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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Charlie Roberts

Height:   5' 8" / 173 cms

Weight:    165 lbs / 75 kgs

From:     The "high rent" district

Championships Held:     
KPW Tag Team Championship (with Steve Jordan) (26 January 2013 - 2 November 2013)

Trademark Moves:   

24K Golden Destiny (Modest Driver)


  • Inferno (former client)
  • Alex "Danger" Donahue (manager, Rodeo Drive)
  • "The Natural" Steve Jordan) (tag team partner, Rodeo Drive)
  • Bryant (enforcer, Rodeo Drive)

Notable feuds:

  • KPW management
  • "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond
  • H-Flame
  • Lazarus Volt

Championships held: 

  • KPW Tag Team Championship (with Steve Jordan) (26 January 2013 - 2 November 2013)


The ex-referee with abominable behaviour, Charlie Roberts appeared at the first ever KPW show Storm Warning in June 2006 and has remained a fixture in the roster ever since.

On something of a power trip, then-Head Referee Roberts enjoyed throwing his weight around and bristled when ex-wrestler Creed took exception to Roberts' seemingly siding with The Ram in their series of matches, regularly disqualifying the martial artist despite overwhelming circumstantial evidence of Ram's cheating.

Roberts finally blew a gasket at Reckoning in November 2006, going so far as to show open disrespect for KPW Commissioner Butch!  (In KPW, that's called "living dangerously"!).  Roberts turned his back on the straight-laced career of a referee, and all of a sudden, "bling" became his thing.

Charlie Roberts - ex-referee

It wasn't long before his loud-mouthed ways landed him in big trouble.  At Xmas Kracker in December 2006, Charlie Roberts was inserted into a match with the fiery one, Inferno (then a firm fan favourite).  Roberts' status as KPW Head Referee was also on the line in the match.  Despite world-class cheating and shenanigans from Roberts, the loud-mouthed official was caught in Inferno's Cinderlock (Texas cloverleaf) and was left with no option but to submit to save himself.

Charlie Roberts - mastermind manager

It was then that Charlie Roberts showed just how dangerous he could be, revealing himself as the brains behind the theft of the KPW Championship belt at "SlamTime City" in April 2007, having orchestrated the henious deed with none other than Inferno!

Having gotten in the fiery veteran's ear and stroked the veteran's flames of frustration to a white hot blast furnace of vengeance, Roberts was now the manager of arguably the most dangerous wrestler in KPW!  Under Roberts tutilege, Inferno's vicious side was unleashed on all those who got in the way of his quest to gain what he felt was already his by right - the KPW Championship!  Charlie Roberts and Inferno became embroiled in a battle with H-Flame for the KPW Championship that has raged up and down New Zealand for the better part of two years.

Roberts showed time and time again that he had no compunction against getting involved in the match on behalf of his client and meal ticket, Inferno.  With Inferno on his books as his number one client, a fiendishly cunning and ruthless intellect coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of the ring, Charlie Roberts remained a threat to any KPW top contender or champion.

Charlie Roberts and Inferno - the parting of the ways

No wrestling dynasty lasts forever, and so it was with Inferno's KPW championship reign.  Unseated by Max "the Axe" Damage at the climax of KPW's "Off The Ropes" - despite the best interfering efforts of Mister Roberts - Inferno became increasingly bitter at his failure to regain the coveted Championship with which he had become obsessed.  After losing a rematch against Damage, and then the Number One Contendership to H-Flame, Inferno turned his anger on his former manager, and the unholy alliance was no more.

Charlie Roberts - into the "squared circle"

Extremely confident that he could accomplish in the ring what his former client Inferno had not - namely, stay at the top of the mountain - that he issued an open challenge.  The call was answered by the massive Mister Samoa, who handed Charlie Roberts such an emphatic loss that Roberts was determined to make up for the loss by dominating all subsequent opponents.   Roberts became embroiled in a feud with newcomer WIld Willz, with Roberts' technical skill clashing with Willz's risk-taking and fury.

Rodeo Drive - the arrival  of the A-List

Birds of a feather flock together, and when a referee-turned-manager-turned-wrestler encounters a referee-turned- colour-commentator-turned-manager, it's a match made in wrestling stable heaven.  Joining forces with Alex "Danger" Donahue to create an aristocracy of A-Listers, "Rodeo Drive", which was unleashed on Wild Willz at KPW "The Homecoming" on 21 May 2011.  From then on, the "ayatollah of High Rollas" was seldom without his partner in crime, much to the detriment of the KPW locker room.  

Either by good luck or good planning (or both), Roberts won a battle royal at KPW "Bays Wrestlefest" on 21 January 2012, which gave him the opportunity to claim either a KPW tag team championship or KPW championship title shot.  Having always believed that there was safety and strength in numbers, Roberts bade his time, climbed the singles ranks and even struck out into the tag team division.  He even went so far as to join forces with "The Fixation" Jimmy Foxx to take on Kade Morgan "3G" and NZ wrestling legend Bushwhacker Luke at KPW "Halloween Howl 6" on 26 October 2012.

Rodeo Drive - Hail to the kings of the ring, baby!

Finally, Roberts found someone with the requisite skill, attitude and talent to hang with the A-Listers: "The Natural" Steve Jordan.  Poaching the Tauranga prospect from his then-manager ATH (thereby breaking up the short-lived but powerful stable of "The Elite"), Roberts had a tag team partner with which he felt he could capture championship gold.  Dutifully, the "King of Bling" cashed in his title shot.  Rodeo Drive's master plan came into effect at KPW "Bays Wrestlefest 2" on 26 January 2013.  The Rodeo Drive tag team of Charlie Roberts and Steve Jordan faced defending champs H-Flame and Lazarus Volt.  After a hellacious match, which saw Volt thrown through a table for the loss by pinfall, Rodeo Drive had captured KPW Tag Team Championship!

Rodeo Drive manager "Danger" Donahue proved to be anything but a "third wheel", often being the difference-maker in matches.  Thusly, Rodeo Drive presented a united front facing their foes, and used every cheating tactic in the book to hold onto the gold.  However, their chickens came home to roost at KPW "Halloween Howl 7" on 2 November 2013 when they faced Jordan's ex-running mate from "The Elite", Bull Addams, and the man that Jordan put on the sidelines with a knee injury, Stix.  Together, the Tauranga Connection managed to unseat Rodeo Drive and separate them from the KPW Tag Team Championship.

Rodeo Drive - the future for the A-Listers?