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FLASHBACK to 1978! Irishmen Mike Ryan and Ricky Rickard tour USA!

Start your Monday off with a 1978!  KPW Legends Irishman Mike Ryan and Ricky Rickard both represented New Zealand on a tour through the USA! Mike Ryan explains the tour in his own words:

"We travelled mainly through the Midwest, USA, competing in International Meets representing New Zealand in Albuquerque ( x2 ), Carlsbad, El Paso, Las Cruces, Gallup, Santa Fe, Farmington, Grand Junction, Pagosa Springs, Cortez, Durango, Aztec, overall we had 13 International Competitions, the team won 7, Lost 5, Drew 1, overall a very successful Tour.

'In Colorado we travelled over 1000 miles, wrestling 5 nights in a row, because of the high elevation, over 7000 feet, many of the team suffered from nose bleeds during matches, also iron deficiency became an issue, so stamina suffered some nights.

'This Tour [was] in 1978, Ricky also competed in the Junior World Championships in Chicago, I did the same in the NZ Tour the following year after touring and competing with the New Zealand Team throughout North and South Dakota. This year I also won the NZ 90 Kilo Championship, with the Gold Medal presented by Precious McKenzie, the world famous renown International Weightlifter, he officiated at all the medal ceremonies for the NZ Championship this year.

Results from the 1978 Tour: Ricky - 7 wins, 5 losses; Mike - 8 wins, 6 loses."

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