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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Jonnie Juice

Height:    6 '1" / 183 cms

Weight:    170 lbs / 85 kgs

From:     Awesometown

Championships Held:     

Trademark Moves:   
Simply Squeezed (Roll The Dice)
Bum Jam (Backpack ace crusher)
Starscream Superkick
Rejuicer (leaping top rope wraparound DDT)

The Butterfly Effect (frog splash)

Member of Team Petty (with Queen Hollie)

Notable Feuds:
The Ram



Jonnie Juice's rock star looks and charisma sometimes threaten to overshadow his in-ring experience and expertise.

His monumental ego complements a "never say die" attitude (barely masking his "by any means necessary" credo). Having such an offensive attitude belies the fact that Juice really can back it up in the ring. A former holder of a NZ wrestling championship, Jonnie Juice is a master of inventing devastating new moves to take out his opponents.

Perhaps Juice's most dangerous weapon is his devious mind - he loves to get inside the heads of his opponents and out-manoeuvre them inside and outside the ring.