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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Cowboy Billy Wright     






I started wrestling in 1972. My first match was in Hamilton against Ray Milland whom I beat so I made a good start to my career.

The training conditions in those days were pretty tough. I did weight training in Bob (Butch) MIller's garage about three times a week and wrestling training at Steve Rickard's gym in Cuba Street, Wellington, on Sunday mornings. Rip Morgan was just a young boy in those days.

I wrestled for John Da Silva to start with before the promotion was taken over by Steve Rickard. I also wrestled for Earnie Pinches in Auckland, Larry O'Day and Ronny Miller in Australia and did many tours here in New Zealand with a lot of success, beating a lot of local and overseas wrestlers along the way.

I toured Australia many times, beating many local wrestlers there too. I fought local wrestlers like Steve Rickard, John Da Siva, Al Hobman, Ricky Wallace, Del Adams, Samoan Joe, Mo Sakata, Robert Bruce and Clem Lakis. The overseas guys I fought were Tiger Jeet Singh, Mark Lewin, Larry O'Day, Bulldog Brower and a host of others.

My toughest opponents here in New Zealand would have to have been John Da Silva, Al Hobman, Cliff Condren and Bruno Becker. The toughest overseas opponents I fought were guys like Tiger Singh, Mark Lewin and Rick Martel.

The best memory I have is being part of a great era in New Zealand wrestling. The worst memories are spending long weeks on the road and driving home late at night after the matches, but if I had the chance to do it all again, I wouldn't hesitate. I had a great time and had some great tag team partners like Butch Miller and Luke (Teddy Williams) and a few others. It was a great time in my life.

November 2007