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Wrestler - Profile

Name:    Nurse Payne



From:     A maximum security daycare facility

Championships Held:     
KPW Women's Championship (25 May 2012 - 2 November 2013)

Trademark Moves:    
administering aid
soothing the savage Brute with "Lovely One" (his favourite soft toy)


The Brute
"Lovely One"

Notable Feuds:
Queen Hollie


Graduating suma cum laude

Singles career

With the Brute on the mend, Nurse Payne was free to strike out on her own using her wrestling skills gained at the mangling hands to the Brute.  Possessed of speed and agility, the KPW fans easily rallied to her side.  Nurse Payne reached the top of the KPW women's division at KPW "Mayhem" in May 2012, where she outlasted all other competitors in a battle royal to be crowned the first KPW Women's champion!  

Nurse Payne defended the Championship against all comers, thrilling the fans with her courage, skill and determination.  Nurse Payne battled Queen Hollie and Scarlett on multiple occasions, managing to come out on top.  Though Nurse Payne was bested by Scarlett at KPW "Halloween Howl 7", she remains a perennial fan favourite and top contender for the title!