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Xmas Kracker

KPW's Year comes to a Chaotic End

A chaotic night of action was capped off with a bang as the KPW title was stolen from right under H Flame's nose. As H-Flame looked set to have the challenger, Max Damage tap out to retain his title, Irishman Mike Ryan hit the ring and blasted both men with the title before calling for help from the back as Jonnie Juice with Team Pretty in tow hit the ring accompanied by Vinny Dunn and Charlie Roberts. As a massive beatdown on both men ensued someone grabbed the KPW title belt and made off with it leaving H-Flame with only the record books as proof of his champion status.

Prior to that however, Max Damage and H-Flame had held nothing back in a match that saw control shift from man to man. Both men gave it their all and Max looked to have the title won on more than one occasion. It was an impressive tiger bomb and modified leg lock submission however that looked to have clinched the match for H-Flame until Mike Ryan made his presence known.

The night also saw an impressive inter-promotional Tag Team match between the original Naki Phullas and Jonnie Juice with Vinny Dunn. All 4 men held nothing back and sacrificed themselves trying to win the match. At one point all 4 men dived off the top rope to the floor one after each other in an impressive display of athleticism. In the end however the Naki Phullas would come up short and Jonnie was able to hit Gold with the Butterfly Effect (Frog Splash) for the 3 count.

IPW also was in action in a huge Tag match pitting Smack Industries against the ever popular Xtreme Superstars. All 4 men left everything in the ring in an attempt to pick up a pinfall or submission. After a breathtaking series of power moves and reversals it came down to Jordan Invincible hitting an impressive moonsault on Alexander following a Goth Killer from Davey Deluxeo  to take the win for XS and send Smack Industries further down the road of distrust

Inferno was on the rampage against the former official as he decimated him from corner to corner with a series of power moves. Tired of toying with him Inferno took his head off with a vicious clothesline and then cinched in the Cinderlock (Texas Clover Leaf) forcing the cocky one to tap out and lose his senior official position.

Irishman Mike Ryan and Rogue Trooper continued their battles with each other in a no holds barred match. The 2 veterans went hell for leather in the opening stages ignoring the referee's instructions until he was left with no choice but to throw the match out after both men refused to heed instructions.

Full KPW Xmas Kracker Results:

Dr Diablo def. Ninja De Sombra

XS def. Smack Industries
Inferno def. Charlie Roberts
Jonnie Juice & Vinny Dunn def. Gold & Dale Knox
KPW Title Match
Max Damage def. H Flame via DQ, H Flame retains the title