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The Reckoning

Ram overcomes Juice at KPW Reckoning

Full KPW Reckoning Results;

Gold def. El Condor

Tank def. El Mucho Drunko

In his debut the former NAW world champion Tank looked exactly like his namesake as he steamrolled the valiant luchador. Utilizing a series of brutal suplexes and head butts to wear him down he finally ended the punishment with a modified form of a fujiwara armbar to take the win in his debut. 

Rogue Trooper def. Irishman Mike Ryan

Over The Top Rope Number 1 Contender ship Gauntlet

Max Damage & Creed def. Irishman Mike Ryan & D Money

In an impromptu tag team match Mike Ryan and D Money did everything they could to isolate Creed and keep a frustrated Damage on the apron. When Creed was finally able to get across the ring to tag in the young powerhouse but as he nailed D Money with an impressive sidewalk slam Mike Ryan slid into the ring with a pair of brass knuckles and laid both men out for the disqualification. 

Ram def. Jonnie Juice with Team Pretty

In the battle of former friends both men held nothing back as they tore into each other with relentless fury. After a long and grueling match it was again the numbers game that played the pivotal role. In this case though it was to help Ram as Hollie mistimed a vicious slap and took the taste out of Jonnies mouth, as Jonnie looked on in shock Ram capitilised and rolled the pretty one up to take the win.