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Mission Statement: To put New Zealand Wrestling on the world stage and win.


Incorporated in 2006 and based in Wellington, New Zealand, KIWI PRO WRESTLING LTD acknowledges, respects and aims to buildon the lineage and legacy of New Zealand Wrestling. We intend promoting New Zealand Pro Wrestling to a new generation of fans by delivering what they have been demanding - Kiwi pro wrestlers on the world stage. This will be done by raising the skill level of local wrestlers, staging a regular match circuit throughout New Zealand with titles and belts, and opening the doors to international competition.

Led by former professional wrestler Rip Morgan, the core focus of KPW is to reinvigorate professional wrestling in New Zealand by cultivating a strong fan base around a solid roster of up and coming and veteran wrestlers.

Our major assets are our roster of wrestling talent, our international contacts in the USA, Asia, Europe, South Africa and Australia and the good will and support of former New Zealand wrestling champions who are still held in high regard among the national wrestling fraternity.

We are also fortunate to have former 'Bushwhacker' Butch Miller as our Commissioner and over 130 years of professional wrestling experience amongst our trainers. Terry the 'Golden Greek' has also been appointed General Manager.

For the last twenty years or more, New Zealand Wrestling has survived at club level. Our vision is to take New Zealand Wrestling to a new level of dynamic sports entertainment with Kiwi wrestling identities who can successfully compete on the international circuit.

We have the expertise, imagination and drive to accomplish this.


Kiwi Pro Wrestling Ltd
PO Box 32025
Lower Hutt
New Zealand.

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