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Legends of New Zealand Wrestling

Kiwi Pro Wrestling is proud to present exclusive interviews with wrestlers past and present who have contributed to the proud legacy of New Zealand wrestling.

These wrestlers - both New Zealand born and from overseas, have trained and worked professionally in many arenas under varying conditions, promoters and circumstances which tested their dedication to what is probably the world's oldest sport.

They have won honours and tasted defeat, sustained injuries, setbacks and triumphs in front of large houses and small. They have taken this in their stride, succeeding in one of the most demanding sports there is - one that makes huge demands on body, mind and spirit and takes no prisoners.

This is the road of the professional wrestler; proving night after night they have what it takes to work in the business.

They have it in their blood. This alone makes them a breed apart.

We thank them for their stories and salute them

Abe Jacobs


Al Hobman


Cowboy Billy Wright


Dave Cameron




Irishman Mike Ryan


John Da Silva


Johnny Garcia


Juno Huia


Larry O'Day


Luke Williams


Man Mountain Link


Merv Fortune


Onno Boelee


Rick Martel


Ricky Rickard


Robert Bruce


Ron Miller


Steve Rickard


Tiger Jeet Singh