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Wrestler - Profile

Name:    Inferno

Height:    6'1 / 185 cms

Weight:    207 lbs / 94 kgs

From:     Wellington, New Zealand

Championships Held:     
KPW Championship

Trademark Moves:   
Tilt-a-Whirl Slide Slam
Reverse Surfboard
Extinguisher (lifting inverted DDT)

Cinderlock (Texas Cloverleaf)

Notable Feuds:
Jonnie Juice (of Team Pretty)
"Powerhouse'"Jade Diamond


Inferno is a veteran of the New Zealand professional wrestling scene, having made his wrestling debut in September 2003 at the Armageddon Expo at Wellington's Michael Fowler Centre.  Since then, he has competed consistently around the country for nearly seven years.

Inferno was on the original roster of Kiwi Pro Wrestling at the promotion's in 2006 and was trained by KPW CEO Rip Morgan.

A long-time fan favourite, Inferno was shockingly found to be part of the "stolen title belt" conspiracy at SlamTime City in April 2007, thereby turning on H-Flame and aligning himself with manager Charlie Roberts.  This sudden change in direction to the "dark side" and subsequent change in his attitude led to several unsuccessful challenges for the KPW Championship held by H-Flame.

Since aligning himself with Charlie Roberts, Inferno has repeatedly verbally lashed out at both KPW fans management for allegedly holding him back throughout his career.  During 2007 and 2008, Inferno underwent dramatic personality changes that sent him spiralling deeper into agression and overwhelming bitterness.

Furious at the defiance of one "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond, Inferno finaly bested the up-and-coming star in the final of a "Best of Three" series.  He then went on to win the Number One Contender Battle Royal in the same night at AfterBlaster, setting up an unsuccessful title challenge against H-Flame at Halloween Howl 3 in November 2008.  At that show,  he came the closest that any wrestler has to dethroning the currently- undefeated KPW Champion H-Flame, but lost the match due to a wayward belt shot from manager Charlie Roberts.

A perennial challenger to the KPW championship, Inferno recently realised his dream (with a king-size assist from manager Charlie Roberts) and ended the "international superstar" H-Flame's three-and-a-half year unbeaten streak to capture the coveted belt!

The fiery veteran defended the KPW Championship with feral intensity, 
but he finally ran up against an opponent who couldn't be denied.   Recently defeated by Max Damage for the championship (despite the best interfering efforts of manager Charlie Roberts), Inferno has been rendered even more bitter and vengeful, having the one thing that validated his rage taken from him.  Time will tell what form his revenge will take.