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16.11.14 01:05 Age: 7 yrs

KPW at NZWPW 'Powerplay XI'!

KPW stars were in the midst of the action of NZWPW's showcase event of the year.  Commentator Blair The Flair' returned to call the action at the eleventh annual 'Powerplay' event, as he had at the first.  Wrestlers from KPW, NZWPW and the Hughes Academy thrilled the Levin crowd with a stunning evening of professional wrestling.  

The following are the quick results from the event:

- Tornado Tag Team match for the NZWPW Tag Team Championship:  Rodeo Drive (KPW's Bryant and NZWPW's Chad Howard) versus the Wainui Express (Hayden Thiele and Jade Priest) (champs): in the midst of the frenetic, frantic free-for-all, Priest caught Howard in the cravat driver for the pinfall victory to retain the championship.

- The Hughes Academy's "The Standard Hero" Graham Hughes versus KPW's Kade Morgan "3G":  Hughes hit the Tomorrow Driver for the win by pinfall.

- KPW Women's Championship match: Frankie Quinn versus Scarlett (champ).  Quinn hit a sitout facebuster from the second rope on her opponent for the win by pinfall to win the championship!

- "Champ versus Champ" "bragging rights" match:  "The A-List Assassin" Charlie Roberts (Hughes Academy Heavyweight Champion) versus Shane "the Shooter" Sinclair (KPW Heavyweight Champion):  locked in a devastating Texas Cloverleaf for the second time, having suffered a sustained assault on his injured knee, Sinclair passed out before being able to submit; referee Damo stopped the match and awarded the victory to Charlie Roberts.

- Hughes Academy Women's Championship:  Krystal Kayne versus Misty (champ).  Misty pinned Kayne with the TKO to retain the championship. 

- Ten Man Elimination Tag Team match:  "Team Dreamcatcher" (X-Rated; Rodeo Drive (NZWPW's Chad Howard, KPW's Bryant and KPW's Charlie Roberts) and The Nobodies (Axel - NZWPW He Toa champion, and Dreamcatcher - NZWPW Heavyweight champion) versus "Team Rehua" (Mister Nick Silver; Hayden Thiele and Jade Priest, the Wainui Express; Those Young Modern Warriors, Ben Mana and Paul Sayers)  

  • refusing to desist from beating down Hayden Thiele - even requiring fellow Rodeo Drive team-mates Chad Howard and Charlie Roberts to physically drag him off his opponent - BRYANT was disqualified for excessive violence;
  • tumbling to the outside in a massive brawl, legal men BEN MANA and AXEL failed to answer the count and were both counted out;
  • MISTER SILVER was pinned by Chad Howard with a fisherman's suplex;
  • JADE PRIEST was pinned by X-Rated with the X-Out (Michinoku Driver II);
  • HAYDEN THIELE was pinned by Chad Howard's inverted facebreaker;
  • CHAD HOWARD was pinned by Paul Sayers with a superkick;
  • X-RATED was pined by Paul Sayers' with a jumping piledriver;
  • DREAMCATCHER was caught in Sayers' Supertramp Stretch for the submission win for Team Rehua!