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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Lazarus Volt

Height:    5' 9" / 175cm

Weight:    181Lbs / 82kgs

From:     Wellington New Zealand

Championships Held:     
KPW tag team championship (with H-Flame) (22 June 2011 - 2 November 2013)

Trademark Moves:   
Shock Treatment (temple claw)

High Voltage (top rope drop kick)

Trinket the Clown

Notable Feuds:
The Renegades (Kade Morgan "3G" and The Technician)
Rodeo Drive ("Ayatollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts, "The Natural" Steve Jordan and Alex "Danger" Donahue)


One of the more colourful characters in KPW, the best way to experience and understand "the little man from the big top" is in his own words:


"Born into the world of the big top, I have come to dazzle on a different stage!

'I train as hard in the wrestling ring as I did in the three ring circus, I have traded wrestling bears for wrestling beasts!

'Not being the largest man on the KPW roster is no disadvantage as I have speed and cunning and a trick or two up my sleeve.

Check out my weekly treat for you on my High Wire and watch me assault opponents outside the ring with my razor sharp intellect!"

When tag team partners collide - feud with H-Flame

Following H-Flame's betrayal of Lazarus Volt, the two tangled in a Career versus Career match at "Halloween Howl 7".  On the end of a bitter loss and the hands of his ex-tag team partner, Volt was obliged to retire from the wrestling ring, and is currently inactive.