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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Ron Miller     






I started training and wrestling at a Police Boys Club in Sydney, Australia then trained at the hard school of Hal Morgan and Jim Deakin also in Australia and later in Florida, USA. I turned pro in 1964 and wrestled in clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand and started on the World Championship Wrestling (Australia) circuit.

I teamed with Larry O'Day in 1971 and toured the USA for two years as the Australians. As promoters of WCW during the 60s-70s, Larry and I were members of the NWA which at that time comprised 32 promotions worldwide. During that time we had dealings with most of them, however the main ones we exchanged wrestling talent and TV footage with, were - Shohei Baba (Japan) - Eddie Graham (Florida) - Vince Mahon Snr. (New York) - Jim Crockett (Charlotte) and Steve Rickard (New Zealand).

My toughest opponents : in the early 60's I wrestled New Zealand champion John Da Silva in Auckland. In my opinion he was up there in wrestling skill, toughness and fitness with anybody in the world. Others in this league who come to mind that I've wrestled are the NWA World champions Harley Race and Dory Funk, Bruiser Brody and in Japan, Jumbo Tsuruda.

Many of the local New Zealand and Australian wrestlers had the talent to be main event anywhere in the world. However, most chose to work at a job or run a business, which at the end of the day, was probably a wise move.

Special Memories and Highlights:

Starting at a small gym in Sydney and getting through all the hard years to eventually owning the promotion WCW (Australia) with my wrestling and business partner Larry O'Day.

Becoming friends and touring the world with Andre the Giant.

My matches with NWA World Champions Harley race and Dory Funk.

Travelling around Australia and attending the 2006 Cauliflower Alley Club Convention in Las Vegas and seeing a lot of the legends that I knew through the years.

After retiring from the business, Larry and I became involved with training young people in various youth clubs, and for the Department of Youth and Community Service.

October 2007