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20.06.08 10:46 Age: 13 yrs

Jason Steele

32 hours of flights & transit was well worth it all!!!

Jason SteeleThe WWE tryouts were a blast!

I arrived in Auckland on the 9th of June after 32 hours on flights and in transit from Johannesburg to Dubai to Singapore to Brisbane and finally arriving in Auckland New Zealand on Monday afternoon.

I had a day and a half to recover before the tryouts and I spent some time with Kiwi Pro Wrestling's CEO Rip Morgan, he is the nephew of Bushwhacker Butch fame.  Rip has had an illustrious career working with many of the past and current wrestling greats. He has worked for NWA, WCW and WCCW, Rip now runs Kiwi Pro Wrestling. They operate as the front runner for wrestling in New Zealand and thanks to Rip and his many friends in the business he managed to run an affiliated tryout between his promotion and the WWE, this is ground breaking and I feel honoured that I had the opportunity to be included in this event.

On the day of the tryouts Rip provided invaluable support in what we should expect and how to conduct ourselves backstage. 

Meeting with the great talent from New Zealand was a tremendous experience and I really enjoyed the company of Max, Tank, Hollie, H-Flame and Kade as well as the KPW Management Team.

Backstage at the Vector Arena we were shown our locker room and asked to prepare for a press conference.  I did interviews with  New Zealand radio stations and for national television.

All invitees were asked to do a promo showcasing their characters.

After this Butch from the Bushwhackers gave us some advice and shortly after The Undertaker greeted us, all followed by Fit Finlay who was running the tryouts.

We made our way to the arena and to the Smackdown ring . We were paired up and asked to wrestle a match. I was paired with Tank the Kiwi Bulldog. We had a great match. I was then paired with H-Flame the current Kiwi Pro Wrestling Champion who is a very smooth worker in the ring.

The Undertaker as well as Finlay gave us great reviews and liked our work, all matches were taped and will be reviewed by the talent department at WWE HQ and they will provide their decision in the coming weeks.

The trip was definitely worth it and no matter the outcome having my talents showcased to a legend like The Undertaker and have him give the thumbs up was the highlight of the trip and the opportunity to work with such great professionals within KPW was great. Veterans like Rip and Butch always make wrestling as a career worth while as the experiences and stories told are legendary.

Thank you to Rip Morgan, KPW management  and all their great workers and the WWE for the opportunity. I believe I will get my phone call soon and when I make it on the big stage I will always cherish my experience in New Zealand with Kiwi Pro Wrestling.