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29.09.13 20:39 Age: 8 yrs


It saddens me to announce that Whetu 'The Maori Warrior' is to be stripped of his KPW Heavyweight Title effective immediately. This is because Whetu is sadly unable to return to New Zealand and honour the defence of the KPW Championship at the upcoming Halloween Howl 7 on November 2nd at Wellington High School.

Whetu has been a both shining light and a rising star within the KPW roster. He has done himself proud through his amazing success to last year, managing to snatch the title from Shane Whitehead.

However, since moving to Australia to further his wrestling career, Whetu's current working schedule has left him unable to return to New Zealand to represent KPW in the "night of champions" spectacle.

This dilemma has left KPW management with no other option but to declare the KPW Championship vacant. That leaves the matter of which two competitors will wrestle for the coveted title.

To solve this matter, KPW management have selected the newly renamed Shane 'The Shooter' Sinclair (formerly Shane Whitehead), who by 'right of conquest' as the previous champion has one hand on the now-vacant KPW Championship. From within the KPW ranks, KPW management have selected Mister Samoa to be Shane Sinclair's opponent at Halloween Howl 7 to decide who will be the new KPW Champion!

This will be no easy task for the massive co-challenger from the islands. However, Mister Samoa has beaten all who have crossed his path and is considered to be the upcoming star in the New Zealand wrestling scene.
These two men will square off at the beginning of Halloween 7, with the winner and new KPW Champion fighting in the 3 Way Main Event at the end of the show.

Tale of the tape:

Mister Samoa enters the ring at 6'3" (190cms) and a massive 130 kilograms (287 pounds). Shane "The Shooter" Sinclair stands at 6'2" and weighs 90 kilograms. This means that Sinclair is giving away 40 kilograms to Mister Samoa! Hopefully, a hard and clean-fought match will decide the new KPW Heavyweight Champion.

The '3 Way Night of Champions' Match:

This will be an interesting and torrid affair: three different professional wrestling champions, three different New Zealand professional wrestling companies. Currently, the match is scheduled to be the new KPW Champion versus NZWPW's Ben Mana versus SCW's Roughguts.

Ben Mana (New Zealand Wide Professional Wrestling) and Roughguts SCW (Southern Championship Wrestling) both come to Halloween Howl 7 with formidable reputations. Ben Mana has been on the local professional wrestling scene for many years. He is closely followed into the three way match by Roughguts. The big man also cut his teeth in NZWPW before heading to the South Island to wrestle for Southern Championship Wrestling.
Halloween Howl 7 is shaping up to be a great show with many out-of-town wrestlers flying into Wellington.

Big Bull Adams and Stix from Tauranga are flying in to challenge the "Ayatollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts and "The Natural" Steve Jordon for Rodeo Drive's coveted KPW Tag Team Championship.

Krystal Kayne and Angel from the newly-established Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling are both flying in from Auckland to wrestle NZWPW divas Amy St Clare and Misty.

KPW's favourite caregiver Nurse Payne will also defend her KPW Women's Championship against challenger Scarlet - this promises to be an exciting match!

Also on the night's card will be a tag team match: Irishman Mike Ryan and Terry the Golden Greek teaming up to fight Team Diablo (Dr Diablo and El Condor) to decide the Number One Contenders for the KPW Tag Team Championship.
With NZWW hosting a "legends of New Zealand professional wrestling" dinner on Friday 1st November, the night before KPW's Halloween Howl 7, the first weekend of November 2013 is shaping up to be a professional wrestling extravaganza for all the family!