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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     El Ninja

Height:    5' 9" / 175cms

Weight:    165lbs / 75kgs

From:     The Orient

Championships Held:     

Trademark Moves:   

No Shadow kick


The original mystery man from the Orient, no-one knows who lurks behind the inscrutable mask of El Nijna.  Trained in Japan and also Mexico (where he encountered Dr Diablo), this enigma prefers to do his "talking" in the ring.  Seamlessly blending various Asian martial arts with European-style grappling and lucha libre high flying, El Ninja provides a constant challenge for opponents with his ever-changing style; before they can adapt to his attacks, they've already been defeated.

Silent like a shadow and deadly accurate as an arrow from a bow, bending like the reed and difficult to grasp as a flowing river, El Ninja is one competitor who must never be under-estimated!