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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Doctor Diablo

Height:    5' 8"/ 172 cms

Weight:    212 lbs/ 96 kgs

From:     Little Tijuana

Championships Held:     
The Tijuana Express (flying clothesline)
Fluke rollup.

Trademark Moves:   
The Roar (big shoulder tackle)

Vaya con Dios (implant DDT)


"Hello KPW fans all over the world! This is Dr Diablo, all the way from Little Tijuana to your casa! Wrestling's my thing and I do surgery in the ring! I take my opponents down and pull them to pieces. I can take a licking and keep on kicking, ese! So if you think you've got the cojones, ese vato, step through the ropes and I'll show you how I earned my PhD in pain! ARRIBA!"