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25.01.13 20:28 Age: 8 yrs

KPW at Tauranga's "CRAZY CARNIVAL" Fri 25 Jan - results

"As a prelude to KPW "BAYS WRESTLEFEST 2" on Saturday 26th January 2013, KPW staged two sessions of exhibition matches on Friday 25th January at the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre (at 73 Eleventh Street) at 12:00PM and 2:00PM.  A crowd of eager Tauranga natives was on hand to thrill tothe action, ahead of KPW's main show on Saturday 26 January at the same venue, "BAYS WRESTLEFEST II"!

The following are the results of the matches that took place at these two sessions. 

Friday 25th January 2013, 12:00PM

Session One - results

  • "The Demolition Man" SHANE CARVER (with manager ATH) pinned "Marvellous" Mark Freeemantle with the Detonator (twisting high-angle backdrop suplex)
  • Maniacs United match:  ANGEL pinned JPE (Just Plain Evil) with a shiranui (i.e. Sliced Bread No. 2).
  • "The Standard Hero" GRAHAM HUGHES beat the "Ayatollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts by disqualification when INFERNO rushed the ring to vent his anger on Graham Hughes ahead of their scheduled encounter at "BAYS WRESTLEFEST II".  Kade Morgan "3g" ran in to make the save.  This angered Inferno all the more, and the "fiery one" took to the mic to announce he was more than ready to face "3G" later that day! 

Friday 25th January 2013, 2:00PM
Session Two - results

  • BULL ADDAMS pinned Shock (substituting for Purple Haze, who was lost in the aether)
  • KADE MORGAN "3G" pinned Inferno with the gourdbuster
  •  "Ayatollah of High Rollas" CHARLIE ROBERTS and A MYSTERY PARTNER (revealed to be "The Natural" STEVE JORDAN) beat Team Diablo (Doctor Diablo and El Condor) when Roberts and Jordan hit the Puke Ariki landing (double-team combination side slam and legdrop) on Doctor Diablo for the winning pinfall.
    • Having won a batle royal at last year's "Bays Wrestlefest that guaranteed him a title shot of his choosing at a future date, Charlie Roberts it was no secret that Charlie Roberts was gunning for the KPW Tag Team championship.  What was also now no longer a secret that the chosen partner-in-crime of the "Ayotollah of High Rollas" was "The Natural" Steve Jordan!

After the tag team match, Team Diablo's unofficial cheerleader - a giant fluffy blue penguin - took to the ring to confront Charlie Roberts.  The penguin and Roberts came to blows, and it was revealed that the pengion was none other than KPW co-tag team champion Lazarus Volt!  Volt forced Roberts to bail from the ring, showing the assembled Tauranga fans that the "little man from the big top" was all set to defend the championship belts alongside tag tem partner H-Flame against this insideous new tag team force of Charlie Roberts and Steve Jordan at KPW's main show on Saturday 26 January at the same venue, namely "BAYS WRESTLEFEST II"!