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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Rick Martel

Height:    6

Weight:    105kgs




I started pro-wrestling in June 1973 in Nova Scotia and I retired in July 1998.

My training conditions were very strict; I am a much disciplined person so I pushed myself very hard. I knew I wanted to become a pro-wrestler at 13 years old and I became one at 17 years old.

I have wrestled for so many different promoters that I am only going to name my favourite top 5: Vince McMahon Sr. (New York, U.S.), Don 

Owens (Oregon, U.S.), Steve RickardMy best memories in wrestling are: In 1984 winning AWA World Title in Minnesota, U.S. against Jumbo Tsuruta and in 1977 winning the Commonwealth Title in New Zealand against King Curtis. My worst memory was the death of my brother Michel in 1978 due to a wrestling match in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

I am now living Quebec City, Canada, where I was born and over the years I invested in apartment buildings which I am managing right now.

I want to say thank you to the wrestling fans of New Zealand. I have some fantastic memories about your beautiful country and someday I will definitely make it back.

July 2007