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The Bays Wrestlefest

Bays Wrestlefest - 21 Jan - Tauranga

The Bays WrestlefestKPW brought professional wrestling back to the Bay of Plenty on Saturday 21st of January with KPW "Bays Wrestlefest"! A capacity crowd of Tauranga fans packed the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre in Tauranga to cheered on KPW stars old and new as they put everything on the line to entertain the crowd!


(winner to receive their choice of a KPW Championship or Tag Team Championship title shot at a later date): Bull Addamz, T-Rex, Steve Jordan, Wild Willz, Charlie Roberts, King Wilba, Marcus Kool, Mark Freemantle, El Condor and Stix.

From the beginning of the free-for all, the advantage in the over-the-top-rope battle royal looked to rest on the broad shoulders of the biggest man participating, namely King Wilba. Standing alone in the middle of the ring against the tide of humanity, the "royal one" comfortably weathered the storm of individual attacks.

Sizing up the situation and drawing on his experience, Marcus Kool "rallied the troops" in a case of reverse Darwinism and King Wilba was eliminated from the battle royal, despite Bull Addamz's determination to do things his own way. The big man from Tauranga's anger seemed to stand him in good stead as he managed to eliminate Steve Jordan and Stix as the two battled near the ropes, later managing to send the "English heartbreaker" out and over the top rope. Fro his part, "A-lister" Charlie Roberts looked to be keeping things on the "down low" by clinging to any rope available, letting everyone else eliminate each other. This
tactic paid dividends when his team-mate Alex "Danger" Donahue distracted Wild Willz from the outside, allowing Charlie Roberts to eliminate the savage island hunter for the win and a golden opportunity.

WINNER: CHARLIE ROBERTS, by last eliminating longtime foe Wild Willz (with assistance from fellow Rodeo Drive member Alex "Danger" Donahue), to claim either a tag team championship or KPW championship title shot at a later show

"The Natural" STEVE JORDAN (with "the ATH") versus STIX

Showing the crowd that the drumsticks he carries aren't for show, Stix warmed up with a thrilling tattoo on the drums before taking the fight to the arrogant athlete. Jordan showed his speed by rocking Stix with an armdrag and keeping him off-balance with a back waistlock, but Stix kept his head and used leverage to send Steve Jordan spinning with a shoulder throw and followed with an armbar. Jordan broke fee, but his overconfidence caused him to run into an armdrag from Stix.

With his manager the ATH egging him on, the "naturally gifted" Steve Jordan fought up to his feet and reversed into another back waistlock. Again, Stix used leverage to upset Jordan and kept up the pressure by rolling up his opponent with a la majistral, keeping rookie referee Danny Sol dancing about the ring to keep up with the action.

Frustrated, Jordan rolled to the outside of the ring and endured the taunting of the Tauranga friends. Now working as a team, the ATH distracted Stix which allowed Steve Jordan to blindside the rock 'n' roll drummer. A vertical suplex scored a near fall for the insufferably arrogant Jordan. Whipping Stix off the ropes in preparation for a back body drop, Jordan was unprepared for Stix's backflip out of the move, but showed his quick thinking by flattening the drummer with a back elbow. Jordan bent Stix nearly in half with a backbreaker and chopped the drummer senseless,

Clamping on a headlock near the ropes, Jordan sought to wear down his opponent, with help from the ATH who hung onto his charge's boots to give Jordan's hold extra leverage. However, the Natural's overconfidence cost him when he broke the hold before Stix's hand had come down for a third time. Jordan's fury was without bounds as he reversed a rollup from Stix into a slam and legdrop for a near fall. Down but not out, Stix left Steve Jordan gasping with a lungblower, and with the Tauranga fans firmly on his side, hit the Faceplant (wheelbarrow powerbomb) for the win by pinfall.

WINNER: STIX pinned "The Natural" Steve Jordan (with "the ATH") with the Faceplant (wheelbarrow powerbomb).


Both men came to the ring full of energy, Bull Addamz powered by rage and Wild Willz powered by his hunting instincts and eagerness to entertain the fans. From the get-go, Bull Addamz challenged his opponent to a test of strength, but cut off any chance of Willz getting an advantage with a boot to the gut. Breaking free, the island hunter sent the Bay of Plenty native crashing to the canvas with a flying clothesline, battering the bald-headed bad man in the corner. Wild Willz took to the air with a flying cross body block from the second rope, but Bull showed his strength by catching his opponent in mid-air and dumping him with a massive spinebuster!

Now just seeking to punish Wild Willz for his own twisted amusement, Addamz battered Willz with crushing crossface forearms. Keeping the high-flyer grounded, Addamz clamped on a sleeper hold, but the Tauranga fans rallied behind their hero and Willz was able to battle back to a vertical base. Seeking to topple Addamz with a crucifix off the ropes, Willz was instead dropped hard with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Clearly enjoying himself now, the angry Addamz battered Wild Willz in the middle of the ring with shortarm shoulderblocks. Willz showed his "never-say-die" attitude by breaking free, but the vicious Bull Addamz was ready with a stunning clothesline.

The pair brawled to the outside, giving the Tauranga fans a real close look at the action on display. Addamz kept up the attack by launching himself from the apron to deliver a clothesline to the battered Wild Willz. Seeking to use the environment to its most brutal extent, the vicious Addamz Irish whipped Wild Willz into the steel ringpost, but Wild Willz reversed the move and Addamz crashed into the unforgiving steel instead! Back in the ring, both competitors desperately fought for the advantage, knocking each other senseless by simultaneously going for a clothesline off the ropes! Both men struggled back to their feet and eschewed wrestling technique for a full-on slugfest in the middle of the ring. Gaining the advantage, Wild Willz flattened Addamz with an innovative powerslam-elbow drop combination and showcased his island heritage with a dancing headbutt. The move set up the hapless Addamz for a transfixing spear that almost cut him in two,
but the big bad Bull had enough strength to kick out of Willz's cover.

Looking to end the match, Wild Willz climbed to the top rope with a high risk manoeuvre. However, Bull Addamz showed his disdain for the rules by showing rookie referee Danny Sol into the ropes, knocking Wild Willz into a painful predicament. Crowing with vengeful glee, Addamz picked up Willz and dropped him with the fearsome Death Of A Matador (F5), but didn't deign to make the cover. Seeking to send a message to the Tauranga fans and the KPW roster, Addamz climbed all the way to the top rope, but his inexperience with such maneouvres came immediately back to haunt him as Willz moved out of the way and Bull Addamz crashed and burned. Showing the fans how it's done, Willz climbed all the way up and flew high through the air to find his target and score the wining pinfall.

WINNER: WILD WILLZ pinned Bull Addamz with a top rope splash

KING WILBA (with Queen Hollie) versus MISTER SAMOA

The Tauranga fans were all geared up for the confrontation between the two biggest men in KPW. Fresh from his unceremonial ousting from the battle royal, the King of KPW looked to have regained his composure and cut a larger-than-life figure with his royal consort, "Queen" Hollie. They made no friends with the Tauranga fans on their royal way to the ring, looking down their royal noses at the Bay of Plenty natives. By contrast, they thrilled to the arrival of the big man from the islands. The two behemoths squared off in the ring, each struggling for dominance from the opening lockup. Mister Samoa enjoyed the height and reach advantage and showed his power by throwing off King Wilba much to the King's chagrin. He recovered his royal composure and clamped on a massive side headlock. Mister Samoa came off the ropes and clotheslined King Wilba off his royal feet. Mister Samoa whipped his opponent into the corner and looked to follow up with a massive avalanche, but King Wilba pulled Head Referee Daniel Martins into harm's way as a human shield, much to the vocal disgust of the capacity Tauranga crowd!

Mister Samoa switched tactics and ran the ropes to gain some momentum, but Queen Hollie made an obvious grab for Mister Samoa's leg, drawing the ire of the big man. Mister Samoa left the ring to confront the King's consort about her interference, but the King took the opportunity gifted him by Queen Hollie and attacked Mister Samoa from behind. Back in the ring, King Wilba took Mister Samoa down with a snap mare and bulldozed his opponent with a diving shoulderblock off the ropes. Laughing at the Tauranga fans, King Wilba then sought to wear down the lion-hearted islander with a crushing trapezius hold. With the fans behind him, Mister Samoa fought back to his feet and elbowed his way free, but King Wilba was well-prepared for the counterattack, knocking down the taller man and clamping on a neck vice to continue the merciless punishment.

Once more the massive islander battled back to his feet, but King Wilba showed surprising agility for a man of his size by ducking Mister Samoa's clothesline and flattening his opponent with a lariat. Changing tactics to target Mister Samoa's back, King Wilba stretched his opponent with a Boston Crab. Using his massive strength and determination, Mister Samoa fought his way to the ropes, forcing his opponent to break the hold. Mister Samoa found his second wind and fought back with a pair of massive clotheslines on the King. Mister Samoa sized up his opponent for the finishing blow, but - driven to desperation - Queen Hollie climbed to the top rope to ambush Mister Samoa, leaping onto his back. Attempting to dislodge the royal gnat, Mister Samoa backed into the corner and inadvertently squashed Queen Hollie against the turnbuckles! Seeing his Queen in peril, King Wilba charged in an attempt to avalanche Mister Samoa, but the massive islander dodged and King Wilba accidentally crushed Queen Hollie, much to the delight of the fans! Distraught at the peril of his Queen, King Wilba walked into a massive bodyslam and fell victim to a hugh running legdrop for the emphatic pinfall victory!

WINNER: MISTER SAMOA pinned King Wilba with a huge legdrop

CHARLIE ROBERTS (with Alex "Danger" Donahue) versus MARCUS KOOL

KPW commentator Blair "the Flair" was joined on commentary by King Wilba, the royal one having sufficiently recovered during the interval. Flush from his victory in the 10-Man Battle Royal earlier in the evening, Charlie Roberts crip-stepped to the ring full of confidence, with A-List co-conspirator and manager Alex "Danger" Donahue in tow. On a roll from the opening bell, Roberts clamped on a side headlock, looking to win the match on sheer overconfidence. Not to be outdone, the 10-year veteran Marcus Kool slipped free and the two wrestlers battled for the advantage through a technical exchange which ended with Marcus Kool scoring with an armdrag into an armbar. The veteran fighting out of Queenstown pressed the attack with a clothesline and picture-perfect dropkick, but Charlie Roberts had the Cool Runnings (superkick) well-scouted and bailed to the outside of the ring.

However, ringside provided no respite for Roberts from Kool as the "English heartbreaker" dropkicked Roberts straight into the metal ring barricades! Back in the ring, Kool kept up the pressure with a 10-punch in the corner that stunned Roberts enough for a near fall. Earning his keep, "Danger" Donahue sought to trip Kool as he ran the ropes, allowing enough of a distraction for Charlie Roberts to Yakuza kick his opponent square in the back. Now in the driving seat, the "Ayatollah of High Rollas" mercilessly choked Kool on the ropes before knocking him flat with a stinging European uppercut. Marcus Kool dug deep and rallied, but was folded in half by a huge spinebuster. Roberts showed his pedigree earned from the best trainers by hitting a neck-vice suplex for a near fall on Kool.

Charlie Roberts pressed the attack with a stinging snap suplex for another near fall before burying a knee in Kool's battered spine and attempted to stretch a submission out of the thrill-seeker with a surfboard. The fans rallied behind Marcus Kool and the high-flyer fought back by snapping off a blinding quick rana on Roberts that thrilled the Tauranga fans. On fire with the support of the crowd, Kool battered the A-Lister with a calf kick, spinning leg lariat and a twisting neckbreaker for a very close fall on his opponent. Furious at the resilience of his opponent, Marcus Kool took to the air once more with a second rope flying cross bodyblock that allowed him to try for a Tomikaze (Unprettier), but Roberts reversed the attempt into a Michinoku Driver II for a hart-stoppingly close near fall.

Sensing the end was near, and with "Danger" Donahue egging him on, Roberts plastered Kool to the canvas with the South Auckland Justice (head-and-arm twisting uranage). The match had taken its toll on both competitors, however, and Roberts was only able to make an ineffective cover for a seemingly impossibly close near fall. Showing his calculating brutality, Roberts knocked Kool senseless with a running knee to his opponent's unprotected head. Determined to finish his opponent off once and for all, Roberts retrieved a chain from Donahue, but Referee Daniel Martins intercepted the foreign object and cast it to the outside, where Donahue surreptitiously retrieved the offending weapon. Meanwhile, Kool finally managed to hit the move he so desperately sought - the Cool Runnings superkick. However, neither he nor the Tauranga fans could believe it when Charlie Roberts managed to kick out! Using the referee to haul himself to his feet, a distraught and distracted Marcus Kool was easy prey for a chain-assisted cheap shot from "Danger" Donahue from the floor. This left Kool helpless to resist a 24K Golden Destiny (Modest Driver/Celtic Cross) from Charlie Roberts, much to the disappointment of the Tauranga fans.

WINNER: CHARLIE ROBERTS (with manager Alex "Danger" Donahue) pinned Marcus Kool with the 24K Golden Destiny (Modest Driver/Celtic Cross) after Donahue stunned Kool with a chain-assisted punch.


Queen Hollie made her entrance with royal aplomb, obviously the worse for wear after her interference in her royal consort's match earlier in the evening had gone awry, as attested by the bandage across her royal visage. Sadly, she received little sympathy from the Tauranga fans. By contrast, her opponent Nurse Payne was given a warm welcome. Obviously jealous of her opponent and longtime foe, Queen Hollie wasted no time in attacking Nurse Payne from behind. Queen Hollie laid the boots into her helpless opponent, drawing the ire of the Tauranga fans. However, Nurse Payne was able to reverse an Irish whip into the corner to give her control of the match, taking the attack to the Queen with surgical shoulderblocks bisecting the royal abdomen. Dragging her opponent to the centre of the ring, Nurse Payne parked her opponent with a snap mare and knocked the Queen flat with a missile-like diving shoulderblock off the ropes. Queen Hollie managed to battle her way back into the match, and after shoving poor rookie referee Danny Sol away, suckered Nurse Payne into the corner where the Queen used her crown for a decidedly unregal attack on the poor unprotected caregiver, knocking her opponent flat to the canvas, vulnerable to a tainted pinfall.

WINNER: QUEEN HOLLIE pinned Nurse Payne after stunning her opponent by hitting her with the Queen's own crown!

KPW Championship match: WHETU the Maori Warrior versus THE TECHNICIAN (c)

The Maori Warrior brought the mana to the ring, knowing this was his chance to climb to the top of the mountain in KPW. The Tauranga fans were solidly behind him, and their support could mean everything to his all-important challenge. For his part, The Technician came to the ring with his characteristic cockiness that alienated the capacity crowd. From the opening bell, the two competitors showed themselves to be technically sound by trading the advantage with headlock takedowns and headscissors and armdrags. The Technician looked to give respect to his opponent, but when Whetu went to sportingly accept - against his better judgement - the champion arrogantly slapped the challenger and hid in the ropes from the furious Maori Warrior, infuriating the Tauranga fans by hiding in the ropes. Whetu rocked the challenger with a leg lariat, but the Technician forwent his extensive amateur background and instead blatantly raked his opponent's eyes to regain control of the match.

The Technician looked to be maintaining control with a test of strength, but cut off any chance of Whetu gaining any purchase by again attacking his opponent's eyes, dangerously drawing more anger from the Maori Warrior. This proved to be Whetu's undoing, however, as the Technician was able to draw the challenger into his deadly new submission hold, the Kimura (legscissors-keyhole armbar). Having centered his attack on Whetu's arm, the champion went to work with surgical precision, utilising a wristlock, shortarm shoulderblocks and a rolling armbar takedown to keep the high-flyer grounded on the canvas where his extensive amateur wrestling background would afford him the considerable advantage.

However, the Technician had underestimated Whetu's determination and the support of the Tauranga fans for the Maori Warrior. With the capacity crowd behind him all the way, Whetu fought back to regain a vertical base and shattered the champion's confidence with a dropkick and Maori drop. Looking to press the advantage and win the match outright with Utu (swinging bulldog), Whetu's manoeuvre was instead blocked by the Technician and countered with a nasty double-knee armbreaker. The challenger rallied and the Technician sought to catch the challenger unawares with a twisting somersault sunset flip from the second rope but didn't get all of the move, forcing the Technician to regroup on the outside of the ring. His planning was interrupted when Whetu took to the air in a make-or-break move, moonsaulting from the top rope out onto the floor!

With the title on the line, Whetu managed to make it back into the ring before being counted out. The Technician also made it back into the ring, but soon wished he hadn't as Whetu met him with a rana off the second rope that spun the champ inside out. With the crowd behind him, Whetu went for one more, but the Technician's experience shone through and he reversed the move into a devastating powerbomb, violently halting the challenger's momentum! A subsequent lax cover from the Technician allowed Whetu to kick out and stay in the match. Emboldened by enjoying the advantage, the Technician went up to the top rope for what appeared to be a moonsalut, but was intercepted by a determined Whetu who took the hapless champion up and over with a release German suplex that saw the Technician somersaulted off the top rope!

Feeling the mana and the energy from the Tauranga fans, Whetu headed up to the top rope, looking to finish off the champ and claim the gold by using his flying headbutt, but the Technician used the intervening time to recover his bearings, avoid the Maori Warrior's high risk attack and clamped on the dreaded Kimura hold once more. The fans shoed their support for Whetu and the Maori Warrior managed to make it to the sanctuary of the ring ropes. Seeing that things were not going exactly to plan, the Technician took the opportunity as referee Daniel Martins was checking on Whetu to loosen one of the turnbuckle pads. Calling the referee's attention to the loose cover, Martins had his back turned as the Technician retrieved the KPW Championship belt from the ring apron, threw it to an unsuspecting Whetu and pretended he'd been struck with the belt. When referee Daniel MArtins heard the commotion and turned back to see the Technician apparently lying senseless and the challenger holding a "smoking gun", he called it like he saw it and disqualified the challenger.

WINNER: THE TECHNICIAN retained the KPW Championship via disqualification against Whetu the Maori Warrior after tricking the referee into thinking that Whetu had struck the champ with the KPW Championship belt

Following the match, Whetu voiced his frustration to the Tauranga fans, but promised that he would be back to fight for the championship once more!

KPW Tag Team Championship match: TANK and KADE MORGAN "3G" versus H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT (c)

Right from the get-go, there was no doubt as to whom the crowd supported: the hometown hero tag team champions were firm favourites. This did not deter the challengers, as they were more concerned with winning at any cost than making friends amongst the capacity crowd. Kade Morgan and H-Flame started out for their respective teams. The third generation wrestler and the international superstar put on a technical clinic for the fans, each trading the advantage as they bridged and monkey-flipped out of pinning predicaments. Morgan tagged in his partner, the tough man from Australia and they cut the ring in half with a double-team shoulderblock on H-Flame.

The "pocket battleship" then kept H-Flame grounded with a vicious martial arts kick to the base of the co-champion's spine. H-Flame used his resilience to continue the fight, whipping his shorter opponent to the ropes and leaping high and low to catch the co-challenger off-balance with a picture perfect dropkick. The race to make a tag to the fresh wrestler was won by H-Flame. Now in the ring, Lazarus Volt used his speed to cut off Tank's escape attempt. The "little man from the big top" dropped knees on Tank and followed up with a falling headbutt. The champions sought to negate Tank's strength advantage by attacking his arm with double-team maneouvres.

H-Flame squared off with Tank once more. Tank used his international experience to tie up H-Flame with a wristlock and then cut the ring in half with quick tags on his team's part. H-Flame managed to escape and the champions reasserted themselves in the match with a double-team drop toe hold and second rope legdrop on the beleaguered Tank. Keeping up the pressure, Volt took to the air with a seated senton from the second rope on Tank for a near fall. Volt then showed his technical acumen by tying up Tank's arm with a hammerlock, handstanding into a bridge to increase the pressure and then twisting into a lateral press for a near fall. Frustrated, Tank raked his opponent's eyes to steal back the advantage. Tank dropped Volt with a big atomic drop; Morgan then drew in H-Flame in order to distract the referee, allowing Tank to score big with a falling headbutt to the groin of Lazarus Volt. Working very well together for their first outing as a team, the challengers kept Volt in their half of the ring and switched off without making a tag.

Trapping Lazarus Volt in a dragon sleeper, Tank looked to have the match won for his team. With the support of the fans, the ex-ringmaster fought through the pain and made it back t his feet, but Tank was waiting and knocked down the valiant Volt with a dropkick. Tank tagged in Morgan to mop up, and New Zealand's only third-generation wrestler battered Lazarus Volt with a delayed vertical suplex punctuated with a knee drop and brutal stomps. Tank tagged in and ran into unexpected resistance from Lazarus Volt, obviously desperate to regain control of the match and retain the championships; champion and challenger slugged it out in the middle of the ring, both men collapsing under the sheer ferocity of their opponent's attack. With the Tauranga fans cheering them on, the race was on to make the all-important tag. Critically for the defending champions, Volt managed to make the tag a moment after Kade Morgan was tagged in and H-Flame flew into the ring from the top rope with a flying clothesline to "3G". A big powerslam from the international superstar sent Tank scurrying to the outside. Lazarus Volt and Kade Morgan traded punches in the centre of the ring, Volt's second wind enabling him to get the upper hand. Enlisting the help of his team-mate for a devastating double team attack, Volt managed to score the winning pinfall for his team to the rabid delight of the Tauranga fans!

WINNERS: H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT retained the KPW Tag Team Championship against Tank and Kade Morgan "3G" when Volt pinned Morgan following a double-team powerbomb, top rope flying clothesline combination!

With the fans celebrating the return of professional wrestling to Tauranga and exulting in the victory of the hometown heroes, the show came to a thrilling conclusion!

The Bay's Wrestlefest

Crazy Carnival TaurangaKPW: "BAYS WRESTLEFEST": Friday 20 January exhibition shows (Tauranga)

As a preliminary exhibition event, Kiwi Pro Wrestling put on two exhibition shows for the wrestling fans of Tauranga by way of showing the action they could expect to see at KPW "Bays Wrestlefest" on the Saturday evening.  The following are the results from the two matinee shows held in Tauranga.

12:00pm SHOW

- The cocky Canadian "Marvellous" MARK FREEMANTLE pinned El Condor with the Simply Stunning (running shooting star press)

- Tauranga's own STIX greeted the crowd and showed his prowess on the drums!

- WHETU beat Charlie Roberts (with Alex "Danger" Donahue) when the Maori Warrior slipped out of the 24K Golden Destiny and hit a Maori Drop to set up a stunning top rope flying headbutt for the pinfall victory.

2:00pm SHOW

- In a "master versus student" match, the teacher MARCUS KOOL defeated his student "Grumpasorus" T-Rex with a precision Cool Runnings superkick.  After the match, the Rodeo Drive stable (Charlie Roberts and "Danger" Donahue) came out to deride Kool's chances in his upcoming scheduled match against Charlie Roberts at KPW "Bays Wrestlefest" on Saturday.  Roberts bailed when Kool went for a superkick, leaving "ugly git" Donahue to face the music and get laid out by a Cool Runnings superkick from Marcus Kool!

- KADE MORGAN "3G" pinned Stix will a rollup and a handful of ring ropes.

- WILD WILLZ beat Tank via disqualification when Tank's scheduled tag team partner Kade Morgan interfered on Tank's behalf.  Tank and Kade Morgan attacked Wild Willz, but hometown hero (and co-KPW Tag Team champion) Lazarus Volt and his Tauranga wrestling crew came out to see off the nefarious attack!  Strong words were exchanged between Morgan and Volt, who were to be on opposite sides of the ring for a scheduled KPW Tag Team Championship match at KPW "Bays Wrestlefest" on Saturday