolla of High Rollas' himself Charlie Roberts were in fine form, handing out insults left right and  centre to the rabid Wellington fans.  Both combatants seemed to be evenly matched.  Inferno brought his five years of  experience to the ring and though Diamond is still in his rookie year, he's gifted with tremendous power and potential.   Indeed, the Powerhouse showcased his strength by press-slamming Inferno.  Perhaps too eager, Diamond tried to follow up with  the torture rack but Inferno managed to slip out.  The fiery one retaliated with a chop block and zeroed in on the knee,  seeking to destroy Diamond's vertical base and thereby negate any potential power advantage.  Diamond powered his way back  and went for the torture rack again, but the injured knee gave way under the strain.  Inferno seized the chance, went on the  attack and hit the Afterburner chokeslam for the pinfall victory.  After the match, Charlie Roberts goaded Inferno to beat on  his helpless opponent.  Having left the ring, Inferno was furious in seeing Diamond struggling to his feet.  Roberts had to  dissuade his charge from going back and inflicting more damage, convincing Inferno that Diamond'd keep.  A beaten but not  broken Jade Diamond swore that next time they met, he'd rack and crack Inferno!

The Overstayers vs H-Flame and Max Damage

H-Flame and X-Rated

The main event began without one complete team being known, the identity of Ram's partner being a trump card up Terry the  Golden Greek's tailored sleeve.  Who would be the all-important third man?  The Ram came out, Fijian flag flying high.  Terry certainly looked like he held all the cards.  The Kiwi Pro Wrestling GM ran down the All Blacks' performance in the World Cup to the disgust  of the KPW faithful at ringside.  He stated that if CEO Rip Morgan and Commissioner Butch thought they could gain an  advantage by having mystery partners, then two could play at that game.  He then introduced the Ram's mystery partner,  especially imported from Australia... ex-NZ heavyweight champion X-Rated!  Now 'back in the saddle' with his co-Def Sentence  member, the Ram seemed confident of victory.  Referee Daniel Martins ordered that Terry's briefcase (that had proved to be  such a devastating weapon at "KPW: Kaos Theory" be removed from the ring.  CEO Rip Morgan arrived to remind the GM that it  was time

The Ram and Max DamageH-Flame and Max Damage entered to a thunderous ovation and the main battle of the card was soon underway!  The two teams  exchanged well co-ordinated attacks in the early going.  Ram showed his wrestling acumen by turning a test of strength with  the larger Max Damage into a bridging wrist clutch suplex that almost won the match in the early going.  H-Flame and Damage  showed their fluidity by hitting a double team drop toehold and stereo running dropkicks on the Ram to ruin his day.  The  Fijian freedom fighter fought back, unleashing his martial arts skill on the big man with a vicious kick and tagged in  X-Rated.  The devious one dropped a quick leg on H-Flame for a two count.  X-Rated continued the attack with a camel clutch,  but H-Flame powered to his feet and rammed X-Rated into a neutral turnbuckle to break the hold.  The Ram came in to continue  the attack for Terry's Overstayers contingent, but the KPW champion went to the Iron Sheik's playbook and punished the Ram.

Halloween VictorsH-Flame and X-Rated entered the fray again, order breaking down in the heat of battle as H-Flame took the fight to the Ram,  the referee exercising his discretion.  However, Daniel Martins was soon caught in the crossfire and it was all on for young  and old!  H-Flame and Damage double-teamed X-Rated with a powerful double-team suplex.  The Overstayers fought back, X-Rated  holding Damage for a shot from Ram's Fijian flag... but caught the worst of it himself when Damage moved out of the way!
H-Flame swooped on X-Rated, but was caught with a vicious DDT and clamped into a figure four leglock.  X-Rated tried to make  it to the ropes to increase the hold's leverage, but Damage (brawling on the outside with the Ram) pulled them clear of  X-Rated's grasp.  Champion and partner rallied, with Damage giving X-Rated another taste of the flag.  H-Flame hauled up  X-Rated into the H-Bomb as Damage revived the referee and the KPW champion scored the pin on the returning X-Rated to win the  main event!

Rip Morgan and Terry the Greek But things were far from over.  Immediately after being released from the handcuffs, Terry attacked Rip Morgan!  A massive  headbutt from Terry on Rip Morgan's hard head soon had Terry the Golden Greek becoming Terry the blood-red Greek!  X-Rated  and the Ram blindsided the winners and a massive brawl ensued.  Terry rolled Rip Morgan into the ring and laid in some  vicious shots before the CEO fired back and cinched Terry up for the gourdbuster (Rip Morgan's former finisher).  The  Overstayers managed to break that up and then retreated before the might of the emptying KPW locker room.  KPW CEO Rip  Morgan, KPW champion H-Flame and Max "the Ax" Damage stood triumphant in the ring!

The Kiwi Pro Wrestling stars come out to shine on Friday November 16th from 6pm onwards at the TelstraClear outlet in the Readings Complex, Courtenay Place  (next to the Flight Centre).  Come and meet Commissioner Butch Miller (in one of his rare public appearances) and the stars of the  KPW roster!  Bring posters, T-shirts, pictures and whatever else you have to hand for them to sign.  

This is Blair 'the Flair' saying,"I'll see you at ringside"!

Main Event


Irishman Mike Ryan & The Ram

with Manager Terry the Golden Greek (handcuffed to CEO Rip Morgan at ringside)

Semi Main Event

INFERNO (Manager Charlie Roberts with Rebecca Black)


Bushwhacker Shack with Butch Miller
special guest Max (the Axe) Damage choosing and awarding
1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes for Best Dressed Halloween costume.


(The Brute) J E O'ROURKE

(the Rage) MORGAN

MAX (the Axe) DAMAGE


(Winner must come off the top rope and get a 3 count)