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23.07.13 22:56 Age: 8 yrs

UPDATED - KPW at 6th "GUNS and HOSES" 27/07/2013

"Guns & Hoses" Charity Boxing

New Zealand Police verses New Zealand Fire Service

DATE:  Saturday 27th July 2013


VENUE:  Genesis Recreation Centre, Chapel St, Masterton


FIRST FIGHT: 1900                       

KPW wrestlers will be on following the 5th boxing match (2030- 2100 approx)


Food and liquid refreshments available (EFTPOS available)

Ticket  sales will only be available at the door if not sold out prior to the event.



The funds raised from this charity boxing event will be divided equally between the Fire Service (Wishes Trust) and Police (the Blue Light Foundation).


Wishes Trust is a trust fund started by Firefighters and the Wairarapa Cancer Society.  Its principal aim is to assist Wairarapa families that have a member who is suffering from long-term cancer issues.


The Blue Light Foundation is a Police initiative to help at risk teenagers within the local district.


KPW would like to acknowledge the hard work put into the event by its organisers, Andy Simpson and Tony Gibbs from the NZ Fire Service (Masterton) and Dave Drummond and Mike Sutton from the NZ Police (Masterton).





Kiwi Pro Wresting is thrilled to bring the finest in family-friendly professional wrestling action to the sixth and final "Guns and Hoses" Charity boxing even in Masterton on July 27th.  KPW is currently scheduled to put on two exhibition matches, and looks forward to putting on a showcase event.  


KADE MORGAN "3G" versus CHARLIE ROBERTS (leader of Rodeo Drive)

Kade Morgan is New Zealand's only third generation professional wrestler, and a near total package.  This young man is a dangerous combination of power, agility and ferocity.  Perhaps Morgan's greatest asset is his ability to absorb an extreme amount of physical punishment and keep on fighting.  Equally adept at singles or tag team competition, Kade Morgan remains a permanent threat to anyone's place in the KPW rankings.  With the fans on the side of this fierce young competitor, Kade Morgan has the potential to steamroll over any opponent.   





Divas match: SCARLETT versus J.P.E. (Just Plain Evil)

KPW is proud to present two of the foremost female professional wrestlers in this exhibition match, and they're both more alike than they'd care to mention. 


JPE is a powerful veteran, with more experience than her opponent.  JPE is a mainstay of the Maniacs United female professional wrestling organisation.  However, she cares more about sending a message to her opponents - written in pain - than winning matches outright.  Frightening in her intensity as she revels in her brutality, JPE is fueled by the disdain of the fans.  Any opponent is in for the fight of their life!


Scarlett can let her confidence run away with her, but that might be the edge she needs.  Coupled with her natural ability, this adds up to trouble for her opponents. Hard training and athleticism make for a powerful combination, and to take the fight to JPE, Scarlett will have to unleash the "eye of the tiger".


Both these diva wrestlers are poised to challenge for the KPW Womens' Championship held by Nurse Payne.  A win would propel them up the rankings and impress KPW management, putting them one step closer to the coveted championship! 


Look for both the wrestlers to leave in all in the ring in their quest for victory! 




Your Announcer and Commentator for the Kiwi Pro Wrestling exhibition matches will be BLAIR "THE FLAIR".  With over nine years experience in New Zealand professional wrestling calling matches up and down the country, Blair "the Flair" is poised to be ready for whatever the KPW wrestlers throw at the audience and call the action for all those at "Guns and Hoses".   


Your referee for both KPW matches will be "The Soul Man" DANNY SOL.  Lean and lanky and always in perfect position in the ring, KPW referee Danny Sol brings his quick-footed refereeing style to the wrestling ring to enforce the rules and ensure the match is called "right down the middle". 


Two Kiwi Pro Wrestling singles exhibition matches means twice the KPW fun for the audience at "Guns and Hoses"!