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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     H-Flame

Height:    6' 0 / 183 cms

Weight:    214lbs / 97 kgs 

From:    Wanganui, New Zealand

Championships Held:     
KPW Championship (21 July 2006 - 13 Dec 2009)
KPW Tag Team Championship (with Lazarus Volt) (22 July 2011 - 26 January 2013) 

Trademark Moves:   
Nuke (Sunset flip powerbomb)

H-Bomb (Running pumphandle powerslam)

Notable Feuds:
Jonnie Juice (and Team Petty)
Inferno (with Charlie Roberts)



H-Flame has the distinction of being the first  Kiwi Pro Wrestling Champion, defeating Jonnie Juice of Team Pretty for the vacant championship at KPW Eruption in July 2006.

H-Flame was also the winner of KPW's first ever Triple Threat KPW Championship match at Halloween Howl 1 in October 2006, thereby successfully defending his championship.  Since that time, H-Flame has been the "fightingest" champion in KPW history, remaining undefeated and staving off all challengers to the richest prize in New Zealand professional wrestling.

He has both trained and wrestled in the UK, where he developed his knowledge of wrestling holds and reversals.  This enables H-Flame to mix technical mat wrestling with speed and high-impact moves, making him a triple threat in the ring.

Also being a Personal Trainer helps him maintain the level of fitness required to stay ahead of the stiff competition found in KPW.

Amongst his range of many wrestling holds , the most devastating weapon in H-Flame's arsenal is surely the H-Bomb, a move which once broke the ring on one occasion!

Cocky and self-assured, with an eye for the ladies (including those in Team Pretty), H-Flame nevertheless has the ability to keep his eye on the prize and has a well-earned reputation for getting the job done in the ring.   He styles himself as "The Man of the Hour, the Tower of Power, just too sweet to be sour!"

Passionate about the professional wrestling business, H-Flame also wrestles occasionally in Australia and had the distinction of being a WWE trialist, in June 2008.

Recently, H-Flame was dethroned as the KPW Champion after the better part of three and a half years by Inferno (and his manager Charlie Roberts).  Having worn the gold once before, H-Flame now centres his career on reclaiming the richest prize in New Zealand professional wrestling.