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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Tiger Jeet Singh

Height:    6 ' 3

Weight:    120kgs




Dreaming of being a wrestler ever since his childhood, the Ludhiana, Punjab, Indian grew to be a towering 6'3", 265lbs wild-man while following his dream from his native India to be trained by Fred Atkins. The training conditions were very difficult and it is a tribute to Tiger's athletic prowess and determination that he prevailed.  Tiger made his wrestling debut in 1969 at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada, thousands of miles from his childhood home.

Tiger Jeet Singh's wrestling career stretches across some forty years, throughout which he has thrilled and terrified capacity crowds with his wild antics, fierce brawling and take-no-prisoners wrestling style. He has embraced the world-wide travel that comes with being an international wrestling star, battling international heavyweight champions in front of crowds sometimes 60,000 strong (in Karachi, Pakistan).

Tiger's determination to travel and face the toughest that the wrestling world can offer has enabled him to face top stars all over the world, like Japanese wrestling legend Antonio Inoki, the massive Frenchman Andre "the Giant", and none other than the original master of mayhem, the original Sheik himself, the late, great Eddie Farat.

Tiger's international travelling also brought him to New Zealand. Tiger proved to be such a drawcard that at a sold-out show in Auckland where he wrestled in the main event against the then-British Commonwealth Champion, the late Robert Bruce, the police were called in to control the large traffic problems and the many disappointed fans who were turned away because there were simply no more tickets!

Tiger's wrestling career continues to this very day with Pay Per View shows in Japan, a country that Tiger has been travelling to on a regular basis over the past 35 years. His long-time association with Japan continues with appearances in commercials and also occasional cameo appearances in movies.

In 2002, New Japan Pro-Wrestling honoured Tiger at a sell-out show at the Tokyo Dome. Tiger was presented the award for being the most popular foreign wrestler in Japanese wrestling history, eclipsing such luminaries as Hulk Hogan for the acclaimed honour. Tiger's fame is such that he has also received acknowledgement and official recognition from the leaders of Japan and Pakistan. Tiger was also been honoured by his adoptive country in 2003 with Canada's Lifetime Achievement Award.

It is a tribute to Tiger's determination that he considers himself to have had no fundamentally bad memories of his career, considering himself blessed to have had a star-studded career that continues to this day primarily outside the ring.

Eager to give back to the community after having enjoyed so much success wrestling all over the world, today Tiger is also heavily involved in humanitarian projects throughout the world, such as youth anti-drug campaigns.  Having made the country in which he made his wrestling debut his home, Tiger's family is very heavily involved in the land development and construction business in the Toronto area.

In a wrestling career that spans four decades, Tiger's prowess and unbridled aggression propelled him to the heights of stardom. He has held both singles and tag team championships in such prestigious organisations as All Japan Pro Wrestling, the International Wrestling Alliance, National Wrestling Alliance and New Japan Pro Wrestling and remains a top drawcard and fearsome foe to this very day!