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13.07.14 23:00 Age: 7 yrs


WWE tryouts in Melbourne on August 6th and 7th

KPW is pleased to announce that it has facilitated wrestler tryouts for World Wrestling Entertainment.  These tryouts will take place in Melbourne on the 6th and 7th of August 2014, under the experienced eye of WWE training personnel.  These tryouts will lead to the wrestlers "getting on the WWE's radar" in terms of talent. The tryouts could also potentially lead to working with the WWE, perhaps in the WWE's developmental company NXT.

With the eyes of Australasia upon them, this is a golden opportunity for the selected wrestlers to showcase their talents and abilities before the world's biggest professional wrestling company, and KPW is pleased to play a part in making it happen.  The majority of the selected wrestlers have competed at one time for Kiwi Pro Wrestling and/or trained with the KPW veterans.  Also, KPW has been keeping an eye on these wrestlers from the Australasian talent pool of, as part of KPW's ongoing commitment to sourcing the best wrestlers available for its shows.  

KPW management to attend

KPW CEO Rip Morgan will be going to the tryouts as well, to provide oversight and to add his considerable experience to the mix.  Morgan has also hand-picked KPW mainstay and professional wrestling veteran "Irishman" Mike Ryan to accompany him.  Mike Ryan will also be able to bring his considerable professional wrestling experience to the tryouts.

On a personal note, Rip Morgan is looking forward to catching up with his old friend John Laurinaitis.  Now a senior producer with WWE, Mister Laurinaitis  and Rip Morgan enjoy a professional relationship that goes back over thirty years, as the pair both traveled and worked together as a tag team in the southern U.S.A. "back in the day".

The wrestlers who will be going to the tryouts

The wrestlers that will attend have been selected by WWE from a talent pool put forward by KPW which stretches all over Australasia.

The following (in no particular order) are the wrestlers who will be going to the WWE August tryouts in Melbourne on the 6th and 7th of August:



HEIGHT:  5' 9" / 175cms

WEIGHT:  205lbs / 93kgs

FROM:  Auckland, New Zealand


TRAINED BY:  Davey Richards, Bushwhacker Luke Williams (NZ); AJ Styles (USA); Ikuto Hidaka, Masato Tanaka (Japan).

WRESTLED FOR:  Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand (NZ); Ring Of Honor (USA); Pro Wrestling Zero1 (Japan); AAW Wrestling, Zero1, IWA Mid South, St Louis Anarchy (USA); PWA Sydney (Aus); Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand


Very keen interest in professional wrestling and sports in general.  Played rugby union for 14 years.  Has trained in jiu-jitsu and sumo wrestling, even representing NZ at the latter martial art.  Has an amateur wrestling background and love for strength training.  Continually seeking to expand his professional wrestling knowledge.  Dedicated, determined and living for professional wrestling, Travis Banks has what it takes to the the next superstar on the global stage!


- Gained international wrestling experience by training in Japan and the USA.

- Has wrestled in NZ, USA, Japan and Australia.

- Oceania Lightweight Sumo Champion 2009 - 2010 

- Oceania Team Sumo Champion 2009

- Represented NZ in sumo at the 2011 World Combat Games in Beijing, China.

- Zero1 Oceania Fighting Spirit Challenge 2012

- Ranked number one wrestling star by 2012 and 2013

- NZPWI "Peoples' Choice" Wrestler of the Year 2011, 2012, 2013.





HEIGHT:  5'5" / 165cms

WEIGHT: 123lbs / 56kgs

FROM: South Australia, Aus.


TRAINED BY:  Tony Stone, Hartley Jacko Jackson, Matthew Basso, Chris Basso (Aus).

WRESTLED FOR:  Riot City Wrestling, Zero 1, Warzone Wrestling, PWWA, NHPW, MCW (Aus); Shimmer, Shine, AIW (USA).

BIO:  Started training with Riot City Wrestling at the age of 18.  Summer made her debut as the only female wrestler in the state of South Australia!  Has wrestled extensively in Australia in many different match types (three-way, four-way, battle royals, tables, Inter-gender, and so on) for a number of promotions.   With looks, talent, determination and youth on her side, the future Summer's for the taking!


- Working with Riot City Wrestling, established the all-female wrestling promotion  City Chicks, which provides an invaluable performance opportunity for female wrestlers in Australia   

- Contributes to the careers of others by working as a professional wrestling trainer.

- Competes as a singles wrestler, a tag-team wrestler (with her sister Melody, in the Summers Sisters) and a valet, ensuring she knows all the angles of the wrestling business.


HEIGHT:  6' 3" / 191cms  

WEIGHT:  218lbs / 99 kgs

FROM: New Plymouth, New Zealand.


TRAINED BY:  KPW Wild 4 Wrestling training school, Rip Morgan (NZ). 

WRESTLED FOR:  Kiwi Pro Wrestling, New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling, Hughes Academy Pro Wrestling (NZ); various promotions in Australia.  

BIO:  Extensive amateur wrestling background.  Competed in amateur competitions around New Zealand and also in the USA.  Confident, athletic, innovative, resourceful and supremely fit, Shane Whitehead is an exciting wrestler and formidable opponent!  


- Multiple NZ national amateur wrestling champion  at the 2008 Oceania Wrestling Championships (gold medal in the Greco Roman category, silver medal in the freestyle category).

- Member of the first ever KPW Tag Team Champions (with Kade Morgan)  

- Two-time KPW Champion.


HEIGHT:  6' 2" / 188cms

WEIGHT:  254lbs / 111kgs

FROM:  Wellington, NZ; now residing in Brisbane, Australia.


TRAINED BY:  KPW Wild 4 Wrestling training school, Rip Morgan, Juno Huia (the original Maori Warrior) (NZ).

WRESTLED FOR:  Kiwi Pro Wrestling (NZ); Global Wrestling Entertainment, Pro Wrestling Alliance Queensland, Australian Wrestling Alliance, Pacific Pro Wrestling (Aus).

BIO:  Played competitive rugby union since the age of 13.  Embraces his Maori heritage as a natural warrior.  Gained professional wrestling experience in his native New Zealand then emigrated to Australia to further his dream.  A natural wrestler with a "million dollar look", "the Powerhouse" Jade Diamond is equally adept at tag team and singles competition, making him an all-round competitor to be feared and respected!


- Multiple championship holder (PWAQ Queensland Tag Team co-champion; Global Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Champion; Australian Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion; Australian Wrestling Alliance Tag Team co-champion; Pacific Pro Wrestling Tag Team co-champion).


HEIGHT:  6'1" / 185cms

WEIGHT:  230lbs / 104kgs

FROM:  Wellington, New Zealand


TRAINED BY:  KPW Wild 4 Wrestling training school, Rip Morgan, Bushwhacker Butch Miller (NZ). 

WRESTLED FOR:  Kiwi Pro Wrestling (NZ); various promotions (Aus)

BIO:  New Zealand's only third generation professional wrestler.  Began training in professional wrestling at the age of 15.  Interested in professional wrestling from an early age.  A "pocket battleship" of raw power and aggression.  Disciplined and drawn to fitness and strength training.  A young man of few words but much larger actions, Kade Morgan "3G"  has the potential to be a singles and tag team superstar of tomorrow! 


- Has an excellent pro wrestling pedigree on which to draw.

- Member of the first ever KPW Tag Team Champions (with Kade Morgan)



HEIGHT:  6' 10" / 208cms

WEIGHT:  400lbs / 181kgs

FROM:  Australia


TRAINED BY:  Peter "Hawk" Ball, Troy "Cruz" Ball- WCWA Sweatshop (Aus); Chris Hero, Low Ki, Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana, Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls, Dingo Cannon, Mana (USA). 

WRESTLED FOR:  WCWA, Major Impact Wrestling, Impact Pro Wrestling Australia, PROWL Wrestling, Pacific Pro Wrestling, QCW, Australian Wrestling Alliance, UPW (Queensland, Aus); Australian Wrestling Federation, SWA, PWA, Nightmare, (New South Wales, Aus); NOW (Australian Capital Territory, Aus);  Australian Wrestling Supershow (South Australia, Aus); SHWA, NHPW (Western Australia, Aus); Kiwi Pro Wrestling, Impact Pro Wrestling NZ (NZ); RCW (California, USA) 

BIO:  With such a large frame combined with surprising speed and agility, professional wrestling was a natural outlet for Kyote's abilities and aggression.  His long-term love affair with professional wrestling has lead him to travel the world and train with the best.  Possessed of surprising speed for such a big man, opponents underestimate his athleticism at their peril.  With such unstoppable force inside an immovable object "The Giant" Kyote literally stands tall above the competition as he strides towards super-stardom! 


- Twelve-time singles and tag team champion across various Australian promotions (two-time MIW Tag Team co-champion, two-time MIW Hardcore Champion, first ever SWA Southern Cross Champion, PWAQ International Title holder, PWAQ Queensland Champion, IPWA Tag Team co-champion, SHWA Tag Team co-Champion, PROWL Super Hulk Champion, NOW Heavyweight Champion, UPW Paragon Champion). 

- Has wrestled extensively in his native Australia

- Gained international experience wrestling and training in NZ and the USA.


HEIGHT:  5' 10" /  178cms

WEIGHT:  85kgs / 187lbs

FROM:  England, now residing in Queenstown, New Zealand.


TRAINED BY:  Steve Logan, ex "World of Sport" wrestler (UK).

WRESTLED FOR:  Kiwi Pro Wrestling, New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling, Hughes Academy Pro Wrestling (NZ); various promotions and organisations in the United Kingdom; various promotions in Australia.

BIO:  Former semi-professional football player. Trained in professional wrestling from the age of 15.  Naturally competitive and thrill-seeking, made the move from England to the world capital of adrenaline-highs - Queenstown New Zealand!  Loves snowboarding, breakdancing, sky-diving and professional wrestling.  Balances his wrestling career by being the Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator for the biggest skydive company in Australasia, NZ One Skydive. 


- Has wrestled extensively in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

- Also works as a professional wrestling trainer.

- Qualified skydiver


HEIGHT: 5' / 152cms

WEIGHT:  100lbs / 45kgs

FROM:  Gold Coast, Australia.


TRAINED BY:  various Australian organisations.

WRESTLED FOR:  Kiwi Pro Wrestling (NZ); various Australian promotions; various promotions in the USA; has wrestled in Singapore; has wrestled in Puerto Rico. 

BIO:  Always extremely interested in fitness and performing, Sara Jay threw herself into fitness training and bodybuilding.  Professional wrestling provides a natural outlet for her athleticism and desire to perform.  Has trained in muay thai kickboxing and "Western" boxing.  Balances her love of wrestling with a love of music, training to be a DJ.  Sara Jay is living proof that very good things come in small packages!


- Regular competitor (and winner!) of fitness and body-building competitions

- Fitness model for Nutrition Warehouse, "Natural Bodz" magazine, "Fighting Spirit" magazine and "Iron Man" magazine.