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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     El Condor

Height:    5' 9"/ 175 cms

Weight:    187 lbs/ 85 kgs

From:     Little Tijuana

Championships Held:     

Trademark Moves:   
An array of rapid-fire high-flying lucha holds

Blindsiding an opponent with a complex lucha libre manoeuvre


Originally an exotic luchadore import of Dr Diablo, the masked El Condor has branched out on his own, thrilling audiences up and down the country with his high-flying wrestling style and "never say die" attitude.

Always an innovator, El Condor participated in KPW's first ever "High Flyers" match against fellow masked man Purple Haze at KPW's Halloween Howl II in October 2007.

While often suffering a narrow loss in his matchups, El Condor has earned a reputation of never backing down from his opponents.  He remains one of KPW's wildest cards, turning up where you least expect him!

El Condor has extensive experience against the majority of the KPW roster, having faced such luminaries as Irishman Mike Ryan, Inferno, Purple Haze and Lazarus Volt.