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29.01.13 17:02 Age: 8 yrs


KPW returned to Tauranga on Saturday 26th January in association with the High Wire Wrestling School to put on "Bays Wrestlefest II"!  The show provided an action-packed night for the Tauranga wrestling fans, who were witness to a shocking co-main event and even more shocking title upset!


"The Demolition Man" SHANE CARVER versus PURPLE HAZE

Having been unsuccessful in his debut match against the now-injured Stix, the "Demolition Man" was primed for victory in Tauranga.  To this end, Carver attacked his colourful opponent Purple Haze even before the opening bell.  Trapping his opponent in the corner, Carver proceeded to bisect "the Purple One" with characteristically vicious shoulderblocks.   Picking up Purple Haze, Carver used his superior strength to throw his opponent across the ring to an unhappy landing!

Confident that his opponent would give him no trouble, Carver exited the ring and exchanged choice words with KPW wrestler Stix at ringside; Stix was still recovering from knee surgery, and Carver was one of the wrestlers who'd put Stix on the injury list.  However, Carver's lack of focus allowed Purple Haze to catch the "Demolition Man" unawares when the bigger man re-entered the ring.  Feeling more confident, Purple Haze used his speed to take to the air with a flying cross body block, but was caught in mid-air by Carver and slammed to the canvas!

Purple Haze tried to take Carver off his feet with shoulderblocks, but the "Demolition Man" would not be moved; a third attempt from Purple Haze was met with a big slam for a near pinfall.  To the thrill of the crowd, Purple Haze unseated Carver with a quick retaliatory rollup for a near fall of his own.  Carver clamped on a sleeper hold, but Purple Haze used the support of the fans to battle back to his feet and broke the hold with a jawjacker.  A flying headscissors from Purple Haze turned Carver inside out, but the "Demolition Man" used his aggression to regain his senses and catch Purple Haze with the Detonator for the winning pinfall.     

WINNER:  "The Demolition Man" SHANE CARVER (with ATH) pinned Purple Haze with the Detonator (twisting high-angle backdrop suplex).


T-REX versus "Marvelous" MARK FREEMANTLE 

T-Rex made no secret of his hatred for his opponent or the Tauranga fans.  Conversely, Freemantle won over the Tauranga fans with his plucky courage and fearless attack on the much bigger man.  Freemantle continually sought to escape T-Rex's assault by using his superior speed and dexterity, but the bigger man had been trained by the best (Marcus Kool, in fact), and was able to weather the barrage and stay one step ahead.  Freemantle's resilience to T-Rex's high-impact moves was indeed impressive, but the end came when T-Rex managed to catch "the Marvelous One" with a pumphandle slam that kept the Canadian down just long enough for referee "Soul Man" Danny Sol was in perfect position to register the winning pinfall.

WINNER:  T-REX pinned "Marvelous" Mark Freemantle with a pumphandle powerslam.



New Zealand's only third generation professional wrestling locked horns with the big Bay of Plenty native in this match-up.  Bull Addams suddenly found himself in the position of locking up with someone his equal in strength.  Exhibiting that he was the "total package" of technical ability and strength, Morgan controlled the early stages of the match by utilising a vice-like back waistlock.  "3G" showcased his pedigree as New Zealand's only third generation professional wrestler by managing to stay one step ahead of the big Bay of Plenty native.  Frustrated, Addams unleashed the beast within, knocking down Morgan in the corner.  Addams' dastardly manager ATH got directly involved in the match by using his expensive scarf to choke Morgan in the corner behind referee Danny Sol's back.  

Bull Addams' characteristic overconfidence allowed Morgan to catch him with a flying cross body block, but Addams' strength was such that he was able to pluck "3G" out of the air and send him flying with a fallaway slam.  Addams managed to shrug off the impact and fought back, flattening Morgan with his dreaded Death Of A Matador (F5), but both men were then down and out.  Addams pulled himself together and ascended to the top rope, but his subsequent top rope splash was well-scouted by Morgan, who managed to roll clear.  Firing up with the support of the Tauranga crowd, Morgan hauled Addams up and down with the devastating gourdbuster (front suplex) for the hard-fought win!     

WINNER:  KADE MORGAN "3G" pinned Bull Addams with a gourbuster (front suplex).



KPW's newest diva talent acquisition Scarlett was all set to tangle with returning "dancing queen" Suzi Q, late of the Rock 'n' Roll Connection.  Having been trained by veteran Miles D'Rock, Suzi Q was well-equipped to take on Scarlett, who was determined to impress and prevail in her KPW debut.  From the opening lockup, Suzi Q clamped on a side headlock.  Scarlett managed to reverse into a front facelock, but Suzi Q was one sep ahead and slipped behind her opponent with a hammerlock, transitioning into a headlock takedown.  

Each diva combatant seemed to be evenly matched.  Scarlett escaped but got trapped once more in a Suzi Q headlock takedown yet again, to the delight of the Tauranga fans.  Q got trapped in a headscissors by Suzi Q, but the "dancing queen" managed to free herself.  Frustrated and hell-bent on securing a victory, Scarlett threw aside her wrestling skill to grab a handful of her opponent's hair.  Breaking free, Q clotheslined Scarlett, but Scarlett again went to the hair to escape any follow-up.  Staying on the hair, Scarlett upset Suzi Q's vertical base with a hair mare.  Trapping her opponent in the corner, Scarlett kept up the pressure with vertical splashes.  Showing disdain for the referee, the fans and pro wrestling in general, Scarlett used a foot choke on her helpless opponent.  

Taking the "dancing queen" down to the canvas and stretched her the wrong way with a straight-jacket camel clutch.  Even with her arms still trapped by the hold, Q wriggled back underneath her opponent and pulled sharply, sending Scarlett spinning into a forward somersault onto the canvas.  Coming back, Scarlett choked Q on the ring ropes and even went so far as to "fish hook" her opponent.  Having angered Suzi Q, Scarlett retreated to the outside, but she was caught on the apron by Suzi Q's stinging forearm.  Back inside the ring, Q attempted an O'Conner roll for a close two count, but Scarlett used her leg strength to power out of the pinning predicament.  Ducking a clothesline from Scarlett, Suzi Q slipped on a back waistlock; she barreled Scarlett to the ropes for another attempt at the rolling pinning predicament.  Scarlett "put on the brakes" by hanging on to the top rope, but Suzi Q ably rolled backwards to her feet, immoboilised Scarlett with an instep kick to Scarlett's exposed ribs and then somersaulted into a sunset flip to tie up her opponent for the win by pinfall.

WINNER:  SUZI Q pinned Scarlett with a sunset flip. 


INFERNO versus "The Standard Hero" GRAHAM HUGHES 

Hughes had come all the way from Portsmouth, England with his twelve years experience to lock up with the fiery veteran Inferno.  Just past the opening bell, the "fiery one" rushed to the advantage with a wristlock on the English native.  Hughes escaped and took the New Zealand veteran to the canvas.  Never one to be down for long, the two combatants traded dominance with the same wristlock, a deceptively simple hold that can nevertheless immobilise an opponent and keep them at a disadvantage.  Inferno stayed on his opponent's arm, but changed the emphasis slightly with a hammerlock.  Hughes showed that there was no hold that Inferno knew that the "Standard Hero" could not escape and use against his opponent, using the hammerlock against Inferno.  

Hughes took down his opponent with a headlock takedown.  Inferno made it back to his feet and barreled Hughes off the ropes to break the hold, but unfortunately for him, ran straight into a Hughes flying back elbow.  With the advantage slipping through his calloused fingers, Inferno bailed from the ring, managing to lure Hughes to the floor.  Seemingly seeking to escape the Englishman's assault on foot, Inferno instead lured Hughes into a "Memphis foot-race", ambushing the "Standard Hero" near the commentator's position with a stinging lariat!  

Back in the ring, Inferno clamped Hughes into a punishing chinlock and made the Standard Hero fight dearly for every breath.  Hughes managed to break free, but Inferno's temper got the better of him and he angrily tossed Hughes from the ring.  With his anger spilling over to the floor of the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre, Hughes and Inferno brawled into the barriers and crowd.  Inferno hung Hughes out to dry on the ring entrance steps, but a running big boot from the "fiery one" missed and enabled Hughes to use the venue's stage as a platform from which to moonsault onto inferno!  

Dragging his opponent back into the ring, the "Standard Hero" took to the second rope and leapt for Inferno with a rana attempt, but the veteran Inferno instead blocked the move and dropped Hughes with a vicious powerbomb!  Inferno went in for the kill with the Cinderlock (Texas cloverleaf), but Hughes drew on the support of the fans to make he ropes, forcing Inferno to break the hold.  Inferno upped his game by going for the Extinguisher (lifting inverted DDT), but Hughes somersaulted free and hit the dreaded Tomorrow Driver (brainbuster onto a knee) to lay out the fiery one.  With Inferno knocked senseless by the devastating manoeuvre, Hughes sealed the deal with a standing moonsault for the winning pinfall!  

WINNER:  "The Standard Hero" GRAHAM HUGHES pinned Inferno with a standing moonsault.


KPW Tag Team championship match: H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT (champs) versus "The Ayatollah of High Rollas" CHARLIE ROBERTS and "The Natural" STEVE JORDAN 

At the Friday 25th exhibition matches, the mastermind of Rodeo Drive Charlie Roberts revealed that the person he'd chosen as his tag team partner to shoot for the KPW tag team gold was none other than a member of the Elite, namely "The Natural" Steve Jordan!  Also at the Friday 25th exhibition matches, this new team of Roberts and Jordan ably rolled over KPW mainstays Team Diablo to show that they could indeed work ably as a team.  For their opponent's part, the reigning champions H-Flame and Lazarus Volt had seen off all challengers thus far - would their devastating combinations prove to be too much for the Natural and the King of Bling?

Jordan and Volt began this all-inportant match for their respective teams.  From the opening lock-up, Jordan arrogantly refused to give a clean break to his opponent.  This angered the normally good-natured Volt and he eschewed technical wrestling in order to viciously brawl with Jordan on the canvas  Things broke down in the early going, with the challengers attempting to whip the champions into one another, but a quick reversal put paid to that part of the plan, forcing Roberts and Jordan to retreat from the ring!  When the bout resumed, Jordan looked to have gained the advantage for his team.  However, Volt's speed and cunning was not to be denied as he managed to tie up Jordan in a wristlock and drag him to his team's corner, allowing H-Flame to continue the assault on Jordan's exposed arm with a second-rope axe handle.  H-Flame latched onto his opponent's arm, using his technical ability to batter Jordan's arm.

Jordan managed to reverse the hold and went for a suplex on the "international superstar", but H-Flame picked up Jordan and barreled his opponent all the way into the "hot seat" on the top rope; H-FLame then snapped off a top rope rana that left "the Natural" spinning!  Jordan managed to tag in Charlie Roberts, who unfortunately ran into a side headlock from H-Flame.  Roberts backed H-Flame to the ropes in an attempt to break the controlling hold, and managed to catch the co-champ with a sleeper hold.  H-Flame drew on his experience and the support of the Tauranga fans to break free and rattle Roberts' masterplan with a powerslam.

Volt tagged in for the champions and managed to tie up Roberts with a Kimura armbar into a takedown that punished Roberts' shoulder.  The "Ayatollah of High Rollas" fought back with a picture perfect snap suplex that was no bridge and all impact.  This set up Volt for a delayed double-team suplex from the challengers for a near fall from Steve Jordan.  Showcasing his natural ability on the beleaguered co-champion, Jordan hit Volt with snap suplex rolled into a high-angle backdrop suplex for a near fall.  

Volt bravely battled back, but was cut off with a flying clothesline from Steve Jordan.  "The Natural" flattened Volt with a DDT, but couldn't keep the "little man from the big top" down.  Charlie Roberts tagged in and kept Volt down with a camel clutch in an attempt to make the ex-ringmaster humble.  Desperately, Volt fought back to a vertical base and rocked the challenger.  The race was on for both teams to make the tag in this all-important match.  Volt won by a fingertip, and though Jordan was the fresh man for his team, H-Flame was primed and ready for action!  Despite Jordan's skill, H-Flame was always one step ahead and reversed a back suplex attempt into an inverted DDT for a two count.  

Volt tagged in and all semblance of order broke down.  As Volt climbed to the top rope to deliver the High Voltage (top rope dropkick), a conflagration in the ring meant that referee "Iron Man" Chris Ferguson was struck with the High Voltage instead.  With order out the window in this championship match, Volt went "to the well" again  by going to the top rope, but Roberts caught the ex-ringmaster and knocked him from his perch, crotching him on the top turnbuckle.  

It was then that Rodeo Drive's masterplan came into full effect.  Obviously having slipped the ring crew some "petrol money", Jordan and Roberts drew a table from underneath the ring and set it up.  With a hearty and heartless farewell to the co-champion, Jordan and Roberts threw Volt all the way from the top rope and through the table, shattering it, Lazarus Volt and the champions' title reign.  As Jordan removed the table debris from the ring, Roberts managed to revive referee Chris Ferguson to count the tainted winning pinfall to announce t New Zealand wrestling that the age of Rode Drive had arrived!      

WINNERS:  Rodeo Drive ("The Ayatollah of High Rollas" CHARLIE ROBERTS and "The Natural" STEVE JORDAN) beat defending champions Lazarus Volt and H-Flame to become the new KPW Tag Team champions when Jordan and Roberts put Volt through a table, allowing Roberts to pin Volt. 


SHANE "The Shooter" SINCLAIR (The Artist Formally Known As The Technician) versus "The English Sensation" MARCUS KOOL 

Determined to claw his way back to the top of KPW, the Technician debuted his new name, new tights... and same insufferable attitude.

Kool and Sinclair battled for the advantage, each coming from a different wrestling background, but each having a superb pedigree.  Both men traded the advantage with wristlocks and other technical holds, each seeking any gaps in the other's defence.  An opportunity presented itself when Kool appeared to tweak his knee on a leapfrog, but when "the Shooter" swooped to the attack, Kool threw a Kool Runnings (superkick) that had Sinclair backing right off. 

A test of strength favoured Sinclair when "the Shooter" took a shortcut by raking his opponent's eyes.  Shane "the Shooter" came back with a flying headscissors, wrecking Sinclair's momentum.  Sinclair bailed from the ring and stalled, seeking to slow the match down to his pace and erode any advantage which Kool had gained.  Not allowing his opponent any respite, Kool pressed the attack with a flying clothesline from the apron to Sinclair on the floor.  

Re-entering the ring, Sinclair kicked the ropes when Kool was halfway in, further injuring the English Sensation's knee.  Now with a king-sized target on his leg,  Sinclair took aim with a dangerous kneebar on Kool, wrenching the ligaments viciously.  Kool managed to make the ropes, forcing the hold to be broken, though "the Shooter" held on for as long as he dared, risking disqualification from referee "Soul Man" Danny Sol.  Showing he'd lost none of his ruthlessness, Sinclair used the ropes that had just gained Kool a moment's respite to stretch the Englishman's knee yet further. 

It was clear that Sinclair possessed the same love of taking shortcuts towards any victory, but his "devil-may-care" attitude now displayed a worryingly sinister side: he appeared to be genuinely having fun in the ring, outright enjoying inflicting pain and injury on his opponent.  Latching on a hold, Sinclair hauled Kool off his unsteady feet and took him over with a delayed gutwrench suplex for a one count. Obviously enjoying being the cat in this game of "cat and mouse", Sinclair inflicted another delayed gutwrench suplex on Marcus Kool for a longer near fall.  While disputing the count with referee "Soul Man" Danny Sol, Sinclair took the opportunity to kneel on Kool's throat and nearly choke the life from the English Sensation. Never letting up for long, Sinclair took a pause from barracking the Tauranga fans to choke Kool on the ring ropes.  

Now firmly in the driver's seat, 'the Shooter" trapped Kool in a surfboard.  Kool used the support of the Tauranga fans to fight back to his unsteady feet, but showed he was still in the fight by snapping off a rana.  Capitalising on the gap in Kool's defence, Kool hit a Side Effect for a two count.  Going for broke, Kool dragged himself to the top rope, hitting a flying cross bodyblock on "the Shooter".  Sadly, any  momentum he'd built was ended when Marcus Kool again tweaked his knee badly when somersaulting out of Sinclair's high angle backdrop suplex reversal.  

Delighted to have been gifted an opportunity to inflict more pin on his opponent and show off his technical wrestling skills - and brutality - Sinclair mercilessly worked his opponent's knee, going so far as to slam the injured knee around the unforgiving steel ringpost.  "The Shooter" went back to the dreaded kneebar, endangering Kool's knee ligaments.  However, no matter how much agony he was in, Kool refused to submit or stop the match, and the Tauranga fans loved him for it. 

Marcus Kool bravely and torturously fought back to his feet, but was immediately floored by Shane "the Shooter" with a dragon screw legwhip.  Once again, Kool refused to give up the match and shakily climbed to his feet once more.  With his leg firmly in the grip of Sinclair, Kool attempted an enzuigiri; Sinclair ducked the first attempt, but was wide open for the same kick in the opposite direction.  Fired up with the cheers of the fans, Kool battered Sinclair with a pair of clotheslines and flattened "the Shooter" with a swinging neckbreaker, 

Going for the win, Kool hit a Tomikaze/Impailer for a near fall.  Kool again went for the Kool Runnings superkick, but Sinclair dodged and retaliated with a chop block to Kool's injured knee.  Once more, Shane "the Shooter" sought a submission victory with the dreaded kneebar.  Digging deep, Kool fought out of the agonising hold by battering Sinclair with short, powerful shinkicks.  Against all odds, Kool hit the Kool Runnings superkick, but unfortunately was unable to make anything other than a weak cover, which allowed Sinclair to kick out.  

Steeling himself with the support of the fans, Kool up to the top rope and went for a somersault senton splash, but "the Shooter"  was no rookie and rolled clear, leaving Kool to crash and burn.  Tired of playing around, Sinclair hit his Techniplex (twisting Exploder suplex) for an incredibly close two count.  Determined to end things, Sinclair climbed up to the top rope and went for a double axe handle, but the attack was curtailed mid-move when Kool managed to throw a pinpoint Kool Runnings superkick flush into Sinclair's jaw, stunning him and enabling the battered Kool to finally prevail.   

WINNER:  "The English Sensation" MARCUS KOOL pinned Shane "The Shooter" Sinclair when Sinclair inadvertently jumped straight into the Kool Runnings superkick.


After the match, Kool celebrated with the Tauranga fans at ringside.  Kool borrowed one of Stix's crutches to help him make his way to the back, capping off a successful and thrilling show!