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13.03.13 21:28 Age: 8 yrs

Kiwi Pro Wrestling wins court case

KPW and Ocular vs Butobase Limited

Over the past two years KPW and Ocular Ltd have been involved in court action against Auckland production company Butobase Ltd, headed by Glen Elliott, arguing that a joint venture between them was unlawfully terminated by Butobase. The joint venture related to the production of a 40 episode wrestling show that aired on Maori Television.

After a hearing in the Auckland District Court in February 2013 Judge D M Wilson, QC found that Butobase's obligation to act equitably towards its joint venture partners was unfair to them and the termination was unlawful.

KPW and Ocular had provided Butobase with their intellectual property, expertise and endorsement to help Butobase secure funding for a 40 x 30 min wrestling TV series. A short time after funding was gained Glen Elliott pulled the plug on the relationship and switched production to Auckland and to another wrestling company.

KPW management and Ocular were answerable to their employees, wrestlers, referees, valets and commentators who had made availability arrangements for the filming of the series. They were now cut out entirely from the project. Despite offers otherwise all the KPW team stayed loyal to the company and put their trust with management that justice would be done.

KPW CEO Rip Morgan commented on the case win: "It has been a long, expensive and draining haul for us and we take no satisfaction in this win. It was important that someone made a stand against this company. Our ideas for the series included inviting all NZ wrestlers to the series and involving name overseas wrestlers as a step up from 'Off the Ropes". Not only were we robbed of this opportunity but Ocular was denied the opportunity to step up the production values and audience participation from the last series. By doing this we felt Butobase had put NZ pro wrestling back 20 years."

"We are proud of our roster staying loyal to us and trusting us to do the right thing by them. We also have no disrespect or ill feeling towards the wrestlers who participated in the series as they were innocent parties who rightly took the opportunity offered. We mainly regret that the production could have offered so much more for NZ wrestling.' Mr Morgan said.