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Mr Rumble



The Office in Wellington


6' 2" / 188cms


246lbs / 110kgs


  • "Fire Safety Message"

Trademark moves:

  • Fire prevention
  • Formulating evacuation plans


  • KPW management
  • KPW CEO Rip Morgan


Every organisation needs a "fixer", somebody to get things done and make sure people don't get out of line.  Mr Rumble acts as KPW's "chief whip", ensuring that discipline is maintained backstage and that everyone is where they need to be so that the show can go on.  With all the energy and strong personalities that need wrangling sometimes in KPW, Mr Rumble is certainly kept very busy, but he's proved to be more than up to the task!

Being KPW CEO's Rip Morgan right-hand man, Mr Rumble works tirelessly to ensure that all goes well and that KPW is able to deliver the best in New Zealand professional wrestling action to the KPW fans.

Working closely with the KPW wrestlers, Mr Rumble has gained an inside knowledge into their strengths and weaknesses, allowing him to make experienced estimates as to who will be on top in KPW today, and who will be challenging them down the track.

As KPW's liasion with the New Zealand Fire Service, Mr Rumble also brings a safety-conscious eye to any KPW's working environment, ensuring that proper fire safety procedures are observed at all times - he knows that all safety matters need to be taken care of so the wrestling action can be left in the ring!