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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Johnny Garcia

Height:    6 ' 1

Weight:    111kgs





In 1970 at the age of 21 I started wrestling for the South Pacific Wrestling Association who were based in Auckland.    I was the youngest pro-wrestler in New Zealand at the time.

Training conditions were a basic mat on the floor and I was trained by Wild Don Scott and we used the English style of catch as catch can.

The promoters I have wrestled for are Ernie Pinches (SPWA), Jim Barnett (Big Time Wrestling) , Steve Rickard (On the Mat) and the WWF. I was the first New Zealander to be on Big Time Wrestling Television Screen in New Zealand, having worked at Channel 9 Australia, for Jim Barnett who called us the Garcia Brothers. 

I remember starting 'On the Mat' with the Bushwhackers, Luke Williams and Butch Miller in Shortland Street, Auckland and had full-on tours up and down the country.

I have wrestled in numerous countries throughout the world such as: USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, South Pacific Islands, Fiji and Tahiti. 


John De SilvaRobert Bruce (who were both Commonwealth Champions), Tiger Jett Singh (a former World Champion), Big Bad John, Rocky Johnson, Don Morroco, King Curtis (Cage matches), Mark Lewin, The Sheik, Rick Martel and so on and so on... the list goes on...Al Hobman, Steve Rickard. The toughest opponents were Andre the Giant and Paul Graham (the world's strongest man).

Best and Worst Memories

The best was picking up the pay cheque and the worst was wrestling Jock Ruddick and listening to the roadie, Clarrie Baker!

I am now semi-retired with a lifestyle block and this keeps me busy on the ranch.

I enjoyed my association with all my fellow wrestlers. My brother Tony is a producer for WWE and visits New Zealand at least once a year.