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True Mana

True Mana - 22 July 2011

True ManaA very vocal capacity crowd of KPW wrestling fans was in attendance for KPW "True Mana" at Wellington High School on Friday night! The KPW Tag Team championship was at stake and the fans were there to see if the unlikely team of Whanganui's finest could make it two-in-a row against defending champions the Renegades! Mana was also at stake, with Wild Willz looking to redress the loss against villainous Charlie Roberts of the "A-List" Rodeo Drive cartel and the Maori Warrior Whetu was eager to lock up with Mako once more!

SHOCK (with A.T.H.) versus PURPLE HAZE

The arrogant rookie used stalling tactics to start the match, forcing the unorthodox, more popular Purple Haze to wrestle at his pace. The two began the match proper with a collar and elbow tie up. Purple Haze wrenched Shock's arms with a series of arm-wringers, but Shock retaliated with big right hands to break the hold. Trapping his opponent in the corner, the young Shock delivered knife-edge chops to rattle his masked opponent.

Shock's manager A.T.H. distracted rookie ref Zach Corona which allowed SHock to mercilessly press his attack, but the "Purple One" ducked a big clothesline and rolled up his opponent in a schoolboy for a near fall. Keeping up the pressure, Purple Haze tied up Shock in a small package followed by a sunset flip for a pair of near falls, angering his more aggressive opponent. Shock scored with a clothesline and went for the cover, but Purple Haze's ring presence enabled him to get a foot on the ropes, breaking the count and saving himself having to expend the energy to kick out. But there was no respite from A.T.H. - as Shock distracted Mister Corona, Shock's manager choked the already-battered masked man. Shock delivered gut-busting shoulder-blocks to Purple Haze in the corner. Putting Purple Haze in the "hot seat" on the top rope, Shock unleashed a superplex that looked to have the match won, but a nonchalant cover allowed Purple Haze to kick out. Shock whipped "the Haze" to the ropes, but Haze managed to catch his opponent unawares with his "All Around The Watchtower" (flying headscissors) for a close near fall. Purple Haze then pressed the attack on a criss-cross, but Shock was ready for Haze's attempt at a leapfrog and dropped the masked man with a spinebuster. That enabled Shock to ascend to the top rope and crush the masked man with the Death Drop for the winning three-count.

WINNER: SHOCK with the Death Drop (top rope swanton bomb) for the win by pinfall.


Good-time rock 'n' roller Stix wisely used his speed to avoid the bigger man in the early going, seeking to use Addamz's anger to make the massive make a mistake. It worked until Stix was caught with a stunning a clothesline from the Bull. Addamz controlled his plucky opponent with a standing side headlock, but Stix used the support of the KPW fans to battle his way out of the bear-stranglehold. Changing tactics, Stix sought to negate the bigger man's height and reach advantage by destroying his vertical base, taking Bull Addamz down and attacking Addamz's massive leg with a single leg Boston Crab. Stix kicked the massive "quadzilla" of the bigger man and clamped on a step-over toe hold. Addamz channelled his rage and used his untrapped good leg to kick his way free and catapult Stix backwards into the corner. Stix rallied valiantly with a second rope flying cross bodyblock, but Bull Addamz was ready and caught his opponent in mid-air and dumped
Stix to the canvas with a giant powerslam. Bull Addamz kept up the punishment on Stix with vicious forearms, whipping the battered Stix to the corner turnbuckle. Stix retained enough presence of mind to avoid Bull's charge, but despite rallying with the fans' support, he was caught by the big Bull on his counterattack. Deciding to keep his opponent where he could see them, the big man clamped on a bearhug, using his massive upper body strength to punish Stix's back and squeeze the air out of him. Again digging deep, and again with the KPW fans firmly on his side, the rock 'n' roller managed to break free. Hitting the ropes, Stix tried to topple Bull Addamz with a crucifix takedown, but in a stunning display of dexterity and strength, Addamz rolled through, hauled Stix aloft and delivered the devastating "Death of a Matador" (F5) for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: BULL ADDAMZ with the "Death of a Matador" (F5) for the win by pinfall.


Mister Samoa came to the ring drummed by the Tamarua Cook Islands Dance Group, more than ready to battle the pocket battleship Tank. However, KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek came out instead of Mister Samoa's scheduled opponent. Terry announced that his charge, Tank, had unfortunately sustained a serious knee injury while training and was unable to wrestle. But just to prove that Mister Samoa was no real threat to anyone that KPW that Terry chose to support, the Golden Greek announced that right now, Mister Samoa would not face one, not two, but three mystery opponents of Terry's choosing, one after the other in a gauntlet match.

GAUNTLET MATCH: MISTER SAMOA versus three mystery opponents - versus El Condor - versus El Ninja

The masked man and Team Diablo maninstay quickly took the fight to the massive islander, chopping away ineffectually at the Mister Samoa's giant frame. Seemingly momentarily unsure whether El Condor was actually trying to hurt him, Mister Samoa tired of the masked man's efforts and crushed him with a high angle backdrop suplex to crush his first opponent.
WINNER of the fall: MISTER SAMOA by pinfall.

The second masked man charged straight into a huge side slam from Mister Samoa. Sealing the deal with a massive clothesline, Mister Samoa then kept El Ninja pinned to the canvas with a massive boot for the emphatic pinfall victory.
WINNER of the fall: MISTER SAMOA by pinfall.

- versus El Hombre Secreto

There was something undeniably familiar about the man underneath the yellow and black mask. Certainly, he was able to mount a more effective attack against Mister Samoa. Eschewing a power game, El Hombre Secreto managed to clamp on a side headlock and wisely took down the bigger man down to the canvas. Mister Samoa battled up and knocked El Hombre down with a huge shoulderblock. El Hombre took control with a single-leg takedown and concentrated his attack on the massive islander's leg, trapping the bigger man in the centre of the ring with a leg grapevine. With the support of the KPW fans, Mister Samoa counter-attacked and fought off El Hombre, flattening his masked opponent with a discuss lariat and knocked El Hombre senseless by whipping the masked man into the corner turnbuckle. The KPW fans rallied behind Mister Samoa and he acknowledged their support with his Samoan flag. However, El Hombre had recovered and stalked his bigger opponent, leaping on Mister Samoa's back and choking the bigger man down to the mat using Mister Samoa's own flag. El Hombre refused to break the choke hold, leaving referee Zach Corona no choice but to disqualify the masked wrestler.
WINNER of the fall: MISTER SAMOA by disqualification.
WINNER of the gauntlet match: MISTER SAMOA.

After the match, "El Hombre Secreto" unmasked to reveal he was none other than the Technician! Grabbing the microphone, the Technician acknowledged that although he and Mister Samoa had travelled to Australia together to have their WWE try-out together, and although Mister Samoa had made no overt move to overshadow the Technician, he wasn't about to give Mister Samoa the chance and would be top dog in KPW and in the eyes of the WWE by any means necessary! The KPW Champion then mercilessly beat down the battered Mister Samoa, until none other than fellow island warrior Wild Willz rushed out to see off the Technician. Wild Willz and Mister Samoa stood tall in the ring as the Technician made his way to the back, grinning all the way.

Mixed Tag Team Match: QUEEN HOLLIE and KING WILBA versus NURSE PAYNE and the BRUTE.

The KPW fans' favourite duo of the Brute and Nurse Payne were out redress the unfair loss they suffered last time at the hands of the KPW fans' least favourite royal couple, Queen Hollie and King Wilba. The Brute was especially determined going into this match, as he had dedicated the match to the memory of his friend Jessie who had tragically passed recently. The Brute and King Wilba started in the ring for their respective teams, slugging it out for dominance. Fired up from the get-go, the Brute used his strength to batter the alleged King, who proved difficult to knock off his feet. The Brute took to the air with a flying clothesline and a bulldog to finally to topple King Wilba to the canvas. The Brute then took the opportunity to turn his anger on Queen Hollie, who had heartlessly shredded the Brute's beloved teddy bear "Lovely One". King Wilba took the opportunity to attack the Brute, but the second-generation wrestler weathered the storm and
fought back.

King Wilba offered a royal test of strength which the Brute accepted, earning himself a royal boot in the gut. The Brute was then shoved into Nurse Payne who was standing on the apron and KPW Head Referee Daniel Martins ruled that constituted a legitimate tag. Nurse Payne and Queen Hollie battled each other to the outside of the ring, where Queen Hollie wasted no time in putting in the royal boots and using the ring apron to her advantage. King Wilba again took the opportunity to menace Nurse Payne, despite the fact that male members of the respective teams were prohibited from touching the female member of the opposing team, this match not being contested under inter-gender rules. Queen Hollie taunted the Brute, drawing him from the ring to the outside. Determined for vengeance, the Brute left himself wide open to an ambush from King Wilba!

Back in the ring, the battered Brute tried to make the tag, but the dastardly King Wilba stalked his opponent like a killer whale, forestalling all the Brute's efforts. King Wilba sought victory with a royal side slam and tried to bend the Brute in half with a camel clutch. The KPW faithful rallied behind their favourite special wrestler, but it wasn't enough to save the Brute from a royal avalanche in the corner. King Wilba then showed his complete disrespect towards his opponent by choking the Brute on the ropes. Queen Hollie couldn't resist getting involved, interjecting herself behind the referee's back, slapping the punchdrunk Brute as he lay draped on the ropes. Whipping the Brute off the ropes, the King slapped on a royal sleeper, seeking to simply extinguish the Brute. Showing his stamina, the Brute fought back and hit a jaw-jacker to break the hold.

With both men down, the race was on to make the tag, King Wilba winning by a fraction of a second. However, Nurse Payne's anger at Queen Hollie's unfairness was not to be denied and she battered her opponent senseless and made the cover. King Wilba entered the ring, but not to make the save - instead, he managed to draw the angry Brute into the ring, forcing Zach Corona to eject the special competitor. With the referee hopelessly distracted, King Wilba threw Nurse Payne aside, delivered a huge royal splash to Nurse Payne and put Queen Hollie on top for the tainted pinfall victory.

WINNERS: QUEEN HOLLIE and KING WILBA beat Nurse Payne and the Brute when King Wilba illegally splashed poor Nurse Payne, allowing Queen Hollie to score the winning pinfall.

"Four Corners" STRAP MATCH: "The Fixation" JIMMY FOX versus the "Young Lion" DANE KING

Both men were eager to score a win in this event to cement their place in the KPW hierarchy. For his part, "The Fixation" charged immediately for the corner posts, looking for a quick win. Dane King allowed him a certain leeway, then used the tempered leather strap by which the wrestlers were attached to rein in Jimmy Fox. Like a deep sea fisherman, the "Young Lion" reeled in the "Fixation" and ruined his day with an armdrag, hip toss and dropkick. Whenever Jimmy Fox tried to get an speedy win by rushing to touch the four top turnbuckles in succession, Dane King was ready to "put on the brakes" by using the strap to his advantage. However, Jimmy Fox had been training with a local representative of the Yappa-pai Native American Indian tribe (experts in strap matches) and he used the strap to his own advantage by whipping Dane King, the sharp sounds of the strikes reverberating around the hall!

Concentrating on keeping Dane down, Jimmy King dropped elbows on his opponent's back. Becoming more angry, Jimmy Fox rocked the Young Lion with a snap suplex, then followed up with a vertical suplex to his downed opponent and cemented his dominance with a second vertical suplex. Confident of victory, Jimmy Fox then went on to drag the battered Dane King behind him as he went on to touch three of the four top turnbuckles, but Dane King rallied and prevented Fox winning by violently yanking him away from his goal and into a back body drop. With the massed KPW fans firmly on his side, Dane King gave Fox a taste of his own leather-based medicine by whipping him with the reinforced leather strap. King pressed the attack with a pair of bone-jarring clotheslines, doubling up the Fixation with a fist to the gut and fought his opponent up and over with a Serengeti Slam (Olympic slam).

Battered from the very physical match, King went for the pin on Fox, forcing Head Referee Daniel Martins to reminded King that this match could not be won by pinfall. His frustration showing, the Young Lion again turned the strap on his opponent. If anything, this seemed to revive the Fixation, as he was able to ambush Dane King as the Young Lion advanced to touch the precious top turnbuckles by tying up his opponent and hitting a stunning northern lights bomb. Jimmy Fox then dragged King behind him as he rounded the ring to touch three of the four top turnbuckles. King rallied and charged Fox as he neared the final turnbuckle, knocking the Fixation backwards into the all-important fourth turnbuckle for Fox to claim the victory.

WINNER: JIMMY FOX, when the Dane King accidentally knocked Jimmy Fox back into the fourth turnbuckle.

Following the decision, the frustrated Dane King drilled the triumphant Jimmy Fox with the Lion's Share (Roll the Dice) and another Serengeti Slam, before turning his anger towards referee Daniel Martins, who narrowly escaped a whipping of his own.

MAKO versus WHETU the Maori Warrior

The youn man from the mean streets Mako was determined to fight at his own pace, at first repeatedly refusing to lock up with his opponent. Subsequently, Whetu ducked a big right hand and backed Mako into the opposite corner, sportingly offering a clean break. Next, the Maori Warrior scored with a front dropkick that sent Mako to outside to regroup. On the floor, Mako tried to Irish whip Whetu into the steel corner post, but Whetu reversed the attack and Mako went crashing into the unforgiving steel instead! Back inside the ring, Whetu wowed the crowd with a second rope cross bodyblock and followed through with a clothesline that turned Mako inside out. Missing a bicycle kick
in the corner proved costly for Mako as Whetu ties his opponent in the Tree of Woe and hit a flying neckbreaker out of the corner. Showing his ability to absorb damage and the mean, violent streak that keeps him swinging in any fight, Mako came back with an over-the-shoulder backbreaker and clamped the Maori Warrior in a camel clutch.

Whetu fought his way free from the crippling hold, trapping hitting a fireman's carry into a gutbuster on Mako, keeping up the pressure by catching Mako unawares with a small package for a close two-count. Furious and determined for a win, Mako struck back with a powerful bicycle kick to take firm control of the match. Mako brutally pummeled Whetu in the corner, setting the Maori Warrior up on the top rope. Whetu "brought the mana" to rally and fought off Mako, but his attempt at a double axe handle was met instead with a devastating spinning wheel kick to the chest! A triumphant Mako went for the pin on Whetu, but the Maori Warrior was able to get a foot on the ropes to break the count. Mako decided to finish things with a high risk manoeuvre and ascended to the top rope. Digging deep, the Maori Warrior used his experience to dive at the ropes, knocking Mako from his precarious perch. This "fall from grace" enabled the Maori Warrior to strike his stunned opponent with Utu (swinging bulldog), then ascend to the top turnbuckle himself and hit a flying headbutt on Mako for the hard-fought win, much to the delight of the KPW fans!

WINNER: WHETU with a top rope flying headbutt for the win by pinfall.

No Disqualification match: CHARLIE ROBERTS (with Alex "Danger" Donahue) versus WILD WILLZ

Having been knocked cold at the last show by Charlie Roberts - with the assistance of Alex "Danger" Donahue - Wild Willz was more determined than ever to show that he was not Rodeo Drive's stepping stone. This match would be the third time these two men had met, and it was less a question of who would win this encounter as it was who would survive it! The competitors showed their animosity in the middle of the ring when push came to big shoves in the middle of the ring to start the violent proceedings. A test of strength did not go the way of the "Ayatollah of High Rollas", leaving him open to a big bodyslam from Wild Willz. Clearly enjoying the chance at a bit of payback, a hiptoss sent Charlie Roberts flying across the ring. Trapping his "A List" opponent in the corner, Wild Willz delivered a series of stinging punches, much to the delight of the KPW fans. Retreating to regroup on the outside with "Danger" Donahue seemed like a good idea at the time for Charlie Roberts, but Wild Willz pursued the villainous duo with a flying double axe handle off the apron onto the Rodeo Drive pair. The island hunter whipped Charlie Roberts into the corner post, but Roberts channelled his fury and managed to return the favour, believing that turnabout was fair play. Now in control of the match Charlie Roberts initiated a vicious chop battle between the two combatants, where it seemed like either man was trying the flay the very flesh from their opponent's battered body. Interjecting himself into the match to aid Charlie Roberts, Alex "Danger" Donahue taunted Wild Willz into chasing him around the ring, allowing Charlie Roberts to lie in wait and smoke the island hunter unawares with a stiff lariat!

Back inside the ring, the "King of Bling" struck with a double-leg drop onto Wild Willz's unprotected lower back. Keeping the wild man grounded with a snap mare, Roberts stretched his opponent with an Indian deathlock, transitioning to a single leg crab. Simply refusing to quit despite the agonising pain, Wild Willz used the support of the KPW fans to fire up and fire back against his nefarious opponent with a big dropkick, followed with a pair of stinging clotheslines. The "King of Bling" was still aware enough to leapfrog over Wild Willz's devastating spear tackle attempt, sending the island warrior crashing between the ring ropes into the steel corner post. Seizing the chance, Roberts cinched his opponent up for the South Auckland Justice (twisting uranage) but Wild Willz managed to elbow his way free and catch Roberts with a sunset flip for a close near fall. Wild Willz leapt towards victory by stunning Roberts with a devastating DDT, but "Danger" Donahue interfered once again allowing Roberts to counter-attack with the "24K Golden Destiny" (Modest Driver/Celtic Cross). Amazingly, Willz managed to fight back and hit his spear, nearly bisecting Charlie Roberts. Looking for an emphatic win, Willz went to the top rope but "Danger" Donahue again interfered. Having had enough, the island hunter chopped "the Dangerous One" from the apron, leapt to the top rope and struck with a rib-crushing splash for the victory!

WINNER: WILD WILLZ with a top rope splash for the win by pinfall.

KPW Tag Team Championship match: H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT versus KADE MORGAN "3G" and THE TECHNICIAN, the Renegades (champions)

The big question of the night from the KPW fans was whether the unlikely duo of Whanganui Wild Men H-Flame could make it a second straight victory against the Renegades? With the KPW Championship on the line this time, had H-Flame and Volt used the previous opportunity to scout the tactics of the defending champions? The defending champions tossed the belts at the challengers to begin, allowing them to get the jump on Lazarus Volt and H-Flame, driving them from the ring but leaving themselves open to a double-hotshot on the top rope to send them packing. Pressing the attack, the challengers separated the champions and delivered a double "ten punch" in the separate corners. Once KPW Head Referee Daniel Martins had regained control, "3G" and H-Flame started out for their respective teams. Kade Morgan trapped H-Flame in a standing side headlock, and though the "international superstar" broke free, he was still taken off his feet by a shoulderblock from "3G" but managed to return the favour by catching Morgan with a picture-perfect dropkick.

H-Flame tagged in Volt who attacked Morgan's arm with a double axe handle from the second rope and proceeded attack Morgan's arm. Volt tagged in his tag team partner, who continued the attack on the arm and rocked 3G's confidence with a big back body drop. The ex-ringmaster tagged in and went for a bulldog on Kade Morgan, but the third generation wrestler managed to bodily throw off Volt, allowing the Renegades to take control. The Technician tagged in and tried to stomp the tattoos off the little man from the big top. Loving his job, the Technician drove Volt into the mat with an inverted side slam and kept Volt on the canvas with a side headlock. Volt fought back to his feet, but the Technician stunned the ex-ringmaster with a lariat, but he neglected to hook the leg on the subsequent pinfall attempt, allowing Volt to kick out.

"3G" was tagged in and together the Renegades showed their double team prowess by hitting a double team sideslam legdrop on the helpless ex-ringmaster. Morgan showed his own strength and wrestling acumen by hitting a delayed vertical suplex on Volt, but the little man from the big top showed his courage and determination by kicking out. The Technician was tagged in again and the Renegades went to finish off Volt with a double-team Doomsday Device-top rope flying cross body block-type of manoeuvre, but H-Flame snuck into the ring to swing the pendulum right back towards the challengers when Volt rolled up Morgan with a victory roll, thereby dodging the Technician's cross body-block and allowing H-Flame to hit a drop kick on the surprised KPW Champion! Morgan kicked out of the victory roll, but Volt managed to hit a reverse STO to stun his opponent. With the championship on the line, the race was on to make the tag.

The Technician won by half a heartbeat, but Kade Morgan ran straight into a top rope cross bodyblock from H-Flame, who then asserted his dominance with powerslams on both "3G" and the Technician! Volt tagged in and continued his attack on Morgan's arm with a legsweep into an ude-garame bent armlock, transitioning into a bridge then into a lateral press for a near fall. H-Flame tagged in for the challengers and slammed "3G", keeping his opponent grounded with a knee drop. Morgan managed to reverse and tagged in the Technician who hit a German suplex on H-Flame. This seemed to fire up the international superstar, who reversed the back waistlock and hit a German suplex of his own! The Technician blocked H-Flame's attempt at an O'Conner roll and Irish whipped H-Flame into Morgan's knee to the back. Taking advantage, the Renegades then hit a double-team flapjack-facebuster on H-Flame for a very close two count. Now seeking to use their cheating ways to extend their tag team hegemony, the Technician seized the KPW Championship belt from the apron, as Morgan drew Volt into the ring thereby distracting the referee as well. Morgan held H-Flame so the Technician could strike the challenger with the KPW Championship belt, but H-Flame dodged and the Technician accidentally struck his tag team partner instead! The Technician desperately tried to rally, but was instead caught unawares by the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) from H-Flame for the win by pinfall!

WINNERS: H-FLAME and LAZARUS VOLT, when H-Flame hit the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) on the Technician for the win by pinfall; H-Flame and Lazarus Volt win the KPW Tag Team Championship!

Following the loss, push came to shove with for the ex-champions, with fractures appearing in the Renegades' alliance. For their part, the new KPW Tag Team Champions celebrated with the KPW fans and thanked them for their support!

BLAIR "the Flair"