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28.06.08 13:44 Age: 13 yrs

Hollie at the WWE Try Outs

NZ No. 1 Diva

Hollie"Hey there, I'm Kelly, It's so nice to meet you..."

My jaw hits floor.

Seriously, why couldn't that woman have been triplets? She is just so beautiful.

Hang on, back up. How did I get to be shaking her hand?

Wednesday the 11th of June 2008 will be forever scorched into my memory.

Going to sleep on Tuesday night was as difficult as if I were a four year old on Christmas eve. I had everything to look forward to, and no idea what the day would hold. But as I woke on Wednesday morning and got ready to catch my flight to Auckland, I was strangely calm. I'd been training seven days a week, and had been living on a diet that didn't include chocolate, pizza or caffeine. Wrestling, dance classes, kickboxing, even singing - I'd been cramming in as much as possible, I was as ready as I could be.

But as the flight touched down in Auckland, the size of the occasion began to set in.

Being an actor, I'm used to auditioning for things. But to put this into perspective, a Try Out for the WWE is on par with an audition for Peter Jackson. It's huge.

While waiting for my bag I saw The Ram. We'd been on the same flight and I was so pleased to have someone to laugh with as we made our way into Auckland and pretty soon we were with the rest of the crew in the middle of the city. The only face I was unfamiliar with soon made himself known - Jason Steele - a consummate professional. The guy is fit, can cut promos with the best of them, and is ready to go 24/7.

The next part is a blur of promos (The Ram had me in tears, he was so funny and such a natural), interviews (Hearing Max talk to reporters about wrestling, I think he loves wrestling more than anyone I've ever met) and general excitement (I stuttered when I was talking to my all time favourite, Victoria). After meeting just about everybody on the Smackdown/ECW tour, (and accidentally running into The Great Kahli - that was intimidating!) it was time to do what we do best.

The boys left everything in the ring. I'm so proud of how they presented themselves. They were absolutely ready to step up to whatever Finlay, Taker and Nobel asked of them. Far from behaving like starstruck marks or choking under the pressure, it was clear to see their preparation was paying off. After a positive debrief from Finlay, it was back to locker room to get ready for the show. None of us was really sure what had just happened, it was all so surreal and was going to take a few days to digest. At least now it was time for us to relax.

Great KaliAs for the WWE Superstars, they were immediately in the ring checking the set up and talking tactics for the show. It was a great experience to see the pre-show routines taking place (and to see some of the WWE's best and brightest so excited as they met future HOF inductee Bushwhacker Butch). Most of the stars arrived about 5 hours before show time. It may surprise some people, but that amount of preparation is pretty much what it takes when you are hoping to make a living as an entertainer, and the show that followed more than lived up to its expectations.

3 hours of pure entertainment later and it was all over - for now.

The toll the day had taken on us was apparent when we unanimously decided not to hit the town that night, despite feeling like celebrating (although I did have a Coke with sugar AND caffeine!) . As tired as we were, it would have been nothing compared to the wrestlers and crew who had travelled on a long-haul red-eye flight to get here and were going to be following up this event with just as much energy the following night.

It really was an amazing day. I thank Kiwi Pro Wrestling management for making it happen, and the boys I've been training with for pushing me so hard. I suspect we'll all be keeping up with training as hard as ever. If nothing else, immersing ourselves so thoroughly in this experience has brought out our best, and further ingrained our love for all things wrestling.