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03.11.13 22:05 Age: 8 yrs


KPW's seventh annual showcase event of the year was held on Saturday at Wellington High School.  The fans turned out to see wrestlers from all around the country - from NZWPW, SCW, Maniacs United and the Graham Hughes Academy - strive to survive and put on the best family-friendly professional wrestling in New Zealand!   Special Guest Colour Commentator Mr David Dunn was on hand to call the action-packed card from top to bottom. 

The following are the quick results from the event:

- T-REX pinned (newly-announced number one contender) Graham Hughes with a powerbomb.

- Immediately after the match, CEO Rip Morgan came out with Shane Sinclair - and a brand new all-bad attitude - to announce that he was tired of being "pushed around" by the fans and that the KPW Championship match for the vacant title would be held right then!

- In the KPW Championship match, SHANE SINCLAIR pinned Graham Hughes with the Techniplex following interference from KPW CEO Rip Morgan to claim the vacant championship!   

- In the Four Ways Diva match(with special guest referee Queen Hollie):  MISTY from NZWPW managed to Krystal Kayne, Angel and Amy St Claire

- In the KPW Tag Team Championship Number 1 Contender's match: TERRY the GOLDEN GREEK and "Irishman" MIKE RYAN beat Team Diablo when TERRY pinned Doctor Diablo with an atomic elbow drop.  Following the match, Terry tried to stop Mike Ryan's rampage on their fallen foes, but Ryan and CEO Rip Morgan turned on him, signaling the end of the fragile alliance. 

- In the Career versus Career match: H-FLAME managed to defeat Lazarus Volt and end his pro wrestling career with the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb)  

- In the inter-promotional battle royal: co-NZWPW Tag Team Champion CHAD HOWARD outlasted the other contenders to be the last man standing!

- In the KPW Womens' Championship match (with special guest referee Queen Hollie): SCARLETT pinned Nurse Payne with a fisherman's suplex to win the title!  

- After the match, JPW (Just Plain Evil) from Maniacs United ran in and made her presence felt and desire for the Womens' Championship with a beatdown!  

- KADE MORGAN "3G" pinned Rhys Youngblood with the gourdbuster

- KPW Tag Team championship:  the newly-formed ROCK 'n' RAGE ("Big" Bull Addams and Stix) beat Rode Drive (with enforcer Bryant) when BULL ADAMS pinned Steve Jordan to win the Championship!  

- In the main event, the Number One Contenders from KPW, NZWPW and SCW had managed to insert themselves into the match, so KPW management made it a six man tag team match, with the champs versus the challengers.  In a simultaneous victory, BEN MANA (NZWPW) pinned Johnny Idol, ROUGHGUTS (SCW) pinned Taylor Adams and SHANE SINCLAIR pinned Kade Morgan for an emphatic victory for the champs!