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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Robert Bruce






I started wrestling in London in 1967 for Dale Martin Promotions (The largest promotion in the UK). I trained in a gymnasium with weights and a ring, which was situated in the same large building as the office.

The promoters I wrestled for were:

  • UK - Dale Martin's, Relwyskow & Green, Max Crabtree.
  • South Africa - Bull Hefer.
  • Japan - Antonio Inoki, Giant Baba.
  • Singapore/Malaysia - Three different promoters (I cant recall their names).
  • Australia - James E Barnett, Tony Koloni and Buddy Fuller.
  • New Zealand - John Da Silva, Steve Rickard and Ernie Pinches.

I toured most of the UK, South Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and wrestled all the top wrestlers in these respective countries.

My toughest opponents were:

  • UK - Billy Robinson, Albert Wall, Bruno Elrington and Kendo Nagasaki.
  • NZ - John Da Silva and Tiger Jeet Singh.
  • Australia - King Curtis and Mark Lewin.
  • Japan - Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba

My best memories of my era were holding the Commonwealth Heavyweight Title off and on for five years and wrestling for the World title. My worst memory was having to quit whilst "on top" due to injuries to my back and elbows.

Since I quit I have made my living as a bodyguard to film and rock stars with my own company - "AVANT GUARD". For the past 28 years I have been an agent to professional actors and a fight and stunt coordinator for film and TV. I have worked on 39 films, 73 TV series and 21 theatre shows as well as live shows and corporate events.

March 2007