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07.10.13 20:36 Age: 8 yrs


Kiwi Pro Wrestling's seventh annual Halloween Howl event comes to Wellington as part of a weekend-wide extravaganza of family-friendly professional wrestling! New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling (NZWPW) will play host to a Legends Tribute dinner on Friday the 1st of November.  On Saturday the 2nd of November, the stars of New Zealand professional wrestling will be let off the chain at Wellington High School (Taranaki Street, Wellington) to battle for glory, supremacy and above all, the fans!



In many ways, the jewel in the crown of KPW's annual showcase event will be this match.  Three champions from three companies in the one ring.  Three men all on the top of their game, striving for all the fame.  Three men, three belts, one winner, infinite bragging rights.  Three men, all champions in their own right:

BEN MANA: the mighty warrior who battled back from a debilitating knee injury to recently regain the NZWPW Championship in a hard-fought battle.  The wrestler who's almost impossible to unseat from his vertical base.  The man who gains power from the tangata whenua and his Maori heritage.  As the biggest man in this contest, Ben Mana may well forestall any attempts to be manhandled, and instead lay out both his opponents for the big win! 

ROUGHGUTS: rough and ready, a big bruiser with surprising speed for a young man of his bulk.  Currently, the proud Southern Championship Wrestling (SCW) champion.  Another competitor who can weather the storm of battle and come out the other side a champion.  Could he be the one standing tall at the end of this war?

(YET-TO-BE-CROWNED) KPW CHAMPION:  Bear in mind whoever walks into this match with the KPW Championship also walks in with a target on their chest: they will already have had to wrestle a grueling match to win said championship and "advance" to this triple threat contest.  They could be a marked man, the subject of a two-on-one assault as the two fresh champions seek to oust the third, tired man.  Still, there's nothing more dangerous than a wounded foe, and Mana and Roughguts will underestimate the new KPW Champion at their peril!

Who will be the supreme winner at KPW "Halloween Howl 7"?  Why, with all the talent on show, surely the fans! 


KPW CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Two challengers, one new champion: SHANE "The Shooter" SINCLAIR versus MISTER SAMOA

Whetu the Maori Warrior's loss is one of these challengers' gain.  KPW Management have selected these two from the KPW roster as the top contenders, and I think many KPW fans would agree that "the Shooter" or the big man from the islands could indeed be the next KPW Champion.

As KPW CEO Rip Morgan has pointed out, Mister Samoa has the size, reach, strength and weight advantage.  His strength and charisma mark him out as a star of tomorrow.  He can be counted upon to give his all for the fans, and batter his opponents with any one of a dozen devastating power moves.

Shane Sinclair has a brand new attitude, the greater amount of experience, gained in years on the amateur wrestling circuit, and has even proved equal to the challenge of carrying the "double golden burden" of (formerly) simultaneously being the KPW Champion and co-Tag Team Champion.  He is faster, more technically able, and loves a challenge - which is just as well, as the ex-champ is in there with one of the biggest men in New Zealand professional wrestling. 

Remember, the winner of this match will not only be the new KPW Champion, but will also be able to show how they carry themselves and the company as Champion later in the night as they represent Kiwi Pro Wrestling in the main event.  Will the lure of the gold prove to be a poisoned chalice?  Can the winner successfully pull off having "double duty", or will they end the night a "lame duck" champion?  The fans will find out at "Halloween Howl 7".


KPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP:  RODEO DRIVE ("Ayatollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts and "The Natural" Steve Jordan) (champs) versus the TAURANGA CONNECTION ("Big" Bull Addams and Stix)

Thus far, Rodeo Drive have presented the most united - and unprincipled -  of fronts to all challengers to the KPW Tag Team Championship.  The not-so-secret to their reign is that apart from being two of the best wrestlers going today, they've got everything sewn up from every angle.  With manager and mastermind Alex "Danger" Donahue in their corner to run interference and stitch up any legal loopholes, matches are a three-on-two affair.  You name the rule and/or bone, and Rodeo Drive have broken it in their efforts to remain the unassailable, reprehensible, oh-so-bankable KPW Tag Team Champions.

Stix and Bull Addams are in many ways an odd couple, being that they have at times faced off against each other.  How did these bitter opponents become allies?  Well, reality got in the way of rivalry.  Stix wants payback on Steve Jordan in the wrestling ring for "The Natural" putting the rock'n'roll drummer out for months with a vicious and unprovoked assault targeting (formerly) weak knee.  In a "tune up" match at a "Maniacs Strike Back" recently in Auckland, Stix and Bull Addams once again found themselves on opposite sides of the ring.  Addams left that match with a newfound respect for Stix, and Stix left the match impressed with Bull's skill and power.

When KPW management granted Stix his opportunity for revenge in the form of a KPW Tag Team Championship match, Stix was naturally obliged to find a partner.  Who better than the big Bull from the Bay, a fellow Tauranga native?  The lure of Tag Team gold and opportunity to represent the Tauranga 'hood was enough to cement the alliance between the drummer and the big Bull!

Rodeo Drive may spend as much time in this match running as they do wrestling, tearing up and stitching together a new playbook to deal with a threat the likes of which wrestling has never seen before - the Tauranga Connection!


INTER-PROMOTIONAL "open challenge / open slather" BATTLE ROYAL

An extra Halloween treat for the fans, this special battle royal comes with a trick.  It's kept the KPW legal team busy cranking out the blank contracts for the participants... because KPW management don't yet know who the competing wrestlers will be!  And that's the whole point!  Any wrestler can fully prepare for a match when they know their opponent, but the true mark of a better wrestler is that they can survive any situation... including the unknown.  This battle royal is open to any currently active wrestler from any New Zealand promotion.  With KPW medical and management clearance coming only immediately before the event, the fans will be kept guessing as much as the participants!  It's KPW, where anything can happen, and probably will!



When tag team partners collide, who can survive?  Recently, the unthinkable occurred when the "international superstar" turned on his long-term friend and tag team partner, the "little man from the big top", Lazarus Volt!  Spurning the support of the fans that took him all the way to the top and kept him there, H-Flame let his misplaced blame of Volt being the one that got pinned to lose their KPW Tag Team Championship boil over into physical violence. 

The wronged party in this broken-down affair, Volt understandably has little sympathy for his ex-tag team partner now.  Being betrayed by your closest comrade tends to do that.  There's no going back to the way it was, now.  Some wounds, you just can't heal.  Volt knew the only way he'd force his ex-bro into a showdown would be to put his own future on the line, a target he knew that H-Flame's ego wouldn't allow him to resist.  So confident is H-Flame that he can prove he was the Dynamite Kid of the team that he's put his own career on the line in this match as well.  

This is the way the want it, so they get it.  The locker room can't contain them, the ring barely will and the KPW legal boffins believe they've come up with a contract that will make the stipulation stick.  "Halloween Howl 7" spells excitement for the fans, but for H-Flame or Lazarus Volt, it will instead spell "The End"!


KPW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP match:  NURSE PAYNE (champ) versus SCARLETT.  Special Guest Referee: QUEEN HOLLIE

Scarlett won the right to challenge for the coveted Women's' Championship after beating twelve-year veteran and Maniacs United guru Just Plain Evil (JPE) in an impromptu Number One Contender's match.  Bad as she wants to be and dangerous to know, Scarlett has the world on a string and the coveted championship within her manicured grasp.  Now is her time to shine, but Nurse Payne won't just roll over.  

Quick, charming and with the KPW fans on her side, Nurse Payne has the skill and resilience to triumph as she has done in the past.  At KPW's showcase event, Nurse Payne will bring her "A" game and a crash cart for Scarlett's title chances.  Can KPW's favourite caregiver cause Scarlett's gameplan to flatline, or will the original flame-haired vixen triumph in the ultimate trick?  With the deliciously evil Queen Hollie as Special Guest Referee, will it be a case of two-on-one?  Have Queen Hollie and Scarlett come up with a trick of their own for Nurse Payne? 


T-REX versus "The Standard Hero" GRAHAM HUGHES

If anyone can survive the bigger man's frontal assault, it's Graham Hughes.

Hughes was trained by the best and has wrestled extensively in Europe.  From the means streets of Portsmouth to the rough rings of KPW, Hughes has yet to meet a hold he can't counter.  Powerful enough to knock down bigger foes, skilled enough to outwrestle opponents his own size, smart enough to stick-and-move, Hughes is arguably the best all-rounder opponent that T-Rex has ever faced.  Hughes can attack from every angle, and T-Rex will be on the back foot from the opening bell.  Has Hughes's playbook got the weight to unseat T-Rex, or will the bearded big man take a bigger bite out of the "Standard Hero"?    


KPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP NUMBER ONE CONTENDER'S MATCH: The Knossos-Cork Connection, TERRY the GOLDEN GREEK and "Irishman" MIKE RYAN versus TEAM DIABLO (El Condor and Doctor Diablo)

Terry the Mediterranean Mastermind and the Irish veteran have had their difficulties in the past, but when it comes to championship gold, they're on the same page.  On paper, they're the perfect team.  Terry's bulk hides resilience and power and he has the most devastating headbutt in the business, coupled with an intellect so sharp he shaves his head with it.  "Irishman" Mike Ryan has the experience, viciousness and precision to take anyone apart one limb at a time.  With Terry's brain and Ryan's brawn, how can they miss?

Doctor Diablo and El Condor are more than happy-go-lucky luchadors. In many ways, they're the ultimate wild card in the KPW locker room.  El Condor himself is a mainstay of the KPW roster, having seemingly wrestled everyone at one time or another.  The two enmascaredo came unstuck against Rodeo Drive earlier in the year in Tauranga, so they'll be all set to impress in this match-up.  With a shot at the gold on the line, what have Team Diablo got to lose?  Can the wildcards come up trumps, or will the Irishman and the "Mountain of Marinated Man Meat" advance challenge the champions?     



Kade Morgan is New Zealand's only third generation professional wrestler, and nobody's fool.  The perfect package of youth, pedigree, power and precision, Morgan is an ex-tag team champion and all-around threat.  Determined, cunning and merciless, Morgan is a formidable foe who doesn't go down easy.

FOUR WAY DIVAS MATCH:  MISTY (NZWPW) versus KRYSTAL KAYNE (Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling) versus ANGEL (Hughes Academy) versus AMY ST CLARE (NZWPW)

A special Halloween treat for the fans, KPW provides the platform for four exciting young female wrestlers all keen to prove themselves to each other and to the fans!  Misty has the strength and experience to carry this match all by her lonesome.  She's the one to watch, but the threat she poses may mean she finds herself the sole target of the other three competitors!  Krystal Kayne has the skill to go far but her anger gets the better of her and can cause her to over-reach herself.  Can she make her temper work for her in this encounter?  Angel is the smallest, but the fastest and the quickest thinker - she's the underdog who might well come out on top.  Amy St Clare is the newest girl on the block, but has the amazing dexterity and speed to run rings around the other three wrestlers in this match.  Four competitors, but only one guaranteed winner in one guaranteed exciting match!

 This is Blair the Flair saying, "See you at ringside!"