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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Steve Jordan

Height:    5'11'"/ 179cm

Weight:    202 lbs / 92 kgs

From:     Wellington New Zealand

Championships Held:     
KPW Tag Team Championship (26 January 2013 - 2 November 2013) (with Charlie Roberts, as Rodeo Drive)

Trademark Moves:   
Natural dropkick
High and Tight Back drop

Natural Disaster

Charlie Roberts (tag team partner in Rodeo Drive)
Alex "Danger" Donahue (manager in Rodeo Drive)
Bryant (member of Rodeo Drive)
Bull Addams (former tag team partner in The Elite)
ATH (former manager) 


Too hot to handle, too cold to hold! Steve Jordan is exactly that. Being specially gifted since day one, "THE NATURAL" is just that for a reason. In his blood, he has the fight of a Pacific island warrior and the brains of an English mastermind.  He has been born with "natural ability", baby!

Training at the High Wire Wrestling Academy, with Lazarus Volt, Jordan has now recently figured out that Volt is holding him back because in his mind he knows that "the natural" will be a major contender in KPW. With Pro Wrestling being his passion, Jordan is not phased by Volt and has said to him time and time again "You can't stop greatness." No one will forget physically and mentally that they have stepped into "his domain", the man, "The Natural" Steve Jordan!

Feud with H-FLame and Lazarus Volt

Making a splash with manager ATH and Bull Addams as part of The Elite, Jordan was quickly head-hunted by Rodeo Drive svengali "Danger" Donahue.  Together with Roberts, Rodeo Drive ran roughshod over the KPW tag team ranks.  They clawed their way to the top with a deadly combination of superior athletic ability and practised cheating.  Setting the champs in their sights, Rodeo Drive's master plan came to fruition at "Bays Wrestlefest II" when they ended the tag team reign of H-Flame and Lazarus Volt by putting Volt through a table!

KPW co-Tag Team Champion in Rodeo Drive 

From then on, Rodeo Drive held onto their KPW Tag Team Championship by the same methods that had brought them to the top - always being one step ahead in the cheating stakes, involving manager "Danger" Donahue at every turn to make any match three-on-two to their advantage, turning every opening to their advantage and working together like the proverbial well-oiled machine.

Jordan himself displayed a vicious streak; when "Demolition Man" Shane Carver had beaten Stix, Jordan came out to the ring and targeted Stix's knee with a vicious attack that sidelined the rock 'n' roll wrestler for months.  Oddly enough, this act of violence sowed the seeds of Rodeo Drive's destruction - while healing, Stix realised he might need assistance in getting payback on Jordan.  Following a "tune-up" match against fellow Tauranga native Bull Addams, Stix was so impressed with the Big Bull's power that he invited Addams to join forces for a little payback against the man who'd jilted The Elite.   

Convincing KPW management to grant them a title match they knew the KPW fans wanted to see, the newly-formed "Tauranga Connection" was all set to exact sweet payback in KPW's biggest show of the year.  At "Halloween Howl 7", the Tauranga Connection gained the sweetest of revenge when they beat Rodeo Drive for the KPW Tag Team Championship.

The future

Only a fool would count Jordan and Rodeo Drive out - the "A Listers" always have a backup plan, and it could be sooner rather than later that they regain the championship!