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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Destroyer






Where and when did you start wrestling?

Dick Beyer started in 1954 to 1962 @ 5'10" and 230 lbs. Destroyer started in May 1963 to May 1967 - Dr. X started in September 1967 to August 1970. In September of 1970 - August 1971, I took my wife, Wilma and 3 kids around the World. Kurt was age 10, Kris age 8 and Rich age 2.  3 Kids and 3 Wrestlers -Dick - Dr X and Destroyer. Started in Columbus, Ohio in Oct. 1954 under Al Haft.

Training conditions

A wrestling ring on the 3rd floor at 261 South High St.  There were no actual trainers the local wrestlers came and worked out and that is how we learnt. Big Bill Miller, Ray Stephens, Joe Scarpella, Penny Banner, Whity Whittler, Dick Hutton, Whity Walberg, Buddy Rogers, Don Eagle - these were the boys & girls that worked out in the territory .My #1 work out partner was Eddie Albers - we worked out for three weeks. Al Haft said when I got Eddie down to 300 lbs he would be my first wrestling partner. At that time Columbus was one of the biggest territories in the country.

Who are the promoters you have wrestled for?

Al Haft, Ed Don George, Pedro Martinez, Al Karacic, Don Owen, Jules Strongbow, Morris Siegel, Nick Gulas, Roy Welsh, Vern Gagne, Frank Tunny, Gustl Kaiser, Otto Vance, Steve Rickard, Giant Baba and Riki Dozan. (Just to mention a few!)

What national tours did you do?

None just a world tour.

I did a tour around the World with my family in 1970 - 1971.

Which local and overseas wrestlers did you wrestle with?

John Da SilvaSteve Rickard, Horse Hoffman, Giant Baba, Pat O'Connor, Ken Kenneth, Fred Atkins, Red Bastien, Billy Red Lyons, Lou Thesz, Don Manoukian, Art Michalik, Lord Blears, Freddie Blassie, Nick Bockwinkel, Mil Mascarus, Danny Hodge, Curtis Iaukea, Don Lewin, Don Curtis, Fred Atkins just to name a few.

Who were your toughest Opponents?

Lou Thesz, Rikki Dozan, Fred Atkins, Steve Rickard, John Da Silva are the ones that come to mind.


Best & Worst memories of your career?

Best memory was my trip around the world and the worst memory was being cancelled in Australia . While I was in Hawaii Jim Barnett cancelled my trip - I was going to make $750.00 a week in Australia instead I stayed in New Zealand and with promoter Steve Rickard I worked for 3 months and I averaged $1500.00 a week and I stayed in Orewa on the beach and my kids still talk about that experience.

What are you doing now?

I Coach High School boys swimming in Akron, NY, go to Japan 3 to 4 times a year. Once to take Wrestlers age 7 - 11 yrs to the All Japan Kids tournament. Another time for a Festival in Azabu Juban and once for the Destroyer Golf outing in Hokkaido, Japan. I belong to Rotary International, Masonic Lodge and help with The Relay for Life (raise money for Cancer Research). At the present time I am thinking of ways to raise money to help fund a trip to Japan for our swim team in Nov. - Dec. 2008.