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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Rhys Youngblood

Height:    6'4" / 193 cms    

Weight:    260lbs / 118kgs

From:     Roto-vegas

Iwi:    Te Arawa

Championships Held:     

Trademark Moves:   
Assortment of devastating power moves

Single knee facebreaker


Rhys Youngblood brings a wealth of experience to KPW.  The young man hailing from Rotorua has wrestled extensively in the USA, including World Xtreme Wrestling in Hazleton, Pennsylvania (2007-2008), WXWC4 (2008-2009), Florida Championship Wrestling (the WWE's developmental territory) (August 2009 - October 2010), and most recently the promotion established by Mana the Polynesian Warrior, namely New Horizons Pro Wrestling (2011-2013).

Traveling extensively has enabled him to be trained in all aspects of professional wrestling by the greatest professional wrestling talents of yesterday and today.  These include Afa Anoa'i (in WXW), his son Samu Anoa'i (in WXWC4), veteran of over 20 years Doctor Tom Prichard, internationally-renowned British grappling sensation Norman Smiley, the original "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, legendary Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat (in FCW), and Nick "Mana" Tuhakaraina (in NHPW).  

With such a extensive and impressive resume, Youngblood has arrived in KPW all set to cause a ruckus and wow the fans!

Perhaps the greatest thing about Youngblood is his youth.  At a mere 26 years of age, the big man's full potential has yet to be reached.  TIme, pedigree, strength, focus and charisma are all on his side!