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172.7 cms / 5'8"


143lbs / 65kg

Trademark Moves


  • Backbreaker stretch
  • "Last Kiss" corner splash combo



  • Rapture (Camel Clutch cross arm choke submission)
  • Scarlett Fever (hairpull curbstomp)

Notable Feuds


  • Nurse Payne
  • Suzi Q

Championships held


  • KPW Women's (2 November 2013 - present)


Scarlett wants it all... be it attention, championships, or their people's boyfriends. Not at all shy, or afraid to go for what she desires, Scarlett has made an impact since her first appearance in a KPW ring. She debuted in Kiwi Pro in May 2012, competing in a Battle Royale at Mayhem to determine the first NZ Womens Champion, and has kept her eye on the ladies ever since. She faced off in a triple threat match against Queen Hollie a few months later, but made it clear who she wanted a shot at... The KPW Womens Champion, Nurse Payne. Their clash at Halloween Howl 6 ended in some quite unsportsmanlike behaviour from the fiery redhead when she viciously attacked Nurse Payne after failing to win the match. Suzi Q came in to defend the battered KPW Womens Champion, leaving Scarlett to lick her wounds as the KPW Divas celebrated Nurse Payne's successful title defence.

With a few more months of intense training from some of New Zealands best wrestlers under her belt, Scarlett is ready to make her mark on the Kiwi Pro Wrestling women's division. Having proven she is willing to face anyone and do anything to get what she wants, Scarlett has been known to manipulate match officials to try and swing things in her favour. This lady is prepared to do whatever it takes to rise to the top, and is tougher than she looks, with an Oceania Sumo Championship medal to her name. 

Scarlett set her sights on the KPW Women's Championship held by Nurse Payne.  Over the coming months, Scarlett and the champ clashed a number of times.  Scarlett came close of number of times, but Nurse Payne's resilience always shone through.  However, each defeat made Scarlett all the more determined.  Her apotheosis came at KPW's "Halloween Howl 7" in November 2013: Nurse Payne and Scarlett squared off for the championship and Scarlett proved to be the better wrestler on the day, walking away with the coveted championship!