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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Irishman Mike Ryan

Height:    6' 1" / 185 cms

Weight:    276 lbs / 125 kgs

From:     The Emerald Isle, by way of the Wairarapa

Championships Held:     

Trademark Moves:   
Usually anything illegal

Power slam

KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek

Notable Feuds:
KPW Management; shows no respect for any KPW referee.  Always suspects a conspiracy against him whenever a match is lost.


With a bruiser-like appearance and a heart darker than "a pint o' the black stuff", the Irishman is just plain mean through and through.  Ryan is methodical, merciless and ruthless in the ring; he seems to always be in a bad mood and has earned the nick-name "crowbar", for very good reasons.

One area where the Irishman is always consistent is in showing complete disdain for all rules, KPW officials and his opponents.

Despite his gruff and disrespectful manner, Mike Ryan has a wealth of wrestling skills learnt in his native Ireland and on the popular On the Mat TV show. He can take an opponent down to the mat and will then administer a good kicking or even his feared choke hold, which can even continue after the match has ended.  The Irishman would rather be disqualified than lose a match.

Has anger issues that KPW management have tried to curtail and keep under control.  A loose cannon with a very short fuse, KPW management have had to stand down Mike Ryan on numerous occasions due to him being out of control in and out of the ring; this will more than likely continue in the future - KPW wrestlers know to never turn their backs when Mike Ryan is around!

Nevertheless, the other wrestlers on the roster some him respect because of his vast experience.  However, he is regarded as being only loyal to those close to him.  Even then his moods change like the weather; no one should cross Mike Ryan and hope to be forgiven!